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Rejoice Give with LOVE

At this time in the name of the Creator, the Son and the Everlasting Spirit and through their power, the White Light, I command all negative energies and spirits out of this room, above and below, out of our auras and out of our space and our physical bodies. I command them to leave immediately and go into the Light.

At this time I ask that each of you see the Creator and bring his White Light down to surround you. See it coming down. See it surround you. Bring it in. See it getting brighter and brighter. See it filled with tiny little sparkles of White Light. Now crystallize the edges creating the crystal sphere. Know that within this space you are totally protected, that the information you receive is straight from your higher self, from your divine self, from the Creator and that the information you receive is for you and for your higher good. You will hear only those things which will be helpful to you.

Now at this time, see the Creator send his beautiful Pink Light down to you. See it fill your crystal sphere and see it as it enters in at the crown of your head and as it pours within you. See the pink light as it fills the inside of your being, down through your head, your shoulders, filling your torso, filling your arms and your legs, filling all of you, all that space that is within your physical body. You are now surrounded with divine, unconditional LOVE and you are filled with that same LOVE. See the inside of you and the inside of your crystal sphere filled with unconditional, purely Divine LOVE. Feel it. Feel its warmth. Feel its caring. Feel its protection.

At this time, please welcome the spiritual entity with which you are comfortable. Please welcome it within your space.. Jesus, Creator, your personal guides, guardian angels, or even your higher self. LOVE these spiritual energies within your crystal sphere and allow them to give you the LOVE that they have for you. Feel the LOVE and know. ..know within your being, know within every fiber of your physical self that you are special, that you are created of divine energy, of eternal energy, of total LOVE. Recognize the goodness that is within you. Recognize that you truly are good and that your makeup and your energy comes from the Divine Creator, from the Source. Do recognize to become one with this energy, to have knowledge of the spiritual and eternal laws that operate the universe in total harmony, to hear these laws operate in your individual life in total harmony, that it becomes necessary to become one with the total LOVE Light, to become total positive energy, to become renewed and to become revitalized as you were originally created. To do so we must strive to keep ourselves within the White Light, to keep ourselves, our bodies, our worlds within the total LOVE energy and to strive to eliminate the negative from our being, from our spirit, from our immediate reality and world.

"Know that your efforts as you travel along this path are recognized and appreciated. Know that if you desire help--whether it be knowledge, wisdom, understanding or faith--all you need do is ask. For it is written that if you shall knock, it shall be opened to you and you shall receive. Ask. Ask for those things that you desire. Ask for the help that you desire along your path. And the spiritual help, the spiritual energy, the spiritual power will be there for you. 

Know also that it is no great task that is set before you. The only thing that is asked is that you LOVE good with all your heart, mind, and soul and that you  direct your life in such a way that these goals are reflected and shine forth in your life as an example to those who are around you. LOVE good. Bring it into your life. This is all that is asked. For as you desire all things that are good to be brought into your life, the changes that will happen will be recognized by those whom you LOVE. It will be recognized by those with whom you work and associate. There will be some who want no part of it but there will be others who will want to know, "What has brought the changes into your life?" When someone asks, share with them the things that you have learned, the things that you know, the things that you have found to be true for you. 

But remember that all you can do is share because what is true for you may not be true for your neighbor. They may have another path. They may need other lessons. So just share and then leave it up to them to decide what they will do. You have your life. You make decisions for your path and you must allow all others that same privilege. So when they ask, "What has made the changes for you? What has brought the joy, the happiness, the peace and the contentment into your life?", you may share. Share with LOVE. Share the things that you know to be true. Do not argue. Do not debate for your truths are your truths; their truths are their truths and each of you may share with the other. 

If there is knowledge to be obtained and brought into your life, to help you progress and make the changes that you desire, then take it and use it. For there is truth in many places. Truth sometimes sounds different because of the words that you use on your plane. But truth when it is felt and understood is truth, no matter where it comes from. no matter what its source may be. For the Creator, the Source, the Great Energy, the All of All has placed within each one of us that special light of Divine Energy which knows truth when we hear it. With each new thing which you hear, look within you to see the truth that is there. If you recognize the truth, accept it and try it, bring it into your life and make it a working principle. Ask for understanding in all things that you may be guided in what you say and do. Surround yourself with good and the White Light. Surround yourself with good company. Bring into your circle of friends those who think and feel as you do. Surround yourself with good books and good knowledge. When you read something, look within yourself to see if this information is valid for you.

This time in your life is of great importance. It is truly the greatest time in your life. It is a time when there is more truth upon the face of the Earth than there has ever been in any other dispensation. It is a great time in your life for you no longer need to rely on others to get that special information for you. It is a dispensation which has been declared that each of you now has access to the knowledge of the Ancients and that you need only to clear your path so that you may obtain it. It is the greatest time for all mankind and all universes for it is preparing the earth and all those who are on it to receive the fullness of all spiritual gifts, those gifts which bring eternal values and harmony, those gifts which bring peace, LOVE and eternal life.

So rejoice in your time. Rejoice in all the things that are going on. Recognize those things that are part of the cleansing and rejoice, knowing that these things are necessary. Rejoice that you are in the Light and that you have access to all information, all protection that comes from the Creator, through the universe. from the Source and it comes from the earth. Rejoice that it is your time for there has never been such a great time in the history of man upon this earth. Rejoice that you are part of it. Feel the joy and rejoicing. See and feel it."

At this time there is a present that is being given to you. It is a present that honors and blesses you and is a symbol of your rejoicing. Please open it and you may see or feel what this present is, what this gift is to you. You may put your spiritual gift in a very special place where you can go to it and learn from it. You can hold on to it. Whatever your needs may be, put it in a special place now.

At this time it is desired that you know that you are LOVED, that you are more precious than anything which has been created upon earth. You are more precious than anything which has earthly status whether it be riches -- money, gems, gold or silver --whether it be status of social position or political power. You are more precious than any of these. You are so precious that all heaven has opened its doors to you that you may access them. Know that you are truly LOVEd, that all of heaven LOVEs you and that earth herself LOVEs you. LOVE one another. Look within each other and find good. Find the God Light that is there. Respect it and honor it. This we ask of you and this we bring to you. We counsel that you keep the White Light around you. Let it guide and direct you in your life. And enjoy the many blessings that will be yours because of it. These blessings and things we bring to you. 


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