Frank march 17, 1993

Come with me now on another journey outside of the human. Everything you will experience will be experienced through this wonderful human resonance of universal consciousness of the . Everything outside of us can be felt within us through this part of the God-force awareness that we are. Come with me now. Step outside yourself into the mountains surrounding us. Feel and become one through resonance with the mountains around us. Feel what it is to be a mountain even as you know what it is to be human. Feel that wonderful resonance of awareness of your devic forces of consciousness which holds those mountains in form. Become a mountain. Become your favorite mountain and feel the resonance of that even though that resonance is tuned into your ankle level, the vibratory consciousness. Through resonance you can feel it through your entire body. Feel and be that now. Feel the minerals, the shape and contours. Feel the water as a part of that mountain. Feel that the mountains need more water to be healthy, to be in a nourished, balanced state. Feel the desire of the mountains for more water. Hold that thought of that desire in your mind.

Raise your level of consciousness to the plants Feel all the plants now which live and grow in all the mountains, in our valleys, and in our farm land, all the seeds which are waiting to come forth. Feel that resonance of that wonderful plant life all through you. That resonance begins in your knees and comes up through the entire chakra system. You can become any plant. Focus on your favorite plant. Become that plant and become one in resonance with it. Feel the need of the deva which holds that plant in form the need of water, of moisture in order to grow, thrive and be healthy to produce and do its part in the cycles of nature to give back to us. Feel the need of that plant for moisture and water. Feel the stress which is through all the mountains. Even though we have abundant moisture right now, it is still not enough. Feel the

need of the mountains and plants for even more moisture to bring us back to normal.

Bring your awareness up to the animal level of consciousness, your root chakra level. Feel the consciousness of all the animals in the hills. Pick out your favorite animal and become that animal. Feel the desire of that animal for abundance so that it will be nurtured and well-cared for in the years to come. Feel its need for water, abundance of water and moisture The deva of that animal and all animals is desiring normal abundant conditions. So remember that desire now. Unify that desire of mountains plants and animals for normal abundant conditions with our own desire for abundance for the farmers, for the land in which we live.

Feel that unified desire for normal abundance which comes with adequate rainfall. Feel that desire. Take it with you. Begin to expand out across the whole northwest, reaching out toward the ocean. Reaching out toward the ocean, see and feel yourself moving across the land and out into the ocean, thousands of miles out where the storms are born. Now we open up and feel the devic force of consciousness that creates those storms out there... the interaction between the sound and the water. We feel the devas. We speak, ask to heal, to communicate directly with the devas now that create the forms, to hold it in form as they move across the face of the earth toward us. They experience our desire for normal conditions, more than normal, to bring us back to the normal. Become one with those devas, that God-force consciousness that allows these things to come into form, project your desire and will, and the desire and will of all the animals and plants and of all the land for normal conditions. Put a strong visualization. See a strong powerful storm swirling, gathering moisture and moving on the coast in an abundant way, in a manner that does not cause floods or damage but in a nice sustained even flow with occasional breaks in between so the farmers can have time to plant their crops, more moisture coming into the mountains where we need it. See that sustained flow for months ahead of us, going all the way into the summer season. Feel and know it happening. Be one with it happening and sustain, sustain, sustain.

We thank you devas and forces of consciousness and all the levels of unified consciousness with which we are working. Thank you for listening and cooperating with us.

We give you all the energy and power of our desire and will. Hold the form and empower the forms which are natural. We ask the devas to remember the normal patterns for our area in the entire northwest and all the mountains in California so that we have the normal patterns reestablished and coming through here. Thank you for your participation and yes, we do request to come back to you on occasion and re-empower and re-enforce you so that you know what is needed and we can give you power and energy and our thanks. Now bring your awareness back into your bodies and feel and be aware of everything in all levels of consciousness. Feel the resonance of your desire and will working. Hold in the form that you have created and feel the joy in your heart of the minerals, mountains, plants, and animals. It is through joy that the devic force of consciousness knows and receives its thanks.

Take yourself into the future and see this rain, gentle rains coming through, the plants growing, blooming, coming into abundance. Feel the joy of the plants and the animals and the land... the joy of abundance... the joy of nature expressing the whole flower in full manifestation, all things possible in all levels of consciousness. Know that we have the right and authority to ask for this and bring this into form. We are individual bits ot God-force consciousness and have the right and authority and joy of participating and being one with all of the Cod-force. And so it is. Sustain. Sustain. Sustain.