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Individual Light Give Praise

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Everlasting Spirit and through the power of the White Light, I command all negative energies out of this room, out of our auras and out of our bodies. I command them out immediately and send them into the Light. I ask the White Light to come in and to fill this room, to fill our auras, and to fill our bodies with the beautiful White Light, and to bring us wisdom and purity.

Take a deep breath. As you breathe out, let the tensions and problems from the day flow out from you in to the White Light. As you breathe in again, fill every part of your being with the beautiful White Light. As you breathe out, let go of tension and stress. Consciously relax those muscles which reflect tension.. .the clenched teeth, the clenched hands. Relax the shoulders. Relax the buttocks. Allow all parts of your physical being to relax. As you breathe out, let the tension and the negativity flow out from you. Again breathe in deeply, filling all your inside being with beautiful White Light and see that light expand, becoming one with the light that encases you, holds you ,and surrounds you.

At this time make a mental review of the emotions through which you have gone this past week... tension and stress, anger and fear, jealousy, pettiness, or whatever may have happened for you. Acknowledge it and release it. Release it into the White Light. Let go of the anger and the hurt. Free your body from any negative emotion, whatever it has been for you. Allow it to flow into the White Light and free yourself from it.

Now in your mind's eye, see the Father, Creator, God, or Goddess of the universe. See the White Light that surrounds Him and see the Hosts of Heaven who are there with Him. And out of these hosts, see some who walk to you, who care to be with you out of LOVE, out of caring, and out of goodness. Let them come and stand beside you. Acknowledge their presence.

"Each of you travels a path that is individual, as individual as the God Light that gives you life, that gives you reason, that gives you motivation. Upon this path, each of you has the challenges from which to choose in guiding your path and guiding your lessons. There are times when the decisions of others will affect your life force and the space around you. There is little that can be done about the decisions which others make. But for you who travel the Path of Light, you must believe, you must accept, you must have faith that the path which you travel is true and that whatever challenges present themselves, you must rely upon and hold fast to the things you know to be true. Know that when you are in the Light, traveling in the Light, protected by the Light that no evil can harm you. Face and challenge those things which threaten your peace of mind, contentment of life, and the peace within you. Replace the fear, the anger, and the pain with the LOVE of the Father and extend it forth that it may touch all around you. Receive the LOVE of the Father. See Him send you the beautiful pink light. Let it fill your being with the LOVE and protection that He has for you.

You have been asked to trust. Extend the trust. There are many times when you have been given favors, things which you know to be true. Trust in these things. Do not waver in them. Though the challenges may be hard, though the challenges .may be difficult, waver not in the things which have been given you. And know that all prophecy shall come to pass. All things which have been given, shall be.

Again it is given to you, "Fear not those who can hurt and threaten your physical life because it is given unto you to seek first the Kingdom of God," in all parts of your life, in all parts of your being on this physical plane. As long as you walk in this path, all other things shall fade before you and those who seek goodness and righteousness with all their heart and being, shall see the good triumphant over all. 

Look within your being, look at your heart. What is the motivation of your heart? Do you LOVE good and seek good? Do you look at the things within your life and try to find the good therein? Every day you live upon this physical plane is filled with choices, filled with options and even the smallest choice can bring contentment and happiness.

When you rise from your bed in the morning, do you seek to praise the Earth for her beauty and to praise the Creator for another day? Do you take the time to thank all those who participated in creating this physical realm for your existence? Is your heart filled with the joy and the song of the meadowlark? If not, then it is my counsel for you to look for the good that is in all things, to look for the good that there is in rising from your bed, to look for the good that is in your everyday activities of eating, of sleeping, of walking, of working. Find joy; find contentment and happiness in the little things of life. There are many among you who will never see a sunrise, who will never walk among the flowers, who will never have some of the beauty and the delights which you are able to enjoy. There are many among you who do not walk in spirit, who do not walk hand in hand with the Creator and those who are with Him. Therefore, look upon all things with new eyes. Rejoice and find joy in living. Look for the goodness and the joy and the LOVE that is therein. Acknowledge it and give thanks for it because the Creator LOVEs each of you more than you can possibly understand. Take the LOVE that you have one for another or the LOVE you have for a parent or a child. Then in some small way, try to understand a hundred times, a hundred times that LOVE because this still is just a small portion of the LOVE which the Great Creator, the great I AM has for each of you. The place which He has for you is great within His heart and great within His world... the true world, the world where the spiritual LOVE of eternity operates.

This world where you are now, can be gone in an instant. It has earthly values which have been provided for your existence so that you may learn and grow. However, the earthly values of mankind have no place and no honor in the heavens. In Heaven, only the eternal spiritual laws have value and are recognized. Feel within your being the LOVE which the Creator has for you. Allow yourself to accept and hold this LOVE. Never doubt it. And know that all things happen for a reason and if you stand within the Light that all things are for your higher good. Do not doubt. Do not allow doubt to creep in. Trust, have faith1 and believe in yourself, in the White Light of which you are a part, and in your God and all things shall be for your higher good. LOVE yourselves. LOVE your God. LOVE good. LOVE and care for the Earth. Do these things with all your might, mind, and power and the blessings of the heavens will be yours. These blessings will be more innumerable than your wildest thoughts, more innumerable than anything you would allow yourselves.

Feel the LOVE of God as it pours over you, in you and through you. Accept the guidance of those who have come to help you and guide you. Walk hand in hand and know that your footsteps are being guided toward your heart's desire and that all things shall be for your higher good. This is the counsel which I bring you at this time. Feel the LOVE which I have for you. It is freely given. Those things which I bring to you are brought in LOVE that you may prosper and gain wisdom in all you do."




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