March 25, 1993

In your mind's eye, see the Creator sending beautiful white light down to you, cur-rounding you. See this entire room filled and bursting with beautiful white light. Invite your guides, guardian angels) those who LOVE you and care about your progression, to join you at this time.

In your mind's eye see this room filled not only with the beautiful white light but also with the hosts of heaven, with beautiful beams of light which are bringing their energy and combining it with ours. Now take a minute to become relaxed. Breathe in. As you do, see this beautiful white light coming into your being. As you breathe out, consciously begin to release the tensions, problems, and concerns of the day. Release them from your mind. Release them from your face, feeling the tension which in your scalp and along your jaw line release. Let go. Again breathe in the beautiful white light, breathing it into your being. Now consciously with effort and concentration, release the negativity in the neck, shoulders, and chest. As you breathe out, allow this negativity to flow out. Again breathe in deeply, envisioning the white light filling the torso, the limbs, fingers and toes. As you breathe out, consciously release and relax the muscles. Let go of the tension and the stress that is in them. Just let go. Again breathe in deeply with the white light, seeing it going into the center of your being and filling all of your body, physical and spiritual. As you breathe out, let go of any remaining stress, tensions, or concerns and become totally relaxed and at peace.

See the White Light as it comes from above1 See it as it is channelled straight through your being, filling each energy center with beautiful light, connecting all your energy centers, creating a column of white light straight from the Creator and straight through your being connecting you with the center of Mother Earth. See and feel this light as it moves through you. Feel the energy. See this energy now align with your spinal column and bring energy to all of your structural nervous system. You can be recharged and revitalized.

At this time bring a crystal shield around yourself, bringing you into your own individualized space. See this crystal shield in front of you as though it were a TV or a screen upon which a movie could be played. See on this screen a very special gift being given to you. Look at it. See what it is. Now with your mind's eye, manifest that gift as though you were holding it within your very being, no longer outside of you or on the screen, but now within you. Hold this gift. Feel it. Enjoy it.

I'd like for you to see the crystal sphere you are in begin to ascend. As it ascends, you can look back. You can see all of us in this room. You can see the roof top of this home. As you keep going up, you can see the gullies, the trees, all the hones, the city as it lays one direction, the desert another and the mountains covered with evergreens in still another. Keep going up until now the earth lies behind you as a blue marble. Ahead of you is the beautiful open spaces of space. You can see the stars, and from here the stars have a brilliance which is unsurpassed.

Now as you are in your crystal ball and traveling through space and tine, you find you are at your destination in a second. There below you lies a beautiful golden planet, absolutely gorgeous yellow planet, the most incredible yellow you have ever seen, almost gold in nature. Now in your beautiful ship, descend an this planet. It is a planet of incredible knowledge, a planet where the souls have come to learn and gain incredible knowledge rather than experience as we do here on our earth. Our little crystal sphere lands. We are able to walk upon the face of this planet and to visit with those who are here. There are different kinds of beings here, some incredible light beings. See then. Feel then.

There are two stars which come to our earth. The planet on which we have just landed is one of these. It appears much like a planet but it is actually more of what we

might term a space ship. These light beings are the directors. They are bringing their knowledge along with the other star. One is a star of protection with all this knowledge. The other is a star of destruction. Both stars come to our earth but it is through the choices that those who are on the earth make as to which star will have the most influence. See and experience these beautiful light beings for they have knowledge that is light years beyond our own in science and in etheric matters.

Now get back in your own crystal spheres. We can go back out into space again. We can now cone back to earth. See it coming back. Feel the difference of the earth where we deal in experiences, emotions, and the full range of lessons, from spiritual and scientific to emotional. Feel the difference.

Now see the beautiful pink light as it comes from the Creator and as it surrounds each one of us, bringing unconditional LOVE, beautiful peace and happiness. See and feel it within your being and feel the difference. Feel the richness which it brings into our lives. Feel the beautiful wonderful vibration of the pink light. Bring it within your heart. See and feel it.

Now the gift you received in the beginning was a gift of the heart. See now how it can relate to your own progression so that you can see where you have been, how far you have come, where your path may yet lead. In the past you have received gifts. Now compare the gift which you have recently received with those you have received in the past and see if in your own way your new gift shows the distance you have travelled. See and feel it. Now within e~ch of your own beings, feel accomplishment, self-satisfaction, and pleasure with the efforts you have made. All of those who have worked with you and helped you to accomplish and to cone this far are pleased and have a great deal of satisfaction with your accomplishments and progressions. They want you to feel as though you have made these accomplishments and progress. Feel it within your soul and feel satisfied to the extent that you can be proud of how far you have come

They send a blue light to you now and ask that yoU surround yourself and fill yourself with this beautiful blue light. This is the light of spiritual power and energy. Even though you are satisfied and feel good about what you have done and accomplished, the blue light brings with it a hunger, a hunger to travel farther, to accomplish more, to succeed in more healing and to acquire everything possible while on this earth. Fill yourselves with this beautiful blue light so that even though the thirst which you have had may be partially quenched, the hunger still thrives.