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The Demon Within

This is a lesson in psychic protection. There is a number of ways in which we attract and collect negative energy that is not ours. These type of energies are easy to dismiss. After dismissing them, any energies that remain are our personal opportunities to look at our selves.

Negative Energy from Others

Ever notice how you are all happy and excited about going Christmas shopping and after a little while at the stores, you get a headache, your disposition changes, and the good feelings are gone? This is the direct result of walking into the stress and feelings, and energy left behind of other shoppers. This type of negative energy is easily dismissed by bringing in (visualizing; in-visioning) the white or blue light as a protection around you and in you.

Other negative energies you may live with. A family member is venting anger, resentment, etc. You immediately begin to feel fear, anger, or whatever. First, look at why you are getting mad. Have they transgressed your space? Have they mirrored a fault to you? Is your ego getting offended? Resolve your problem, then address the problem of the other person.

 And this might be most easily resolved by not being there, in other words refuse to fight. Return with patience and LOVE, and simply state that you are not interested in fighting. If you see that someone is trying to egg you on to the boiling point, state calmly that you are unwilling to go there, please change the subject. It takes to two fight.

This is hard to do but can be done with practice and control. We want to defend our position. We want to be the one that is right. We want to give our side of the story, and most of the time, that is their manipulation to getting us involved in their negative state. We need to be smart enough, loving enough to not feed our own ego but to refuse to go there. At a later date, sit down and calmly discuss it if it is something that needs to be resolved. But what side to butter the toast on is hardly an issue to discuss, although if you can handle it with a sense of humor, it could be fun to turn the energy into laughter.

But if it is just venting anger, nothing you say is going to change their outlook. However if you do something unexpected, say you refuse to be manipulated into the fight, then you have taken the fodder from the fire, and it has nothing to do but go out. 

This will work in all except the most abusive of relationships. In this case, the anger is so overwhelming that no logic, or loving action will change the energy and it is best to remove one's self from the relationship.

Thought Forms

The greatest majority of the negative energy that we are called to deal with are those of our own making. Sometimes we give so much energy to a negative belief that it may actually take on a life of its own. These thought patterns then become thought energy forms. They are dark energies that repeat the thought to us and create solid blocks to our advancement and progression. 

Example: The thought programming "I am a woman, I need to leave things to the men who are smarter and stronger" can be come a thought form of aggressive energy that will pull you down and keep you as a doormat. Such a block will order your life to constantly prove this thought to you. 

It can actually take on a living form that you can talk to. In which case, in meditation, find this energy form and talk to it. Find out why it is there and what you have to do to get it to leave and release. Often you must convince it(you) that you have learned your lesson and you don't need it anymore. Do whatever release work is needed on family and belief systems, then Get it to release. Ask for angel help to remove it. See the angels take it out and put it in a purple bag or box, or you can use your spirit hands to reach in and pull it out. All this is done through invisioning.   It can then be locked or given to the Creator.

Personal Demons

This is the case with most of our "Demons". They are of our own making because of our strong belief system. They are dealt with most un-equivocally when we realize that we are our own worst enemy and the largest contributor to our own misfortune. 

The things that keep us a wake at night, that make us fearful to go out of doors, or to talk to a group of people, etc. all begin with us and some thought or belief that we accepted long ago. Look at the reason that you believe this. Does it come from an incident in childhood? Does it achieve something for you? What do you gain from the belief system? You are getting something from it or it wouldn't exist. When you discover this, you will be able to change it and heal it, using one of the many methods that are given here. 

Especially with the demons of illness. Example: One woman, had cancer. The cancer was in remission, but when she was sick the family pulled together, when in remission, they began to feud again. The woman got her cancer back because it pulled the family together, right up to her funeral.

Fibromayalgia is simply giving your power away. Find who you give it to and the ways that you give it away. Then take it back and your body will gain in strength and energy.


There is also the negative energies due to  entities.

 Astral entities are the kind  that attach themselves to you such as the alcohol spirit, the anger spirit, jealousy spirit. These spirits are there to teach you a lesson. When you have learned the lesson, they release easily when asked. As they help men learn their lessons, they help themselves with their own evolution. If you are to be a  Light teacher,  the astral beings are drawn to you in great numbers and so it isn't just a single entity to deal with. 

The astral entity is an individual that has lived on earth and has died. Sometimes they are not aware of their death. They attach to you or sometimes will even get inside you. They can do this when your LOVE shield is altered by chemicals such as drugs or alcohol. You can control or subdue the entity when sober but when filled with the LOVE shield altering chemical, it can gain control, and you can have black outs, and not remember what happened. This is typical of the alcoholic.  If you have done a lot of drugs, and find that you have manic depression, this can also be a reason.

If your entities will not leave when asked, do this. Sit in meditation. Call for the Father and Jesus and the Angels. Bring the light into the crown of your head and fill your inner body with the light. Fill every corner and space. Give them no place to hide. Then command them out in the name of Jesus. Push them out with your will and the light within you. Ask for the Angels and the Father and Jesus to give you the strength and the energy to push them out, and to take them away from you.

Example: In a healing session, it became apparent that the soul we were talking to was not the one that incarnated in the body. The man was a big drug user with all kinds of abandonment issues in his back ground. In talking to the resident spirit, we found an old man that was hunting for his wife. He was killed when the roof of his home caved in and he has been hunting for his wife. This was a long time ago. The wife came in spirit for she too had passed from this life, and got him and took him to the Light. We asked how the old man had got inside the man. The man, when a boy, would sneak into abandoned houses to smoke pot. It was one of these times that the old man took up residence.

I cannot stress enough that there is not a healer, Native American or Light Worker that I know of that allows the usage of mind altering or LOVE shield altering chemicals. IF YOU WANT TO GET WELL, YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE USE OF ANY DRUG, MARIJUANA, COCAINE, HEROINE, OR ALCOHOL. Even the use of prescription drugs will delay and slow your spiritual growth. 


There is a new trend among the Native American Church to use Peyote in the sweats but this is an altering of the old tradition, and I do not recommend it.  And like I said it is a new trend. The old ways never combined the two to my knowledge. The Peyote meeting was separate from the sweat, and in the hands of a gifted Road Man, It has powerful healing abilities, but it should not be used complacently or recreationally. 

Okay, that leaves only the real demons, which are the lower vibrational entities. These come in all degrees, from the mischievous to the mean and nasty. The most important thing to remember about these, is where the Light is, darkness can not be. They have NO energy of their own. They have only the energy that you give them with your fear and your superstitions. Give them enough energy in your mind and you give them power in your life. Step into the power of the Light and command them out of your body, out of your life, and out of your world.. and they must leave. Withdraw your energy, your fear, and step into the sure knowledge of the Light and they will not be there.

If you are so filled with fear that you can not get to the Light, I recommend a prayer circle of the ones you respect and know are in the Light and LOVE God with all their hearts. Ask them to pray you into the Light. You too must pray, and pray with all your heart and all of your being and you will know it is gone. You will feel the stone and the coldness lift from your heart, you will feel the wall of you mind lift to expose the universe, and you will feel the joy of LOVE fill your being.

Surround yourself in this circle with strong people of the Light. It could be your minister, or priest, or respected relatives. They must be strong in their LOVE for the Creator.

Then protect yourself forever more by walking in the Light and having that Light within you.

For a long time it was a ritual with me to cast out negative energies daily in the shower and feel the water wash me clean. I recommend doing something similar to this. The path is strewn with challenges all the way, and there is always some form of negative energy awaiting to thwart you from your truth.



Healing techniques: Above in purple.

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