Within this site you will find information that was given by Spirit.
Here is an explanation of how that is achieved.

Channeling: What is it? 

Channeling is speaking through Spirit. In the Old and New Testament, someone who could do this was called a Prophet or Prophetess. In other cultures and ages, someone with this same ability was known as an oracle, a medicine person, a holy person, a Liahona, a seer, a clairvoyant, a psychic, a diviner, a mystic, a telepath, an empathic, a medium, a spiritualist and yes in many ages, a witch.

Channeling is the speaking with and through Spirit; your Higher Power, your Angels and guides, someone elseís guides, the dead out of  body, and of course, Creator God, Ascended Masters, Arc Angels, and the host of Heaven.

Channeling comes in many different forms. The simplest form is just listening to your  inner voice. This is when you heed a prompting and do something different than what was planned such as take a different plane and the one you were suppose to take crashes or your say something and you wonder where it came from but what you said was exactly what was needed at the time. These are nudges from Spirit. Then channeling goes to the other end of the spectrum where the incarnate spirit leaves or retreats into the body so that another can possess it to give the message.

Then there is a myriad of forms in between. It involves everything from hearing or seeing or smelling and it flows to trance like states where one can see what was done and accomplished during the trance after one comes out of the trance such as automatic writing, channeled art, poetry, and music.

This process is not to be feared if done in the Light and with the safegaurds the Light  provides. The channel and space where the message is recieved should be prepared by the Light, so that only the highest spirits can enter in to give information. Actually any disincarnate on the astral or lower levels would love to communicate with you but their information is not valid as they know less than you do on a conscious level. So do check the source, and then check the information to make sure that it is based in love and only love. Never just accept anything blindly but always check it to make sure it is uplifting and adds to what you know or are doing.

For me, the channeling process comes in pictures and/or words. I donít move forward until I say what has been given to me. In deeper states, I donít remember what I said after I say it. The whole process becomes one of faith. I donít leave but step out of the way and often the thoughts seem unrelated or dis-combobbled to me until I get to hear it or read it again. I never cease to be amazed at how coherent and complete the messages are. I used to worry that I was not making any sense but now, I just try to keep myself out of the way. My thoughts will invade the process from time to time, which invariably slows it down or makes it "jump track" so to speak. So the whole "gift" is a matter of getting out to the way so that Spirit can work.

Ironically, I am finding that the same process is very important for living in the NOW> The more I rely on Spirit to direct me and less on my self, the less I am in there messing things up. What a gift "surrendering" to your and mine Higher Power. Allowing Spirit to function within oneís life is the answer to a multitude of Earth Problems. Amazingly, IT WORKS!!!!!