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Introduction to Color Healing

The color that you look at, the color of clothes you wear, the color of the foods you eat, and the color of the rooms where you sleep, eat, study, and relax all effect your physically, mentally, and socially!  

Color is high frequency energy in motion. Each color has a specific vibration.  Each color has a property of its own and can stimulate or depress living cells.

The White Light is the Living Energy of the Creator. When ever we call upon him, we have the right to use this Light for good, to heal ourselves and those around us. This white Light is made of the full spectrum of light. The most used are the rainbow colors.

The primary colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue and these correspond to the life forces.
Red is Physical.
Yellow is Mental.
and Blue is Spiritual.

The Rainbow Colors of the Children;

Violet is said to be the highest vibration of all colors. Violet controls the crown Chakra in the head and is linked with the Pituitary gland which is the center of intuitive and spiritual understanding. Violet enables one to receive divine revelations.
        The Positive Aspect of the color violet is that it is soothing and tranquilizing.
        The Negative Aspect of violet is that it is depressing and cold.
        The Healing Respect of the violet has a wonderful new neutralizing effect on all forms of neurosis and neurotic manifestations. The color is useful in healing mental and nervous disorders. It is also helpful in concussions, tumors, and cerebro-spinal meningitis.

Indigo, clear and translucent,  is the color of the third eye chakra. It is used for clairvoyance or seer abilities. It can be sent after negative thoughts and transmute them before actual-ization. The color Indigo is a combination of Blue (spiritual) and Violet (metaphysical). The color Indigo is a purifier, astringent and is cooling.
        The Positive Aspects inspires and helps broaden the mind and frees it of fears and inhibitions. The Indigo color Psychologically clears and cleans the Psychic currents of the body. The indigo has a powerful affect on serious mental complains such as obsessions an other forms of psychosis. It is a purifier of the blood.
        The Negative Aspect of Indigo are that it can be depressing and cold. 
        The Healing Aspect of indigo is the stimulation of  the Pineal gland which is the king of all glands.  Indigo also influences the organs of sight and hearing and smell. Indigo can assist in the recovery form facial paralysis and helps to stop bleeding.

Blue, clear and translucent is the color of the throat chakra. This color is awesome for healing, as a cleanser and purifier, bringing calm, peace, cleansing action. It is a primary color and is a spiritually relaxing, cooling color.
        The Positive Aspects of the color Blue are that it is germicidal, antiseptic, astringent,  and has the vibration of power.
        The Negative Aspect of the color is that it is cold.
        The Healing Aspects of the color helps to reduce fevers and high blood pressure, It can also stop vomiting, headaches, acute rheumatism, hysteria, and insomnia, and stop bleeding. The color blue can also correct throat troubles. Blue affects the throat chakra.
Blue is a good color to wear when lecturing or teaching. It is a good color to give the impression of power. It is also the dominate color at the seaside, lakes or rivers, and sky. It s relaxing and gives a person a spiritual realization of the grandeur and greatness of God and the Heavens.

Green, clear and translucent is the color of the Heart Chakra. it is used for healing, changing like the spring that brings new life. Think of a Meadow where the trees and grass are green and the feeling that spring gives you whine all of Nature come to life! This feeling gives you peace, and health.  Green is created by mixing Yellow (Mental) and Blue (Spiritual) It is also used for manifestation of change.
        The Positive Aspect of the color green is that it brings balance by calming the sympathetic nervous system. It heals cellular activity.
        The Negative Aspect of the color Green is that it could in theory,  stimulate malignant growths of tumors.
        The Healing Aspects of the color green can regenerate the sympathetic nervous system, and to energize the heart, thereby helping to heal cardiac conditions. The color Green can normalize blood pressure, ulcers, neuralgia, influenza, neurosis, exhaustion, fatigue, and can help one to control his temper. The color Green also stimulates the thymus gland. 
We go to the country, the mountains or back to Nature because of the calming spiritual effect that it has on us. The predominate color here is green. Hospitals are now getting away from it but a green scrubs used to be popular. A good color to paint a bed room would be green, all though mine was painted pink. It was the favorite room in the house and at any given time, you could find the kids piled on the bed and we would all be talking.

Yellow, clear and translucent is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the color of self; your personal power center, your "gut reaction". It is the point at which you are connected to the Universe. It is a primary color and is considered to be the color of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence.
        The Positive aspect of the color Yellow is that it enhances inspiration and stimulates a higher mentality by effecting the upper stomach area where the Solar Plexus is.
        The Negative Aspect of the color Yellow is that it can function like a laxative.
        The Healing Aspect of the color yellow helps to stimulated the functions of the stomach, thereby normalizing constipation and diarrhea. The color Yellow will also aid in healing the intestines, liver, and pancreas there by alleviating Eczema, skin abrasions, and other skin conditions. The Color yellow, by tuning up the Solar Plexus, stimulates the brain and nerve centers. The Adrenals are also helped by the color Yellow.
Ironically, Orange and Yellow are the colors used in Americas most famous and successful fast food restaurants. (Yellow affects the stomach and Orange affect the bowels. Have you also noticed that many classrooms are painted  a light shade of Yellow (stimulating intellect)!


