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Introduction to Energies

What is a spirit or actually the soul, which is the spirit in it's learning mode here on Earth? What is it? What does it look like? What is it made of? Have you thought about that? What do you imagine your soul to look like ~ to feel like?

I wonder if you thought of the soul as a big blob of something, maybe energy that gives your body life, just as I did.

Your physical body is very complicated. It has important organs. It has bones and cartilage. It has muscles and  tendons. Then it has skin that keeps it all enclosed.   It has miles of nerves and blood systems to carry power, and food to the cells in all that structure. Can you name the bones or the muscles? What about just the categories of the organs? It is very complicated, and the average person knows generally about it.

Would it surprise you to find out that the spirit body is just as complicated? It is made of energy. It is what gives your body life. The vitality of your body depends on the well being of the spiritual body. Cherokees as well as other Native People believe that all illness has a spiritual beginning.

Your spirit has form. It has an energy field. This is called an aura. The word "Wasitchu" is Lakota. It was a term applied to the white people but does not mean white. It means "People without Light". Native peoples could see auras and the new people did not have this light. When you are self centered, or narrow minded, or traumatized, you have your aura pulled in so tightly that it does not show. There are a lot of people who are very religious but have no visible light around them. People who are spiritual on the other hand always have light around them. And anyone can see this or learn to see it.

All right, so YOU are LIGHT>Could this be the light Jesus spoke of when he cautioned us to keep oil in our lamp. It is not something outside of us to light the way but it is the inner light of the SACRED spirit within.

You have felt this energy. For instance, If you have ever walked into a room and "knew" that they were fighting, or if you have walked into a room and immediately felt comfortable and welcomed. Both occasions had to do with the energy in the room created by the spirits in the room. Persons, places and things acquire an energy, or aura. This aura or energy will reflect what has happened to the person, place or thing. Often, we can FEEL it easier than we can see it.

How ever, you  probably have seen it too. Ever sit in Church and see this radiant glow emanating around the speaker? Usually it is white, and you think that your eyes are doing something weird. Sometimes you may see the light dance in the room when there is a really spiritual speaker. Sometimes you may see a color around the speaker if he is really passionate about his subject.

When we come into this world, we still have our memory of our Creator, and we still communicate with the light beings in those realms. It is only after we have been taught that seeing and talking to these "invisible" people can't be done or is wrong, that we learn to "forget" these things. We are born with incredible spiritual gifts, but they are trained out of us by well meaning individuals who are fearful of these gifts. History is full of documentation of those individuals with special gifts who have been persecuted and murdered  because of them, when in truth, WE ALL have them. WE ALL ARE BORN WITH THEM. And they are nothing to be afraid of.

All right, so YOU are gifted. As you explore and do your personal healing work, you will find out just where and what your particular gifts are.

Now back to Spirit. As I said it is very complicated in its structure. It has three layers. Each layer has a purpose.

 There is a grid of energy encompassing it. The Orientals developed their acupuncture in accordance with this grid. Every where the grid intersects is what is termed a chakra. The spirit body has many of them but for this purpose we will discuss the main seven and some lesser ones.

There are twelve main chakras which function to provide energy for our bodies. Seven of these are directly linked into the physical body providing life energy. But they also channel energy and can be used to facilitate healing in the body when used to draw healing power from the Creator.

There are four lesser chakras that I would like for you to experience right now. One in each palm of the hand and one in the bottom of each foot. The ones in the feet connect you to Mother Earth. The ones in the hands channel the energy from the Creator for healing, Laying on of Hands. Many people who are gifted in their hands, do Reiki or some form of massage therapy.

To experience the energy that flows from your hands, take your middle finger and press it into the palm of your hands. Now rub your hands together. It is best now to hold your hands in front of but not touching, the palms of another individual who is doing this exercise with you. Close your eyes to block out all but the sensation in your hands if you have to. Slowly move your hands back and forth. You can feel the energy against your fingers similar to a stick running down a picket fence. The more individuals you can try this with,  you will discover that everyone has a different energy. Some will be tingly, some hot, some cool, some vibrant, some like a breeze. Those with hot energy are likely to be healers. At first you may think that friction from rubbing your hands together has caused the sensation but if you can feel the difference between people then you will realize that you are actually experiencing the vibration of the person's energy.

