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Re-programing your Mind, and Spirit.

When you begin the process of clearing or altering your psychological and personality makeup, the first thing that is required is a change in how you perceive yourself. We accept ourselves as we are and accept our consciousness as being such a natural and normal part of us that we do not concern ourselves with how it functions, or bother to understand what creates our reality.

We are like a dictionary. When the cover is closed, all you see is the outer shell, or form, of the book. But within the dictionary are hundreds or thousands of bits of information, which, when accessed, deliver the true reality of the dictionary. We are exactly the same thing.

Our expression, or the information that is delivered to the holograms which create our façade (this present life personality; Native Americans believe that the spirit world is the only real world and the one we are in is an illusion thus the use of words hologram to refer to the physical and facade to refer to persona), comes from a vast internal storehouse of information which we have gleaned from all our sources of information. We have within ourselves the potential of expressing everything possible in the human experience. The potentials that are turned on, or tuned In, by experience, patterning, or programming (things we’ve been taught by parents, teachers, society, ect.), become our personality and character traits. These traits can be expressed either positively or negatively. For example, expressing LOVE Is the opposite of expressing fear.

When you clear negative thoughtforms (patterning) from your subconscious, it allows the positive to express. As you clear your negatives (negits), your behavioral patterns will slowly change to the positive. Be patient, be diligent, and above all don't expect an instant miracle. It took all these years to create what you are and it will take a lot of time and effort to create what you would rather be.

We are presenting extensive lists of Negits as a guide to help you with your own Clearing. They are not intended to limit you, and many may not apply to you, but if in doubt, call them up (part of releasing techniques I will teach you) to see if you can get an energy response. These Negits were gleaned from thousands of clearing sessions with clients, and we have observed a common pattern that affects most people. You will need to develop your own lists according to your needs by writing down very specific words and terms which relate to your experience. The categories below are rather general. Try to find the specific Word that fixes the vibration (feeling, energy: these words can bring up emotions. Often the energy can be felt in a part of the body when it is asked to come up and release) of the Negit. The less Words used, the better for clearing the vibration of the Negit.

This information taken from Clearing the Way by Frank Jordon

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Healing Technique: In meditation, using the breath, slowly in-draw the breath, accumulate the energy as you focus your mind on the what you want to release, or the negit you desire to clear. Feel yourself wrap around the energy of the negit as it rises in you. At the height of the breath, hold it and drop the desire to clear the negit through the reticular formation at the base of the brain into the subconscious mind. You will feel the Desire to release flow into the subconscious through the body. Next, exhale slowly and with power, pushing the energy of the Negit out of the subconscious. 

Do this three times or until you feel the energy of the negit clear. 

For example 1: On the indrawn breath, mentally say, "I desire to release resentment of Dad."

At the top of the breath, internalize the desire into the subconscious. On the out breath say "I release resentment of Dad", as you push out the energy released by the subconscious mind. Push it out where ever you can feel it in the physical body and the outer bodies.

This method will accelerate the use of affirmations. Close your eyes. Ask the particular energy to manifest itself, to come up for you to look at. You will physically feel the energy. Tell it to release and leave. You will feel it leaving. Then find the vibration you want to come in and call it in. Feel it fill the place where the negative energy released from.

 Example 2: "All energies, and thought patterning relating to my fear of abandonment come up please". Feel it manifest. You will feel the energies in your body. "Release now! Come up now and release now!" Feel the energies flow up and out.  "I ask for the energies of trust, safety and protection to come in please". Feel them come in and fill the spaces.

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