Orange, clear and translucent is that color of the ha da chakra, the chakra right below the belly button. This is a light of clearing, for gathering up physical toxins, and junk out of your physical body. The color orange is created by mixing Red (physical) and Yellow (mental).
Therefore, it is thought to be the color of wisdom and is so used by certain Yogis and Gurus as the color of their garments. (you've seen those guys in the orange, some run around with the Deli Lama)
    The Positive Aspects of the color Oranges are that it stimulates energies, relieves depression, is joyful, and brings together physical and mental intunements.
    The Negative Aspects or that it can be over-stimulating and should be used in balance.
    The Healing Aspects of the color are to effect the lower torso organs of the body such as the spleen, pancreas, stomach and kidneys. It alleviates gastro-intestinal problems and helps improve poor assimilation of food. The color Orange also heals gout, rheumatic aches, inflamed joints, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Coughs. orange can also help to strengthen the mind and alleviate emotional paralysis.

Red, clear and translucent is the color of the root chakra. This light is good to use when healing things dealing with circulation and the blood. It is believed to enhance physical force, strength, boldness, courage, warfare, sports, power, and sexuality.
    The Positive Aspects of the color Red is that it is stimulating, energizes vitality, healing, and can strengthen will power.
    The Negative Aspects of the color Red is that it can be over-stimulating, primitive, wild, lustful, sexual, and maniacal.
    Use the color Red for stimulating circulation, increase Hemoglobin, raise body temperature, can effect a positive change in the groin area, and is excellent for correcting sexual dysfunctions. (
NOTE: The term "Red Light District")

When running this color through the root chakra, if the color appears muddy, clean it up and continue running until a clear transparent red comes through the root chakra.

The yellow, Orange and Red Chakras are important for your physical well being. They must function correctly in order for your body to have energy to move. Often, we forget them, getting overly involved with the top spiritual connections, but they are just as important. 

Earth Chakras

Below your feet are two more chakras; they are your connection with earth. In the past these colors have manifest as a lime green and a tiger-eye brown, clear and translucent. These days, they are converted to the ascension colors of iridescent turquoise and iridescent coral.  Draw these energies in through the feet to ground, as well as to feel and speak with Mother Earth.

My favorite colors to work with are the Creator's colors, the colors of the three-fold flame.

White Light is the power and Living Light of the All of All. It is used for protection and for healing. It brings together all the power of all the colors, all the spiritual mediators and spiritual advocates.

Colors of the Three-fold Flame

Gold is a yellow gold with white lights dancing in it. It represents the Creator's  wisdom. Often it is like a translucent honey that flows into the being. Iridescent, sparking, Light. There is a small gold flame centered in the heart that represents and is a small part of the Creator's wisdom with in us. This light is manifest in every particle of our being. This is what gives us the urge to seek the oneness with the Creator.

Pink represents the Creator's LOVE. The color can vary from pale pink to rich hot pink. It is vibrant with the dancing white lights. Iridescent, sparkling. It is soft, and fuzzy, warm, peaceful, and secure. There is a small pink flame centered in the heart that represents the Christ and his Light of LOVE, this is also manifest in every particle of our being. This gives us our direction as we seek the oneness with the  Creator.

Pale Blue represents the Creator's Power. It too, is iridescent, sparkling, powerful. It is used to give spiritual power. To give energy to the will and spirit.  There is a small blue flame centered in the heart that represents the power of the Everlasting spirit, this is also manifest in every particle of our being. This gives us the power or energy, drive to seek the oneness with the Creator. It is like a never ending thirst for the water of Eternal Life.

These are also the colors of the Chakras above our being. The blue is in the etheric earth layer where our plans for our Earth life and spiritual growth are laid. 

The gold is in a special healing layer two levels above our head. Often on TV you see TV evangelists with one hand in the air or the people with their hands in the air tapping into this special healing layer of the Earth.

The pink is in every particle of manifest energy. You, Me, them, the earth, the animals, the birds, the crawly things, the fish, the ocean, the rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, lakes, the air, trees, plants, flowers, grasses, weeds, food, EVERTHING! It is the basic component of all existence.

The Christ Light

Purple through lavender represents the power to transmute; to forgive, to change to positive or white light, to heal through forgiveness. This is probably the most powerful of all the rays for healing. Amazing things happen when the prayer for Karmic Release is invoked. This is the transmutation and healing light of the Christ Energy, taught to us by Jesus.


Meditation: Color Meditation
Used for healing and for clearing Chakras.

Book: The Ultimate Healing System by Donald Lepore

Healing Technique: Use the different colors as you are prompted to heal during meditations. Blue might be used to heal an earache but you may be prompted to use lavender to transmute what you don't want to hear, then yellow to warm the site, then blue to cleanse and purify, then red to bring circulation back. Follow inspiration for each individual need.

Bring the color energy into the area needed healing. See the area being changed and healed.


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