Celestial Echoes

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Book of Elijah
Jaxon Evaxs Earth Mother Crying Native American Art

 Messages from ascended masters
Channeled through Marcine Quenzer  1987-2003

What is "Channeling"?

Fear from Moroni   

Be Hold a Miracle  from Moroni

LOVE is the Greatest Gift, from Nephretiti   

Arise Oh Ye People, from King David  

Is there any sick among you?  Moroni 

Behold the Light, from Jesus 

The Un-forgiven Sin, from King David 

A Message from Jesus     

The Two Fires   from Moroni  

Gifts, Faith, and Power over Dark  from Moroni  

Earth Healing   from Moroni

Earth Healing  from Nephretiti

Earth Healing from King David


Earth Healing Meditation

Giving Thanks Meditation

Rejoice and Give with LOVE Meditation Channeling

Individual Light Give  Praise Meditation Channeling

Building Good Energy Meditation Channeling

Physical Healing and Remember Meditation Channeling

*Challenges Meditation Channeling

Peace by Nephretiti

*LOVEs Healing Power by David,

*Scorching Assessment of Earth by Moroni

Judgment by Jesus Meditation

Healing Light  Meditation

Light Healing Meditation

Inner Work, Meditation

Beautiful Garden Meditation

Limitations into Perfection Meditation

Eternal Progression by Morihoni Meditation

March 3, 1993 Meditation

Earth Healing Meditation

Replacing the Negative Meditation

Meditation  by Frank

Space Travel to the Two Stars Meditation

March 25, 1993 Meditation  by Frank Jordon

1993 Meditation  by Frank Jordon

Bubble Meditation

Hear Me, My Children Message from Mother Earth

Earth Energies

October 7

Healing Meditation 

October 21

October 28

Two Speakers November

Three Speakers

Mother Earth Healing

Spirit of Joy; Three-fold Flame Consumption

Four Horsemen Seal the Darkness

Humming Bird for Joy; Joyful LOVE

Blessing of Food; Prayers

Good and Evil

Guides, World Karma, Knowing


Depression, Itty Bitty World

 Illusions, Miracles

Manifestations; Dimensions; Prayer; spirit name

Ego, Accelerate growth, Earth Healing