Another Experiment you can do if you have willing participants is to take 2 ordinary coat-hangers. Cut them into L shapes. Slide your hand a couple times back and forth, and tell then that you want to check auras. Hold them with your hands together with the rods pointing forward together. Have someone stand 15 to 20 feet away from you. Tell the wires in your hands that you want to check "Mary's" smallest energy field then walk toward her, holding the rods loosely in your hands and parallel to the floor. As you move forward, the rods will move apart, and as you move into her smallest energy field they will swing all the way around.

If you try to check the largest energy field especially children's, you may have to go outside because the auras can extend over 20 feet from the body.

This is especially interesting to do before an individual has done any form of meditation and then again afterwards. The visual is amazing.

As you get used to feeling the energies that everything is made of, you will be able to do this without the visual of the rods springing apart. When we do this, it is called scanning. Try this now. Put your hand up with palm out. Walk forward. Close your  eyes if necessary. You can feel the difference in the energies around the person. You can tell as the energy gets "thicker" next to the person say 5 feet out. If your person has had a lot of hurt, he may have his aura pulled in so close to his body that there may be no extension at all.

Another experiment. This needs another individual as well. Put your palm 5-6 inches from the person. Feel their energy as you move your hand from their head to their feet. The person will have a general feel. When you recognize a change in this field you have found a "problem". Often this is associated with an injury or surgery that the person has had. Sometimes it is a "leak" where energy is escaping from the body. Do this a couple of times with different people and you will realize you can be very accurate.

These exercises are to convince you of the existence of the spirit energy. Well this is very nice but you are here to heal yourself right now. How does all this apply to you???

Well the spirit inside you, comes from the Creator. You are made of part of His energy. And God is LOVE. That is his prime directive, component, basic particle of being. LOVE. So YOU are LOVE. Look in a mirror and what do you see? I bet it isn't LOVE>everything but LOVE. So that is where your healing is. To become the LOVE that you are.

Your healing is the realization that you are LOVE in the same way the Creator is LOVE. It is your basic component. Your prime directive. And if you are like a lot of us, right now you have know idea where, or what LOVE is. That is because you have gone so far astray from your truth ..... and God.

Wow! So far, you have learned that you are light and LOVE. You have special spirit gifts, such as seeing and  feeling the spiritual energies. You are born with them and they stay with you because of your spiritual DNA. You are a child of the Living God. That is the DNA in your spirit. And this is just some of the Truth about you.

Now you begin the journey of discovering all the lies you have accepted about yourself so that you can begin "kicking" them out and re-programming yourself with positive LOVE.

And this is very important. As we accept these lies about ourselves, some of that beautiful God-spirit inside us dies.  When enough of it dies in a particular part, we get an illness. We get sick. And we do destructive things to ourselves. This is where the Native Belief that all illness is a spiritual illness comes from.

The wonderful part of this journey, is you will learn how to remove the dead energy, which manifests itself in a dark spot in your beautiful light, and how to bring more Living Light into that spot so that it will live again. We call this reprogramming.

Another way of expressing this is>  The word spirit means "breathe". You will find out where you are holding your breath so that you may release it and bring breath back in.

Recommended Books: "Hands of Light" by Betty Bethard

Meditation; This link takes you to a  meditation. You may record it and use it yourself, or you can order one for a donation. (not linked yet) The Child Within

Healing technique: Decide what you want to get rid of today. Is it pain, hurt, guilt, jealousy, doormat? Close your eyes and look inside of you for what it is you want to get rid of. If it is the pain in your heart, then see that as an energy or object, see it flowing away and out of you, or have an angel help you remove it, or take your spirit hands and remove it yourself. Put it in a purple bag or purple box, and give it to the Creator. Hand it over to him so that he can make sure that justice is done in his time, his wisdom. Now ask for the LOVE of the Creator to come and fill this spot and visualize a soft pink light coming into your heart or that place that the negative energy was removed from.

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