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Physical Healing and Remember

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Everlasting Spirit and through their power of the White Light, I command all negative energy and all evil spirits out of this room and ask for the White Light to fill the room from top to bottom and to bring a special LOVE Light to each of the participants here.

At this time, take a deep breath. As you breathe in, visualize the White Light coming into your body. As you breathe out, visualize the negativity, tension, problems, concerns and hurts leaving. Just release them. Let them go. Now as you breathe in deeply of the White Light, visualize it filling the head, the throat and the lungs. As you breathe out, release tension, problems and concerns. Release those things which are on your mind. Now a third time breathe in deeply. See the White Light filling the head, the throat, the lungs, going into the blood stream and being carried throughout your body. As you breathe out, again release the negativity and let it flow out. Breathe in. See it filling the lungs, going into the blood stream and being carried to every major organ of the body. See it picking up negativity and toxins which are being stored there and carrying them out of your body. Release them. Let them go.

Now within your mind's eye as you breathe in, see the White Light come into the lungs, the blood stream, all the major organs and through all the torso. See it carried into every bone in your body from the top of your head to your toes. As you breathe out, see the toxins, the illnesses and negativity flow out. Still again breathe the White Light into the lungs, the blood stream, major organs, torso, bones and now into all the muscles. See it picking up toxins, illness, negativity, any form of stress which may exist there. As you breathe out, let go of these things. See them flow out.

Breathe in one more time, this time filling not only the inside of your body but also its skin with the beautiful white Light. Let it pick up all negativity, toxins, illness, problems, any residue which may be in your body which does not belong there. As you breathe out, let go of them. As you breathe the White Light, envision it getting brighter and brighter. Let it blend into the space around you. Now crystallize the edge of this White Light, creating a space of safety around yourself for your protection and for your personal communication.

At this time, invite into your space guides, LOVEd ones,  the Creator, or anyone with whom you are comfortable working. Invite them into that space around you. Visualize them in. Be aware of their presence. Let them be there to help and guide you so that the information you obtain will be for your growth on your personal path.

The beautiful White Light is filled with healing power. Therefore, ask your body, your spirit, your emotional self to partake of as much of the White Light as it needs for personal healing so that you may have peace, contentment, health, vitality, joy in living and in doing on this physical plane.

"Now within your life cycle on this plane there are many lessons which you strive to learn. And there have been many teachers placed here to aid you with these many truths. Know that there is much joy in the spirit world for the work which you are doing for yourself, for those whom you LOVE, for the earth and those on the earth. The spirit world gives you guidance and help in finding those things, those directions which will help you grow. Each time you bring new information through books or whatever it is  you bring to share, it is helpful for there are others who need this information also. We are grateful for the atmosphere of companionship, sharing, and loving which has been cultivated by each person in this room. We ask that this atmosphere of sharing, caring, and loving continue and that you find joy in being in the company of each other.

There are many things which are yet to come, many prophecies to be fulfilled. So it is in connection with these things that we bring the information which we have brought and will yet bring, that each of you within your own lives may be made ready and be able to be part of the magnificent and significant things which are yet to happen upon this earth. For this earth shall be brought into total peace and total harmony with all the universe and its inhabitants. At this time for your personal healing and your personal growth, envision that part of you which is perfection, that part of you which some call higher self, god-self, individualized god light.

You have known since the beginning of time (for time does have a beginning) that time is a measure stick which has been allowed to you on this plane that you may be able to judge for yourself the events of time, the events of history, the events of your life. But time exists only in this plane of physical existence. So from the beginning of time, you have known all the spiritual laws, all things which are required to be in total harmony with God, the Creator, and with all beings.. earth beings, the rock people, the animal people, the bird people, the fish people.. all things which are upon your planet as well on other planets elsewhere. You have known from the beginning those laws which will bring you into total harmony, peace, and joy with all creation. It is these things which you must remember. It is these things, the knowledge of the Ancients which is held within this higher self, this god-light, this eternal you.

Image in the true you, that part of you which is eternal, of total truth and purity. There is a message for you which is coming from you yourself, that part of you which is eternal. Open up your heart that you may feel. Open up your ears that you may hear the message which is there for you……………

Know that your higher self can be your guide also because the knowledge which you have is ancient and you know it as surely as you have been created. It is simply a remembering of all these laws, all these things which are making up who you are today. You have very special, spiritual gifts. They are embedded, are personified within the spiritual being which is the true you. Ask your guide, ask your higher self to show you these spiritual gifts that you may know what direction to go in developing.

At this time not only the Creator but all those who are with Him desire to send a Pink Light which represents unconditional divine LOVE. Allow yourself to feel the LOVE which they have for you, the individual. Feel it wrap around you. Feel it pour into your being. On this earth plane you are complex individuals, made up of an eternal factor, made up of momentary physical factors affected by eternal factors affected by momentary earthly factors.

Those values which are eternal are the only ones worth seeking. Those things which are of importance to man upon earth... status, wealth, big house, big car, many clothes, jewelry, important titles... they are but momentary. They can be removed from the face of the earth in an instant, in a blink of the eye. Your physical bodies likewise can be here and in the next second not be here. It is only the eternal values, eternal factors which have value. Weigh those things which you do, which you accomplish, and with which you work according to their TRUE value.

You do have physical bodies and there are things which you need to do in order to meet your physical requirements here. But the Father has promised; His promises and His word are law. As you seek the Kingdom of God with all your heart, mind and soul, all things shall be added unto you. As you work at bringing yourself into perfection, you begin to attract only those things which are good; you will at all times have those things which you need for your physical providing; and you will begin to find the eternal factors which are involved. These are the things upon which you will be blessed, upon which you can grow, and upon which your physical existence on this plane is brought into peace, contentment, joy and LOVE. Look within yourself and see what your life is missing. What must you do to bring peace, contentment, LOVE, and joy which the Father has promised for your life? As you look at the many things you have been raised to believe, your thought processes.. some which work for you and some which don't work for you.. ask for guidance. Look within yourself, that space within your heart so that you will know those things which are true for you so that you may go onto new learning experiences; so that you will be able to feel the LOVE, the joy, the peace and contentment, the lifting up of soul and body, a unity of the eternal soul with the physical being; so that you may be totally within yourself who you really are; and so that you may walk with the Creator at all times. Again, receive the Pink Light. Wrap it around you to feel its LOVE and its goodness, to know that you are watched over and that each of you are very special. The assembling of you to unite your energies in LOVE with the Creator and in LOVE for the earth and in LOVE one with another brings much pleasure and joy to all those who are in the spirit world.

Walk with the Light. Walk with the Creator. Search your lives in your world for the good that is therein. Open your hearts and lives for the blessings which the Creator has for you.




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