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Loving Yourself


Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, let go of the tensions, the problems and worries of the day.. the bills to be paid, the kids at home, the husband who didn't get any supper tonight. Blow them out. Again breathe in deeply and as you breathe in, shake your body. Let it relax and let the concerns, problems, tension, stress, all the negative energies flow out. And a third time, breathe deeply, this time allowing your breath to reach clear into your toes and the tips of your fingers. As you breathe out, just relax and let it all flow out.

In your mind's eye, envision your version of the Creator, whatever you feel that He or She may be. Let it image in. See this image of the Creator surrounded with beautiful White Light. In this White Light are iridescent little stars, shining and bouncing around much like Christmas tree lights.   See the lights which are there. Now the Creator is going to send the White Light down to you. See it as it flows down from Him gathering around you, totally encasing you in it.

In your mind's eye, crystallize the outside edge of this White Light and know that on the etheric level you have created a crystal which will aid you in communication with the spiritual realm. It is there for your protection so that those things which you receive will be for your growth and understanding.

The Creator sends White Light to you again. See it enter at the forehead and exit the back of the head. See this White Light as it circles around and enters in again at the forehead. If you can't see it, allow the feelings to flow through you. See and feel the White Light as it comes in the front and out the back and circles again forming a figure 8.

Now this time let it enter the front of the throat, out the back. Circle around in the front and out the back. And a third time, bring it in the front and out the back forming a figure 8.

 Now let the White Light circle around and come in at the chest where the heart is. Hold the White Light in your heart. Inside the heart is a tiny spark of light. As the White Light comes in, let it make this little spark of light grow. Let it grow until it fills all of the chest cavity. Now let it flow out the back and come in the front, out the back and in the front, out the back and in the front forming a figure 8. 

 Let the White Light circle around, coming in at the solar plexus, the spot just below the ribs. Let it enter in and flow out the back. Bring it around. Let it flow in and out the back. See and feel it flow in the front and out the back. 

See the White Light as it comes around and just below the belly button, let it enter in and flow out. Let it circle around, flow in the front and out the back in the front and out the back. See and feel the energy. See and feel the White Light as it flows in forming a figure 8. 

 Now at the root, at the bottom of the spine, let it flow in the fro~ out the back, in the front, out the back, in the front and out the back in a figure 8.

Now let the White Light flow up your spinal cord. See it follow up through the back. See the energy, see the light as it flows upward along the back, up to the neck, up to the crown of your head. AT the crown of your head, let the light flow downward into your face and the back of your head. Let the light flow straight in a column connecting all the energy centers which you just opened.

Let it flow straight down the shaft of White Light, the column of White Light, straight down to the root. Here let it join the White Light which goes up the spinal column, up to the top of the head and down through your body again. Let the White Light circulate. See and feel this flow. Feel your bodies becoming more energized. Feel the weariness and tiredness drift away. Your body feels good. You feel at peace. You are totally relaxed.

Now in your mind's eye, envision the Creator sending you a Pink Light. He totally surrounds you in it. It is like two loving arms which wrap around you, cradle you, hold you, and LOVE you. Allow it. Feel it. See it.

Again, as the beautiful Pink Light flows from the Creator, let it flow directly into your heart, into the center of your being, into the center of your feeling world. Let it flow into your heart and here let it expand the light which is within you.

Let it expand the God Light.

Now see the Pink Light as it flows from you to those in your life. Send this Light to those you LOVE and about whom you care and are concerned. Send the LOVE light. Send the pink Send it to them.

There are those in your world in your physical plane for whom you do not care. Whatever the negative feelings are, send them LOVE. If you cannot send your own, send the Creator's but send LOVE to them. See them surrounded in the soft caressing pink light.

At this time I would like for you to envision yourself in front of you. Envision a mirror, envision a reflection. At this time tell yourself all the good things you are. Tell yourself:

'I'm caring, loving, truthful, honest, giving, and talented. I'm a good listener. I'm a good friend. I'm good at my job. I'm a good parent. I'm a good child.............."

Tell yourself all the good things about yourself and then as you envision yourself, envision your reflection looking back at you. Look into those eyes.. all the lessons which they have learned, all the things they know and feel. The eyes are the window of the soul. It is here that you see inside. Look deeply. You will see many things but whatever you see, tell yourself that you LOVE you,

"I LOVE you. I care about you. I want you to be happy, healthy, to have real LOVE in your life, real beauty. I LOVE you."

Now tell yourself that you are a Child of God. You are the literal offspring of God. His energy is in you. You are part of Him and as such you have all the gifts and abilities which He has. The difference is that the Creator has no limitations on Himself. He can be spirit. He can be energy. He can be physical. He can be here or there. He can be in you. He can be one with you.

Now look at the limitations you put on yourself. You say,

"I can't do this. I can't do that. This isn't right. My parents wouldn't like this. My mate wouldn't like that."

Look at all the different limitations you put on yourself, all the little binding cords which keep you from doing what is right for you. Again image in yourself. What do you think would make you happy right now? What do you think would help your life? Visualize it. Verbalize it.

"This is what I want in my life. This is what I'm working for."

Hold this thought in a sacred secret place, a special spot.

Now we want to image in ourselves and once again say how much we LOVE ourselves, how much we are worthy to have happiness, joy, peace, LOVE, how much we deserve to; and are worthy to; have all the good things in our lives. Look deeply into yourself, into your own spirit eyes and mean it when you say,

"I do LOVE you."

Now see the image reach out with loving arms, just literally wrap your own arms around you, giving yourself a hug. Hold yourself. Rock yourself. Pour that loving energy in. Feel it. Let it flow around you, through you, and in you.

At this time envision the pink light around you, in you, and through you. Envision it in your world. See it there. Hold it there. Know as you get ready to come back to the here and now that the light is your healing power and force. Through it you can remove all limitations, that you can develop your full potential and become all which you were created to be.

You can come back to the here and now when you are ready. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all spirit helpers that have been here this time.

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