Frank March 31,1993

Let's settle back way deep within ourselves. Settle back and seek that inner source where the pure truth lies, that deep inner level of consciousness where everything just is and where there is no need for validatioii. There is no need to have anyone's approval because you are your own approval. Step back into that state of just pure being. Let your awareness expand slowly, exponentially up and down your spine through all the chakras. Let a beautiful, peaceful resonance of oneness come within yourself.

Reach up above your head into your soul flow and even further into the life stream. Feel that beautiful resonance of consciousness that you are, those vibrating streams of energy which pour down through you from even above the High Self and from the super-consciousness. Feel that resonance all the way down through the ascending levels of the chakras and our vibratory potentials, our consciousness potentials, all the way down below the feet and even beyond the feet to Mother Earth to the female principle.

Feel that beautiful balance of energy which holds us in form between the supercon-scious male principle, the positive aspect of ourselves, and the opposite polarity, the female principle below our feet. Feel that wonderful balance and sharing which we are Feel the resonance of that female energy come up our left side, flowing up higher and higher, reaching up to that male principle and the male principle reachiflg;;down to the right side, flowing down deeper and deeper until it comes into harmonious balance all the way down to the lower feet with the female. Feel that close, beautiful balance between our female left side and male right side.

Have your female side turn and look toward1your male side. Just slide into your female and turn and look within yourself to the male. Reach out t9 that polarity opposite which you are and embrace yourself within. Feel that beautiful, loving embrace, that balance within yourself of the male and female energies. Feel how one side or the other may have an overabundance of energy. That's your polarity, either male or female.

Now direct that polarity, male or female, outward toward someone you LOVE of the opposite sex, the opposite polarity. In this case it could be Randy and Rosemary turning those energetics within toward those of the other. Reach out your male to your female, your female to your male. Let those energies flow fully, beautifully, and harmoniously, circulating energies of balance, harmony, beauty, peace, LOVE, honor, and devotion. As you do this, you feel the oneness, the empowerment begin to build within yourself.

You begin to release any feelings of selfishness or desire to be alone

or desire to be separate. Reach toward the other one wholly and unconditionally with no expectation of return and with no need of validation, knowing that one is there for the other wholly, completely and fully.

Feeling that LOVE, not just from the heart chakra but also the resonance of LOVE which literally is the God Force Consciousness resonating from all the chakras, feel the harmonious blending and merging together of all your chakras as one continuous flow of beautiful harmonious energy. Feel the release of any old patterns and forms, any hang-ups which would block these beautiful flows of harmonious interaction.

Feel the ascension of consciousness through awareness, desire, and will to higher and higer levels of awareness where you realize you are more than simply man and woman. You are God-spirit, male and female, the totality of life merging, interacting and blending in the greatest potential of creative force possible. That's the potential of creating other human beings. Feel that flow, that beauty, and know that it is your choice to create other human beings or not.

But if that God-force energy is not used to create humans, then let it be used to create LOVE in a beautifully balanced devotive way which will inspire others to know that these is a higher level of consciousness in relationships, that more can be achieved than simply mating.

~nu apzrr~ti rrrtrr~rrg ';cr-5~i;nw , CflW G~rha.. 6fl~ L&w8-~~ywfl r-"-~ a-'-take, and the God-force of potential expressing through you is life force itself. Know that that resonance will always be with you. Know that in times of stress, all you have to do is turn one to the other again. Clear out any stresses between you which may be rising from the dynamics of your reality.

In this moment of highest creative potential of coming together, always come back to that point when you have been at your absolute best, your absolute most clearest stage of relationship. You always come back to that point and turn and look toward the dynamics of what is happening. Clear the dynamics away. They are not important. Dynamics simply come and go as teachers but like thieves in the night, they can take your LOVE. But with awareness, that will never happen.

With awareness, commitment, and dedication, that LOVE, that God-force, that life force, you will always remain strong and indomitable. What you are reaching for is the highest level of consciousness which can be attained in our reality which is dominion. Dominion for male and female is that beautiful state of consciousness where the high selves of each can give unconditionally. The female gives support, nurturing, encouragement, healing, sensitivity, intuition, insight and a secure nest, a place for the male to come back to. The male in his turn wraps the female with protective energy, always guards the paramenters, always puts himself out there to take the blows. But in turn anything which he accumulates, he brings back and gives to the female, knowing that the highest and best good can come from empowering her. The more he empowers her, the more he himself is empowered.

The male is always there to be the lightness in the relationship through laughter and humor. The female responds with joy. That resonance of joy is the light, the beacon which always calls him back to the nest, to the home. See your home as a beautiful place of empowerment, mutual LOVE, the highest resonance possible between the male and the female. There is joyous union and expression; every positive potential of your relationship can be explored and experienced because that is why we are here.... to explore, to experience, and to return the joy of that experience to the God Force Consciousness. Through that the unified Godward consciousness grows and evolves becaust it only grows and evolves through positive actions, positive growth, positive realization of awareness.

That's what you'll give to each other and that's what you'll return to the God Force in a beautiful, harmonious, nurturing way so that we can all grow. Thank you Randy and Rosemary for your contribution to all of us, to your giving to all of us the best which you have. Thank you for sharing your LOVE with all of us. We thank you for your empowerment not only of your consciousness but also ours because we are all one.

YOU ARE... WE ARE... .1 AM... ONE.