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Giving Thanks

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Everlasting Spirit, and the power of the White Light, now ask for their blessings and their attendance to be with us that those things which we receive will be for our best good, for our personal progression, and our personal path. We ask that all information shall come straight from the White Light and from that source only.

In your mind's eye see a version of the Creator. See Him surrounded with the beautiful White Light. See the White Light as it's being sent to you and as it surrounds you. Now with a deep breath, breathe in that beautiful White Light. See it go into your body and as you breathe out, let go of the tensions, the problems, the worries, the concerns, the fears, the anger, the hurts, the jealousies. Let go all negative emotion. Again as you breathe in the White Light, see it as it enters into your body, filling your lungs, all of your chest and your torso with the beautiful White Light.

At this tine, see the White Light as it becomes brighter with each breath in. With each breath out, see an out flowing of negativity of thought, of deed, and of word. Let the negative flow out. Again breathe in deeply, this time filling all of the body . . . the head, arms, fingers, legs down to the toes, filling all parts of your body. See it and feel it. As you breathe out, let go of the negative . . . the toxins, stress, any type of build-up or residue from past offenses. Now again breathe in deeply of the beautiful White Light, filling all of your being with it. See the light become brightest in your heart and here let the energy flow out from your heart into all parts of your being and let the heart rejoice, thanking the Creator, thanking the Maker, thanking your version of the Creator, your version of God-Goddess, thanking with your heart for life, for lessons, for LOVE, for wisdom, for purity, for all that is good in your lives and the world..............................................

Give thanks also for each one in this room, for others who have attended us here, for each physical being on the path, and for each guide who is here to help us. Feel the joy for there is comfort, safety, and LOVE in this room, each of us for the other, knowing that there is no judging among this group, only sharing and encouragement for progression. Give thanks for family members, for those who give LOVE and support and for those who present challenges and opportunities to grow. Give thanks for mankind in your work places, in your world, or any other place where there are those who affect you and are part of your life. Again for the good that is in your life which is brought from them and through them, give thanks.

Give thanks for the earth, for Mother Earth, for Her participation in creating this physical plane. Thank Her for Her beauty. Thank Her for Her LOVE and caring. Thank Her for providing this world in which we live, learn, and grow. Give thanks to the Creator for providing, guiding, and sending the many teachers who are here to help us in our travels to become one with all creation. Give thanks to all those who are here to help, guide, and teach us.

See the light in your heart, the bright brilliant White Light as it begins to glow a beautiful bright pink. Now feel the divine LOVE as it spreads throughout your being. Again allow your body to participate in this LOVE that it may partake wherever personal healing is needed. LOVE your body. Caress it. Give the LOVE energy to any part of you that hurts and aches. Give that LOVE energy and tender loving caress to any part of you which you feel needs extra energy, help, and healing . . . back, mind, heart, spirit. See the healing as your body partakes of it. See your body becoming complete and whole. See that part of your world where you need healing. See it becoming perfect and whole.

Now see the light as it comes in as waves to you from the Creator. See it come in and see it travel out, first to all those in this room, then beyond this room to all who are in the valley, all those within the state, the country, and the world. See the LOVE of God as it is spread throughout the world. See and feel the LOVE and rejoice. Now into your personal lives see reflected in a mirror your present desires, wants and needs, your lesson on which you are working, your present challenge. See it reflected in the mirror. See what it is. Know within your being the answer to your challenge, what it is you are to do, what is necessary for it to be completed. See and feel it. This is for your personal progression.

I want you to feel the joy and LOVE within your being and I want you to see yourself encased in the beautiful White Light. See the outside edges crystallize and become a sphere, a transparent sphere through which you can see. Now see yourself in the bubble as it begins to travel upward. Below you, you see the earth recede and you see yourself traveling out, out, out, into the stars. You feel at peace. You feel joy. You feel energy. Follow the feeling of energy. Follow it through the stars. You find you are now heading toward one particular star and this star has beauty beyond compare. It changes colors. It is red... blue... lavender.. a deeper shade of blue.... green... yellow... pink. The colors keep changing. As you get there, the star becomes a person, a personage, a full rainbow person. Let this person image in for you. This person is your personal guide. Let him now guide you...............

See the LOVE light as it is being sent to you again. See it come down, covering you, filling you, surrounding you. Feel the energy which comes with it, the energy of goodness, the energy to do, to be, to enjoy. Now see this LOVE light as it comes into you, as though you are a vessel. See yourself being filled to the brim, overflowing with bubbling delight. Take it into your lives so that you may find that you have more energy, goodness, and LOVE to share. And you share it. Touch others with the light.

There are blessings being sent to each and everyone of you, blessings which are particular for your life, for your challenges, for your heart's desires. The blessings are being poured forth so you'll have strength, wisdom, and an understanding heart in dealing with all of the challenges which are presented to you. Open up your arms and hold the blessings which are being given to you. As you go through next week, look about you and give thanks for the blessings which you do have and which you do recognize. Throughout the week, if you do this faithfully, you will find that you have blessings without number, blessings which you never considered blessings and that all things work toward your better good. We give you the blessings of LOVE and light. Prepare yourself to come back to the here and now and do so as you are ready.

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