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Spirit Guide Drawings

We  ask your guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Arc Angels, and Hereditary or Ancestral spirit helpers, as well as past life, to step forward to see them.  Then we draw whatever holographic form they project to our inner vision. Often we ask to  relay any special messages they may have, finding out their purpose in your life, what gifts they bring to you.

Hopefully, these drawings and  the readings bring some clarity and hope as well as direction into your life.  It is important to use these as a tool  to further your spiritual growth. There is no competition between guides as we are all one. Every reading is as individual as the people receiving them. Who the guides are, and what they may be called actually is irrelevant to evolution. It is what they represent on your path that is important.


Let us draw your guides.

Send us a picture via email, and we will see who steps forward. Guides manifest in all shapes and forms, sometimes they have more than one form they will holographically project.  Let us show you what you can't see with a short reading of the purpose of your guides in your life.

Marcine and  Jaxon are Light practitioners since 1987

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Spirit GuidesSample of what drawings look like

includes postage, tape of reading and original drawing
per drawing and reading

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