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Building Good Energy

In the name of the Father and the Son and through their Great power of the White Light, I command all negative energy out of this room, out of our auras and out of our bodies. I command it to go to the White Light immediately. I ask for the White Light to come in, to fill this room, and to fill this space around each of you.

At this time I would like for you to see the Creator, God-Goddess, the All of All and those who are with Him. See them in your mind's eye. See then send their LOVE, their power, and their glory down to you, surrounding you and encasing you. See and feel this LOVE. 

Now in your mindís eye, see the Creator send a Golden Light to you. See it enter the crown of your head. Envision this light as gold, clear honey and see it as it comes down, flowing into your body, filling your head... the front of the face, the back of the head, filling your mind, blessing your mind, blessing it with discernment, wisdom and clear thinking.

Now see this Golden Light as it floods down into your throat blessing you with words of wisdom, LOVE, and goodness. See it blessing you so that you can explain and share those things which you have come to understand with those who are seeking and with those whom you LOVE. See it blessing you so that all things which you say will be out of LOVE because even the lessons, scoldings, and explanations when given in LOVE are easier to hear and easier to accept.

Now see the Gold Light as it goes down into the shoulders and as it fills the heart space. See and feel it as your inner being gains wisdom and understanding, interprets the things you feel, is blest in understanding the true emotions, is able to feel the LOVE and goodness surrounding you, and is in tune with your higher self and God's will for you.

Now let the Gold Light continue down the torso, blessing the solar plexus so that you will be able to discern, to understand, and to know with wisdom those things which are for your higher good, those things which allow you to be in your truth so that you may exercise and grow in your own personal power within your own life. Let the light flow down into the hips, into the legs and arms, filling all of your physical being with the beautiful Golden Light, the Golden Light of Spiritual Wisdom, of Earthly Wisdom, of Physical Wisdom, that you may learn to listen to your own bodies. You are blessed with interpretive powers, with understanding so that when you listen to your physical being, you will intuitively know the right foods to eat, the right activities in which you should participate on both the physical and spiritual level so that you may grow and become a physical being who is totally spiritual in all things.

"In the beginning when each was first created in the God energy and placed on this planet within this plane of existence, you were designed and created to live forever. Your spirits do live forever but your physical bodies may also. In the beginning there was no illness; there was no negativity on all the face of the Earth. It is only through your own thoughts and your own acceptance of the lies about yourself that you create the illnesses which now exist. Therefore, as you learn to replace the lies with the truth, you set your souls free and you set your physical bodies free of illness and pain. This is the thing for which we can strive. Death was not meant to be. Eternal life was meant to be. As you develop your spiritual, you can learn to heal the physical. You can also learn to make the choices to be all spiritual or to be physical and spiritual. These are the choices which the Creator gives you. You can be spiritual and live and dwell in the same space where He does. Or you may choose to continue to exist on the physical plane as long as you feel the lessons here are worthy of learning.

There is much work which needs to be done. There is work on the spiritual plane. There is work on the physical plane. 

Each new Light Worker adds positive energy to the spiritual plane but also adds positive energy to the physical plane. Herein all work which is done aids both planes, the spiritual and the physical. And all things go on working together until the time when all things will be brought into Perfect Harmony and Perfect Order. Each of you in the world which you occupy and in the space where you exist and learn is valuable energy to both the spiritual and physical plane. As your energy becomes more harmonious within you and as you order your lives according to that perfect vibration and perfect harmony, you add to the other energies which have done so in their lives, creating a combination of energies that makes an atmosphere of order and harmony which others around you can perceive and of which they can partake.

So as one and one come together and they add another and add another and yet another and so on until all the face of the earth shall be brought into perfect harmony and divine vibration, you see your life and the world you have created for yourself affecting all those around you. It affects those whom you LOVE. It affects those with whom you work. It affects those whom you have not yet met. You may think that you are only one but you must realize that as one you are important. You are valuable! You are essential! You must realize that one added to another, added to another, is what can eventually bring peace to all the earth and all the universe.

So as you work on your path, be conscious of the energies with which you surround yourselves. Concentrate on those energies which are positive and uplifting, which fill you with joy and with LOVE so that you may eventually replace bitterness, anger, hurt and pain with all the positive things which you truly are. Look within your being now and as you look there, see the joy, the happiness, and the LOVE which exists within you.

Look now in the LOVE and see it as a fantastic dynamo, like a battery, like an energy source, a plug-in, a hydro-power unit. See this LOVE with in you as being this wonderful resource into which you have yet to tap, this powerful energy source which sets you free, puts your life in motion, and attracts only good to be shared by those who share your space on this earth. See the LOVE which is within you. Can you find it or have you hidden it? Have you put it in some small place? Find where it is and then open it up. See it. Really look at it. Allow it to fill your very being. Allow it to fill all of you. Allow it to fill your aura. Allow it to fill this room. Allow it to fill your homes, your parents' homes, your brothers' and sisters' homes, your children's homes. See this LOVE as it rolls forth, filling all the homes of all these people whom you LOVE. See this and feel this within your being. Let that little bit of LOVE expand and expand and expand until it fills all of your known world. See this LOVE surround you and go with you

As you travel within your world, see that LOVE reach out and touch the lives of those around you. Feel this LOVE because you are LOVE, As the Creator is LOVE, so you are LOVE. Feel it. Allow this feeling to develop within you until your very fingertips, your very hair, your very toes feel LOVEd. Become LOVE! 

In your mind's eye, envision what you believe LOVE to be. If you truly are LOVE, envision this LOVE which is you as it participates in your world. See it; feel it; envision it! What changes does it make within your world if you are truly LOVE! See the harsh words melt away and have them replaced with words of caring. See the anger and the hurt melt away and see it replaced with understanding. See judgment melt away and see it replaced with unconditional LOVE. See the changes in your life. See the changes become reality. See yourself as total LOVE!

At this time, fill yourself with divine LOVE. Fill yourself with the beautiful Pink Light. Surround yourself with it. Now put two feet of divine LOVE under you so that you can float and you can feel the freedom and you can feel the healing which happens within your physical being, within your spiritual being, and in the world around you. Now as you have this Pink Light within you and as it surrounds you and encases you, hold it. Hang on to it. In your mind's eye, secure it to you that you may go through the next week in all your various places which are a part of your world and that you may be this total LOVE energy so that those around you may partake of it. By being who you really are, you may do your part to heal the world and to bring it into order and harmony. As you have secured it to you, you may now come back to the here and now."


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