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Forgiveness ~the Magic tonic

 Every one accepts that stress creates illnesses. Stress creates ulcers and heart attacks. Stress is a form of spiritual illness. Get rid of stress and these physical problems are healed.

As in lesson 1, Fear, Guilt (like Viet Nam), Resentment, Criticism, are also responsible for many spiritual illnesses. 

Other forms of spiritual illness can start with the loss of someone you LOVE, either by death or divorce. It is possible to heal all of these spiritually.

Yet the most predominate spiritual illness is self-hatred.... not being worthy of having good in your life.. consciously and subconsciously.

Self hatred turns anger inside and causes havoc with the external life as people try to kill themselves with anything from drugs, suicide, to cancer.

The understanding that I have is that the spirit is made of God Energy. Remember, in Genesis, how the snake, Satan, tempted Adam and Eve? He told them that they would be like God, knowing good and evil. That was a true statement. The lie was eating the apple would give it to them. Eating the apple introduced guilt, and blame (criticism> she did it), fear (what was Father going to do) and probably resentment toward themselves when they lost their beautiful Eden. Eating that little apple introduced all this to the world and instantly Adam and Eve understood what they already knew: right from wrong

But you see Adam and Eve were created to live forever. I believe that we are too. What happens is that the lies we accept into our being  kills, destroys, that God Energy that we are, a little bit at a time. Now the lies that we accept are the things that the first lesson talks about. When people tell us we are stupid, no good, worthless, etc. these are lies, lies, lies, and they destroy literally the God Energy, the good inside us when we believe what they say. Often, these lies are accepted as children because we trust the parents, teachers, and others who are suppose to know more than we do. If you accept enough of these lies inside of you, you develop an illness because you no longer have enough God Energy to keep your spirit and body healthy. These "lies" show up in the spirit body as dark spots, the blacker and larger the spots are, the more serious and advanced the physical illness. The darkness is the absence of Light.

[I have a theory that when we are able to perfect the spirit energy and return it 100% to the God Energy or LOVE, then we have the ability to live forever physically as well as spiritually. What do you think about that thought? >Adam and Eve lived a 1000 years. Over time, we have polluted the spirit body so much that at one time 30 was considered old age.]

Okay, so the basis of spiritual healing is to find the cause (causes as there is seldom a single cause) heal it, remove the negative energy then fill it up with God Energy, restoring the spirit in that area, and then the physical body will heal. An important part of this AND Indian healing work, is once it is healed, do not look back > don't constantly rehash it > this brings it back.... look forward, working in the new power that you have gained.

The next healing technique that I wish to give to you is Forgiveness. Jesus taught "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do." So many of us think that when we forgive, we are doing it for the person we are forgiving. This is quite the opposite of the truth. Whatever benefit they may receive from our forgiving is totally up to the space in their evolvement they are. Forgiveness is for our own soul.

One can do good works from morning until night. One can make all the improvements in oneself that is possible and yet if you harbor ill will or resentment, much less hatred, and anger toward anyone, YOU are not healed.

Often, we are so wronged that our soul cries out for justice. But even if justice is meted out in our court systems, our soul is yet still filled with pain, hurt, and devastation. The one whom wronged us, may sit in jail, rot in jail, or even give up his life, ..... and yet the anger, the pain, the devastation, the loss,  still cankers within us. 

A young child who has been sexually abused may hate with a passion the abuser when it becomes an adult.  But the abuser lives his life, indifferent to the hate, the obsession to hate, and the ruined life.  What the abused feels, thinks, does, makes little difference to the abuser. He is still doing in his life.  But the feelings in the abused become a focal point for misery because of the anger in the abused, the dis-enfranchment of the innocence, the rape of the very soul, and the abused continues to hurt, and to suffer.  Because the angered soul has a right to be that way, it is hard to extend the forgiveness necessary to heal the angered soul. For in the healing, the most important thing is to get the anger out, to remove it, to get the hatred out, to remove it. AND this can only be done through forgiveness. 

The one who abused is still doing his life or sitting in jail, but the rotten putrid energy that they left behind must be removed if one is to heal from the ordeal and to move on with your life. And this can only be done through forgiveness.

We are all participants in this experience. What we choose to do with it is up to us. We can hang on to it, for we are justified in doing so, it is our right,.... or we can transcend by letting it pass from us.

And when it comes to ourselves... whatever dastardly deed we have done, we can continue to beat upon ourselves, and ridicule ourselves, and hate ourselves but to what purpose? 

The Creator has already forgiven us of what ever it is that we did. Is this not what Jesus paid the price of? And yet as we cling to our punishment, we nullify and void Jesus' LOVE as well. The Need for Forgiveness here, is just as important. Until we forgive, whether it is ourselves or someone else, of what ever, we can not, will not, move into total LOVE. 

Hang onto all the anger, hurt, pain, resentment, punishment and you hurt only YOU> Forgive and you heal YOU> This is an exercise in LOVE for YOU> whatever benefits others may gain are incidental to your own well being.

I have seen in healing work though, when a child forgives a parent, or siblings that they are able to move on with their lives also, especially if the parent is dead. 

There is incredible magic in forgiveness. When it is possible to say it face to face, the healing is outreaching in numerous ways. When it is not possible to say face to face, it can be done spirit to spirit, with equally fantastic results.

The hardest part is the beginning. It seems as tho it goes against the grain, but at first you must go through the motions to forgive. As you do so, you will discover that your intent becomes real and heartfelt, because at some level you understand the healing will come. Go through the healing as many times as necessary until you feel complete release from the chains that bind you. The truth shall set you free. Invoke the truth and feel the wings of eagle carry you aloft, in the glorious updraft of freedom wings. 

Healing Technique: Karmic Release 

As you do this, visuals will change to suit the type of release that you need. Follow this as a basic outline. Each is on its own page for easy printing. 

 Release for relatives

 Release for sex abuse, sex crimes, and past sex encounters.

 Release for Self

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