Color Healing 

I'd like everyone here to take a deep breath and as you breathe out, breathe out the tension, the problems, whatever it is that's still on your mind from the day's work or activities. Breathe them out. Let go of them. Take another deep breath and this time breathe in a little deeper and let go some of that deeper stuff. Let it just flow out and feel the body begin to relax. Feel it become comfortable. Feel the tension leave. Breathe in again, even down to your toes, and as you breathe out, feel your face, scalp, neck, arms, torso and legs relax. Again breathe in and as you breathe out, become totally relaxed and at peace.

At this time in your mind's eye on that inner screen, I want you to see your version of the Creator. Whatever it is, let it image in. Around the Creator is a beautiful White Light, iridescent White Light with little lights shining, twinkling on and off, so that it looks much like the sun on the new fallen snow. Image it in as white as you can. Now see the Creator send the White Light down, totally surrounding you. See it crystallize around the outside edges, forming a shield of safety and a crystal of communication. With the White Light around you and with this shield for protection, know that the information which you hear will be perfect for you. You will hear only those messages that are for you

Invite into this shield space your personal guides, your personal guardian angels, those who LOVE you and those with whom you will be comfortable. Ask them to come in and join you. Although you may not actually recognize them, be aware of their presence and ask them to help you on your path so that you will be able to discern the truths which are your truths.

Now at this time I would like for you to see the White Light as it comes from the Father. See it come in at the crown of your head. See this beautiful White Light flood down into your face, the back of the head, into the neck and the throat. Feel it as it flows down into the shoulders, your upper torso, your arms and your hands. See it as it flows into your waist, your hips, legs and feet. If the images are not very clear, concentrate on the feeling. Allow this feeling to come in and float through you. Now that your body is filled with the White Light, make it as white as you possibly can. Let it become just as white, just as iridescent and twinkly as that light which you saw with the Creator. And now let that light which is within you flow into that which is inside your crystal sphere so that you are totally one with divine LOVE.

Now see the beautiful Pink Light which represents Unconditional LOVE as it comes from the Father. See it come into the crown of your head and feel this light as it pours down into your mind, into the third eye, into your face, your throat. Let it flow into your shoulders, your arms and your hands, your torso, your legs and feet. Feel the beautiful Pink Light as it is now within your being and feel the Unconditional LOVE, the LOVE for which you have to do nothing except simply be. And know that this Divine LOVE is there for you always, that there is nothing you can do~ nothing which you have ever done which can change the Creator's LOVE for you. Know that this LOVE is there always.

At this time see from the Creator, a beautiful iridescent Blue Light coming into you. Let it enter at the crown of your head. Let it bathe your mind with Spiritual Power to give you the energy and fortitude to choose Truth in your life. 

Let the light flow down into the third eye, giving that space Spiritual Power to see within your own life those things which will bring you greater happiness, joy, peace, and contentment. 

Let the Blue Light flow down through the face and into the throat, giving your voice Spiritual Power to stand up for yourself when necessary, to help you find the words you can give in LOVE and still be in your Truth. 

Let the beautiful iridescent Blue Light flow down into your shoulders, arms and hands, down into the heart space, giving your heart Spiritual Power to discern Truth. Here is where your God Light is. Here is where you will find those things which you know are right for you. 

Let the Blue Light go down through the rest of your body, filling the waist, the hips, the legs and feet with this beautiful Spiritual Power. It gives your body Spiritual Power to talk to yourself so that by listening to it, you will know what is right for you... the right things for health... the right things for your emotional and mental well-being.

Now see the beautiful Gold Light as it comes in the crown of your head, giving you Spiritual Wisdom. See this Gold Light as it flows down into the mind, giving you Spiritual Understanding and Spiritual Wisdom that the things which you discern and understand are for your own well-being.

 Now let the Gold Light go down into your throat, blessing your voice with words of wisdom so you may share with clear language and communication your point of view. 

Now let the Gold Light go down into the shoulders, the arms, the hands, down into the heart. Let the beautiful Gold Light bathe your heart with Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Discernment that you may know things without being told and that you may have an understanding heart. 

Let the Gold Light flow throughout the rest of the body, through the waist, the hips, legs and feet, filling all of you with this beautiful Spiritual Wisdom, blessing all of your being with knowledge, discernment, and understanding.

Now the Creator sends you a clear translucent Blue Light. This Blue Light feels like a cool mountain stream. Let it enter in at the top of your head. Let it wash away any negativity which is there. Let the cool clear Blue Light which feels like a mountain stream flow into the crown of your head, enter the face, the back of the head, down through the neck and shoulders. Let it flow through the arms, the fingers, the upper torso, your waist, your legs and feet so that you are now rinsed clean, washed clear of any negativity by the cool... clear... blue mountain stream.

Now envision a beautiful clear Green Light coming from the Creator. This Green Light He sends down to you and fills the crystal space within your shield. Let the Green Light flow into the crown of the head, filling all your face, the head, the neck, shoulders, upper torso, all of your being with this Green Light so that you are now filled within and without with beautiful clear Green Light. The Green Light represents new beginnings. It represents manifestation and precipitation. So now surrounded and filled with the beautiful Green Light, choose something in this life which you choose to change. See you as though you already have this in your life. See the joy and the happiness it brings. See all the good things which come into your life because of this.. happiness.. joy. Feel it. Feel it. You already have it. It's yours. Claim it. I am. I AM. Now see all the Green Light which holds the pictures which you just saw. See it condense until it is a large ball of Green Light in your hands and inside of this green ball are all the things you just saw and felt, these things which are yours already. Now release it and allow it to float away into the universe, float away into the Creator.

Now see a beautiful Lavender Light come down and surround you, inside your crystal shield and inside of you. Invision the Lavender Light filling all of your being. Invision you, looking at yourself and saying how much you LOVE yourself, how much you care about you. One of the guardian angels or guiding spirits (which we invited in earlier) is holding a big purple bag. Put all your hurt, your pain, your negative emotions in this big purple bag. You don't need them anymore. You don't need to feel hurt, pain, anguish. You don't need to feel unLOVEd. Put them in the purple bag. Just let all the negative feelings which you have flow into the purple bag. You don't need these anymore. See the bag being closed and tied off. See it as it is taken up a crystal staircase and at the top of this crystal staircase is the Creator. Hand over all this junk. Hand over all this garbage to the Creator. Give it to Him. You don't need it anymore. You LOVE yourself. You care for yourself. You now desire to be happy and have joy, peace, LOVE and abundance in your life. Now as you hand this bag to the Creator, see Him open it. Out of it flies beautiful white birds. Each one represents something special.. LOVE.. joy.. peace... abundance. They fly to you and present their gifts to you in LOVE. Open up your arms. Receive and accept them. Put them where all the negative things came out, all the hurt, pain, and garbage which you got rid of. Replace them. Now feel the joy. Feel the LOVE. Let it go clear through your being from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Feel the LOVE.. joy.. goodness. Surround yourself in it. Hold yourself in it. Know from the very center of your being that you deserve these things and are worthy of them, that they belong to you.

Please extend a thank you for those on the ascended plane who have helped us this evening and a thank you for your personal guide and attendants. Ask them to be with you this week that you may have perfect memory of those things which concern your path of progression and ask them to help you remember. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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