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 The Child Within

Take a few deep breaths. Breathe in and as you breathe out, allow all the tension, the problems~ and any negativity from the day to flow out. Again, breathe in deeply. As you breathe out, feel your body begin to relax. Feel the stress and tension. Become aware of stress points such as clenched teeth and fists, binding muscles in the neck and shoulders, tight muscles in the legs. Consciously release them. Again breathe in deeply. Breathe into your toes and fingers. As you exhale, feel your body relax.

Now in your mind's eye, see your version of the Creator. Let Him image in. What-ever way He appears for you is fine. See the beautiful White Light that surrounds Him. See this White Light being sent to you, totally surrounding and encasing you. Now crystallize the edges, preparing a place of safety, a shield of protection and crystals of communication surrounding you so that those things which you hear will be understood as given for your own personal path, so that the things which you need to understand and change will become apparent to you.

At this time I would like to extend an invitation to all those in the ascended realm who desire to be with us , to help us, to guide us, and to bring their energies here to blend with ours and to be one with us. Any of you who have special guides or guardian angels or special LOVEd ones who desire to be with you, please invite them inside your crystal shield. Now as the White Light surrounds you and protects you, see the beautiful White Light as it comes from the Father. See it enter in at the crown of your head and let it flow down, filling all your head.. the face, the back of the head, the brain, the third eye. Feel the muscles in the jaw and in the face. Let them be filled with the White Light. Let it flow down into the throat, the shoulders, the arms and the legs, filling all the torso. See it and feel it. With each breath that you take, let the White Light expand so that it combines and blends with the white Light in your crystal sphere.

Now at this time the Creator has a pink light which he would like to send you.

Feel it and see it as it comes to you and enters in the heart space. Receive it.

Feel the divine LOVE. Feel the LOVE light as it surrounds you and holds you as

two loving arms of a parent. Imagine a parent and see yourself as a small child.

See this loving parent come over to you, pick you up, hold you, rock you and LOVE you. If you cannot imagine a loving parent, then allow the Creator to do this for you. Let Him hold the little child which is you. Let all the needs and all the wants you had as a child be fulfilled in your imagination. Let them be filled by a loving and caring parent.

Now allow the little child to grow up and become you. The grown up child takes note of the things that the child wanted when he was little... the approval, the loving, the holding. As the child is grown up and can now acknowledge the needs of his youth, let him become the nurturer of all the needs of the little child. It is easy to reach out, to touch, to LOVE, and to care for a little child. So give the little child in you the LOVE, the caring, and the gentle touching. Give to yourself those things which are so easy to give to a little child. Give your ownself approval. Acknowledge the things at which you are good. Acknowledge the things which you LOVE to do.

Visualize a mirror before you and see your own image reflected there. If you look deep into the eyes which are reflected , you can see all the hurt, the pain, and the fear of the little child. Reach out with your heart and LOVE the fear away. LOVE the hurt away. Tell yourself that you are here for you, that you are now going to give yourself the LOVE which you deserve and the good things from this life which you deserve. Now as you look into those eyes which are reflected back to you, reach into your heart and from your heart, tell those eyes that you LOVE then, that you LOVE you.

From within your heart, see the beautiful pink light which the Father gave to you. Reach within your own being and allow this pink light to come out and hold you with two loving arms... two.. loving.. arms. Feel it. See it. Allow it.

You are a very complicated person. You are many different people. You have many different parts. At this time we ask that your male and female selves, both sides of your energy, come out and take form before you. Let it image in. Image in your male self. Hello male self, how are you? Male self, tell me what do you represent to me? ...................

Now ask the female part to image in. Allow her to take form. Ask her what she represents.....................

 Since the two need to become balanced and to become one, what must you do in your life to bring them into balance? They may talk to each other........................

In your lives, you have had many people who have taught you. I would like for each of you in your mind to bring forth your parents. Image them in. And regardless of your relationship with them, thank them for bringing you into this world. Thank them for trying to do their best in providing you a home and teaching you. Thank them. Now I would like to give you a space to tell your parents how you really feel. It's okay to tell them exactly how you feel inside..............  It is alright to tell them the truth, the hate, the anger, the pain, but it is also a time to tell of your LOVE, honoring, and respect. Be honest with yourself as you talk to them. 

In your thoughts as both parents stand there before you, say to them that you forgive them. You do forgive them for any pain, harm, or hurt which they have caused you in this life or any other since the beginning of time. Ask them to forgive you for all the pain, hurt, problems or disappointments which you have been to them in this life or any other back to the beginning of time. Tell them that you are now on a new path, that you would like to have only a good relationship with them, and you would like to move on in your life.

At this time see Archangel Michael come in with the flaming Blue Sword. Allow him to cut the karmic ties which are between you and your parents. Allow him to cut the cords, setting them free and setting you free. Now ask Saint Gabriel to come in. He has a flaming Purple Sword of transmutation. Ask him to transmute these bonds, these cords,  and see them disappear in flashes of White Light. Now thank them both for their participation. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now see Saint Gabriel again bring forth his flaming Purple Sword and he traces a circle around each one of your parents and then one around you. As he does so, a Purple Light flames up and fills the circle, totally transmuting into total positivity any negative things which still exists between you and your parents and setting you totally free to find your path, and to make the changes in your life which you feel are necessary for your own well-being and your own growth.

Now see your parents turn. See them walk up the crystal staircase. Theytre smiling and they're happy. They're waving back to you. As they walk up this crystal staircase, they walk to the Father. Let the Father be the judge. Let Him work in their lives the things which they need to complete their lessons. Know that your parents are no longer there to blame or to be angry toward because you have now taken full responsibility for yourself. Release them into the Fathert s care. Now as you stand within the Purple Flame and as it transmutes the pain, the hurt, the anger, the jealousy, whatever may have been there, feel yourself being totally released. Feel the freedom you now have. Feel it. See it.

I would like for you to walk up the crystal staircase into the Father and feel His joy, His LOVE and His peace. Feel it surround you, hold you, and care for you.

Know that the Father LOVEs you, that His LOVE is there always for you, that at no time has He ever taken this LOVE away from you. Know that His LOVE is forever. Accept his LOVE into your life that you may have force, power, and energy for change for new direction5. Know that you have the power-- within you to make all things possible~ that whatsoever you can see and image for yourself, whatsoever you can dream of achieving and having within your life can be yours, that the mind and the spiritual essence which is within you have no limitations except those which you place on them. Remove those limitations and become free. See your life take wings, grow, change, and bring all joy, peace and happiness of the Father into every aspect of your everyday living.

 As we come back to the here and now, we would like to thank all those who have been here to participate with us.

 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

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