Karmic Release 3 for Sex Abuse

In your mind's eye visualize the person you are needing to release. Place them before you. 

At this time tell the individual everything that you need to tell them. Tell them what they did to you, how it made you feel. At this time, it is very important to be honest with yourself. Let all the anger, pain, hurt, guilt, resentment, let everything flow out. Get it out. If it is a parent, tell them also if you LOVE them. You can both hate and LOVE.  Get all these feeling out now. this is the one place and time to be honest regardless of what you have been taught about parental respect.

When you have vented all these feelings and emotions, look again at the person in front of you. 

Thank them for the lessons that they have helped you to learn. But you don't need these lessons any more. You are ready to go beyond them.

Give back to the person the icky energy that they left within you. See this energy flow from you to them. Ask Arch Angel Gabriel to send the purple flame through you transmuting the gooey residue of the energy, purifying and cleansing you of any remaining energy. In sexual transactions, there is always an energy exchange. Everyone needs to get back the energy they left with past partners, this is important especially for prostitutes or promiscuous persons when they start on a healing path. See this energy flow from you to  the person. 

Now tell the person to give your energy that they took, back to you. See a violet screen between you and the person and see the energy as it flows from them to you be transmuted to purity and cleansed before it flows back into you,  giving you back your power.

Ask them to forgive you for all the pain, harm, hurt, anger, disappointment, you have caused or been to them in this life and  back to the beginning of time. (Remember lessons are two sided and may have the other side in another life.)

Tell them that you forgive them for all the pain, hurt, harm that they have caused you in this life and back to the beginning of time.

Ask Archangel Micheal to come in with his flaming blue sword. Allow him to image in. Ask him to cut the ties, cords from you. See him cut above, below, on the side, behind, and all around you. See the Cords fall away.

Now ask Archangel Gabriel to come in with his flaming purple sword. Ask him transmute these cords back to the beginning of time. See the light follow the cords back to the beginning and disappear in flashes of white light. 

Now see Archangel Gabriel trace a circle around your feet and around the person you are doing the release with. From this light comes a great purple flame. Ask the flame to blaze through you removing any traces of negativity that remains. Ask it to transmute all portals and receptors, and vibraports that the cords were attached to, and to seal them to negativity.

Now see the person turn and go up the crystal staircase to the Creator. Turn them over to the Creator and let the Creator do justice for only the Creator knows all facets of the person and what justice for that person is. 

Interesting example: In one healing session, the sex abuse perpetrator which was the stepfather, was put in a cage. when the energy flowed from him to the woman, there was nothing left of him. So we had to ask that he be restored and when this was done, he was a bright shiny new soul. He had died years before but he came to the healing session to personally ask for forgiveness. The woman I was working with, was so completely into the forgiving that she extended it to him immediately and blessed him with a better life the next time around as he was getting ready to incarnate again but wanted this karma taken care of so he could live a better life. This session was so filled with LOVE that we both had tears streaming down our face.

Another example: In this case, the perpetrator, the Father had frightened the little girl by chopping up furniture. The little girl knew that one of these days he was going to chop her up the same way. She lived in fear and torment never knowing when this was going to happen. So when he came into the visual of this now grown woman, he was placed in a cage, and then she proceeded to chop him up in the visual in her mind. I understood that he robbed her of her safe life, and this was a symbolic giving of his own life for the life he had stolen in his rages. He too was restored with a newer energy and set in the arms of the Creator, because he did not choose the rage but was acting out a rage that was instilled in him by his father. From this day forward she no longer need to carry a gun with her.