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Spiritual Alignment: What is it?

In this world that we live in, we are imprinted, "programmed", from the moment of birth, and often even before. Everyone around us tells us what to believe in, how to do things, but most importantly ~ who we are. We grow up with this in-put from parents, brothers, sisters,  grandparents, teachers, Sunday School, religious teachers, neighborhood, etc. If we are lucky and we have good parents, we can grow up with fairly good self esteem. But for those who are not so lucky and I think that is the greatest majority,  we grow up knowing we are failures, disappointments, worthless, and that knowledge keeps us  from having real success in our lives. We may gather wealth but never feel good inside. Others take up drugs and alcohol to drown the need for approval and LOVE. Or take up abusive relationships to punish themselves for being so awful. Reasons are never this cut and dried but you get the idea.

Spiritual Alignment is the process of aligning yourself with the God within you, and thusly with the Creator and the Universe, bringing all into harmony, into alignment.  As you stop letting others define who you are, you discover for yourself an awesome being that was there all along, just covered with so much shit that everyone had dumped on you, that you did not know it.

Spiritual alignment is the stripping away the garbage, layer by layer, until we are the perfect being of LOVE that our Heavenly parents created. It is  ongoing throughout this life and often many others, of getting to that perfect alignment. But it is a wonderful journey, that brings greater happiness than you could possibly imagine, especially where you are right now.

Today we are faced with problems that no other generation has had to deal with. It calls for new healing methods to deal with trauma and neglect that our rushing busy society has created for our families. These healing methods are called Spiritual Healing which we will address in another place.

This section is dedicated to the process of Aligning your soul.

I usually do classes where I can teach by the Spirit, and have never tried to put this in writing so here goes. It makes no difference what your spiritual belief system is, you can use the methods here to heal your life and your soul, and strengthen the belief you have in your version of God. I never worry about what people think God is like because the important part is to have that belief, then through the healing process, you will gain an accurate awareness of the true being of the Creator.

Through the healing sessions, you will learn to work with spirit, your own and your guides. You will learn to push and transfer energy. You will learn simple healing techniques. You will learn what your special gift is that the Creator endowed you with to enhance your life as well as the world around you. You will recognize when something has come up for you to deal with and you will know what to do or who to go to for help. We are like an onion. Peel off the outer layer and another layer comes up for review. It is an on going process

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