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Earth Healing 

Take a couple of deep breaths. As you breathe out, feel the tension, the problems, the concerns, the worries from the day flow out. Again take another deep breath. As you breathe out, reach a little deeper and allow the stresses, the tightness of the muscles, the things which create tightness and tension to flow out. Again breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, feel your body becoming totally relaxed.

At this time I would like to ask the Father, the Creator, to please come and join us and also any of those with Him who would like to come. We ask for the guidance and the information which each of us needs to help in our progression. We ask for the White Light to come and be in this room, filling it from top to bottom, surrounding each of us in it, and providing protection and truth in all which we see, feel, and do.

In your mind’s eye, see the Creator. See Him as He stands with us, sends to each of us the LOVE which He has for us, and surrounds us with beautiful White Light so that we share in His wisdom, purity, and knowledge. Let each of us within our hearts give gratitude and thanks with all the fervor of our hearts unto the Creator for all the things which we have. Thank Him for his guidance and LOVE. Thank Him for those who share His wisdom and truth with us through the books which they write, the works which they do. Thank Him also for leading us into a path of truth and for the help, special guidance and information which each of us has received while on this path. Above all, thank Him for the desire you have in your heart and within your very soul to get to know Him better and to become familiar with His desire and your desire concerning your life plan and those things which you seek to know and learn. Thank Him that you have this desire within you to learn all that you can. Thank Him for the good health which each of us are able to enjoy and for the good minds and goodness which is implanted within our very souls. Thank Him for the understanding, the wisdom and the purity of thought which you have received. Thank Him for the joy you have within your being and for the peace you have obtained. Thank Him for each one in this room, that you have someone with whom to share and to speak concerning the glorious and wonderful things you are discovering, learning, and becoming. Thank Him for the abundance you have in your life... the richness in your relationships, the richness in your spirituality. the richness which you have in living in such a beautiful and abundant place as Earth. Thank the Creator in the next few minutes for the things which you feel within your soul on a personal level............................................................

Now with the fervor of your heart and the gratefulness of your souls, give thanks unto Mother Earth for all She has provided us. Thank Her for the beautiful air and all the wonders which happen within our sky and atmosphere... the sunrises and sunsets, the rainbows, the cloud formations and all the wondrous signs which are in Her air. Thank Her for all Her creations which show Her greatness, imagination, creativity, and beauty... wondrous hills and valleys, plants, flowers, and trees which provide perfume for the air, for our bodies, shelter for our physical existence and clothing for us to wear. Thank Mother Earth for Her wondrous waters which can purify themselves and sustain the physical life which we live, for the beauty they provide to our eyes and for the coolness and the cleansing it provides for our bodies. Thank Mother Earth for all the animals. Thank Her for all the birds and all manner of fish and all forms of life which She has created through Her energies to supplement and to provide enjoyment for our existence. Thank Her for all the things which She does to help us in this existence. Thank you... thank you... thank you, Mother Earth.

Now send a great outpouring of your LOVE unto the Creator with your grateful heart. Send it to Him. Now see that LOVE being sent to all those who are with Him. Now see that LOVE returned to you a thousand fold. Receive it unto yourself within your very essence and being. Imagine it within your mental picture. See it being returned to you a hundred fold.. and a hundred times a hundred.

Now as you receive the LOVE of all those who are there with the Creator, send it into the Earth. See it enter into the center of her being and see this LOVE gather until it fills all her center. See it expand. See it fill all of the Earth, filling all of Her rocks, subterranean waters and worlds. See it now as it expands, coming up to her surface and filling all of her waters. See it fill all the face of the earth, covering all the land. Allow Her to take this LOVE and to heal her grasses, animals, and birds. See the LOVE go into all the waterways… the ocean, rivers, lakes and streams... to heal all the fish and plant life. See this LOVE as it begins to fill even the air around Her, giving her energies to heal all things which belong to Her. See the LOVE of God as it goes through you and to the center of the earth and expands to fill all the earth, into all her airways. Now see it as it goes into the areas where men inhabit) going unto all the leaders, all the people so that the very center of man may be touched by the LOVE of God, by the spirit of God that those souls may desire peace, not only in their own lives, in their own country but across all the face of the Earth. See and feel the peace as it goes across all the lands and as it covers the Earth.

See the part which you play in the new world. See the beauty which is there. See the LOVE and the peace as it settles across the face of the Earth. There is no evil, illness, or pain. There is only the LOVE of God in the heart of each individual seeking goodness, wisdom, purity and LOVE. Feel the Earth as She reaches out to you, caresses you, LOVEs you, protects you. Feel your energies become one with Hers. See Her send energies to you. It will manifest itself in green or golden brown. Allow this energy to manifest in you, through you and around you. Feel Mother Earth's LOVE for you. Become aware of her feelings, of her changes. Now as you are walking on the face of the new world, in the time of peace, LOVE and wisdom which is the golden age of mankind, see and know your place within the new order of things, in the new harmony of universal perfection.

Now please ask your guardian angels, your guiding spirits, your higher self and the Creator, to join with you and you may ask for whatever you feel you need. Please ask as it is promised that whatsoever you should ask should be given unto you and that the word which should be made plain to your understanding shall be opened up. Now ask whatsoever you feel you need and hear your answers..................................

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