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At this time I would like to ask the Father and all those who attend with Him to be with us this evening.... to bless us with their spirit, to bless us with their White Light and their power, to bless us with their knowledge, their peace, and their LOVE. I would like for each of you to become comfortable and to envision the White Light coming from the Father, the Source... enfolding you, encasing you, holding you in its perfection, security and protection. See yourself totally surrounded by it.

Now let the White Light flow into the crown, filling the head, the mind, the third eye, your mouth, throat, neck and shoulders. As it begins to fill the shoulders, feel your load, concerns, responsibilities, those things which you have taken upon yourself both freely and in agreement, feel them lighten as the White tight comes in around the shoulders, filling them, bracing them, and making them strong. Standing upright now as it flows down into the chest, filling the heart and the solar plexus which is your personal power center, feel the White Light as it fills this part of you.-.. bolstering it, rejuvenating it, and strengthening it... that you may be able to see your path more clearly and hold your feet more securely to that path you have chosen

Now envision the White Light as it continues filling your extremities until all your physical being is filled with it. See it and feel it as it begins to grow brighter and brighter with each breath you take, as you release any remaining negativity and tension, and as you bring in the White Light to replace it, bringing total White Light within your being.

"At this time, send your heart's devotion and your thanks unto the Creator and to the many who are with Him who are there to help us on our path and on our way.... those who provide protection, those who provide instruction, those who provide comfort and peace. Give thanks unto the Creator for all of these and for all which you personally have received, for the knowledge which you have received, and the understanding of that knowledge which you have, thankful for the experiences which you have had, which have taught you lessons and have gained you sure knowledge. Give thanks unto the Creator for a guiding light, that light which is within you, which is the same in all of us, that guiding light which precedes us and lets us know what we must do, those choices which are part of our truth which must be made, which we must follow, which we must learn and grow from and eventually triumph from.

In your mind's eye, go over the challenges with which you have been working... health challenges, relationship challenges, spiritual challenges, personal growth challenges, whatever these challenges are. Focus in on them. Now on the path which you have been following, you have received much information pertaining to this. Quickly review what this information has stated. Now again review your challenges and see where your personal fears create for you much of the emotion surrounding the challenges which you have. You must kick out the fear and replace it with the LOVE and the trust and know that all things happen for your higher good for this is the way which you have directed things to happen in your life. You, in your affirmations and by the very path which you have chosen, have declared that only good can come into your life. Therefore all things which come into your life, if you will look for the good which is there, you will be able to see it and the good will set you free; the good will give you peace and harmony; and the good shall give you freedom because the emotions which are wrapped up in the fear are as though bondage and chains to the point of paralyzing and immobilizing. In order to conquer yours and put them in their place where they cannot bother or affect your life, where they cannot exist, you must kick out the fears and replace them with the sure knowledge of things you do know, the sure knowledge of things you do feel, and then trust. Trust, believe, and have faith that all things, even those things which in the beginning appear to be negative and stressful, do have a silver lining, do have a positive aspect from which you can enrich your life. On your earth plane, it is structured in such a way that you must learn to deal with your emotions whether they are fear, pain, hurt, or despair. With all the many different aspects of relationships which exist on the earth, when you must deal with challenges which at times seem overwhelming, lean on those things which you know. Trust in the God who LOVEs you. Work on loving yourself. Try to LOVE yourself as much as the God who has created you LOVEs you. And you will find the strength and the promise of a new day and you will find blessings from the Father pouring upon you.

But if all things went smoothly in your life, if every day was the same as the day before, where would the enjoyment be? Where would the learning be? Would not all things become complacent? Therefore, it must be that we must experience the challenges so that we may make a choice within our being to accept them for good or to accept them for bad. It is our choice to accept the emotions and say,

This is okay. This is the way I feel. I acknowledge this is the way I feel, that these are the choices which I make. I choose for the future. I choose right now to be happy, productive, healthy, to continue loving. I choose to remember only that which is good. I choose to make personal choices which will make myself better so that I may be all that I am capable of being, the light of pure LOVE."

At this time, let the LOVE which the Father sends to you come into you. Let it surround you. Feel it and again affirm that you choose to be LOVE, be in LOVE, and to accept LOVE from the Creator, from those who care about you, and from yourself. It is paramount and imperative at this time for those of you who have been facing grievous challenges, ~ones where you felt at times that you needed all of heaven's support~ to look inward and give yourself the LOVE which you deserve. LOVE yourself. See that mirrored image of you. See the perfection which you are, which was created in you. See the personas of perfection. Do not view the challenges; do not view the shortcomings but view the perfection which is you, which was created in the beginning of time. See that perfection and affirm for yourself that you are LOVE; you are perfection; you are goodness personified.

See the problems with which you have been working, everything from the feeling of being stuck to the extreme feelings of being lost in despair. Take whatever it is that is your situation and surround it with Green Light. Let the healing power of the mother in the new birth bring forth the new and glorious blessings which can come from the challenges with which you have been working. See it surrounded with the beautiful Green Light. See a big pink bow tied around that challenge.

Now at this time add to this challenge any other gifts which you desire to give. Manifest your new positive attitude. Give it to the challenge which is surrounded in the Green Light so that your gifts are now surrounded with the Green Light also. Now because each one of you in your heart, in that part of your inner being because of the things which you desire, whether it be more spirituality, healing from wounds, erasing of karma, disappointment, whatever your challenge is, see it now in a positive attitude, in a positive picture in your mind, still surrounded in the Green Light. Ask the healing light to go within your challenge and to bring new birth forth, new understanding, new light, new LOVE, new peace, new prosperity, new gratefulness, new thankfulness. Let all things which come from this challenge and this lesson be brought forth anew in a new light, in a new attitude, in a new future. Accept the healing power within your life. Let the healing power reach in and touch the mind. See yourself surrounded by a multitude of angels with angel touch. Let the healing touch, the angel fire, reach within your being, within your mind, within your soul, within your heart and within your personality, the ego. Let the angel's reach within you to the very center and feel their touch heal... heal the past, heal the hurt, heal the emotions, heal the challenges. Now feel their touch as the LOVE that pours from the angel hands soothes your aching spirits and aching bodies. Feel what they have to give you and accept whatever messages they may have for you."

Now as you get ready to come back to the here and now, breathe deeply of the White Lght which surrounds you. See the tiny White Lights flash and flicker and twinkle. See the White Light as it comes into your body. As the little lights dance, see them align themselves with your spine, bringing to you energy. See the energy along the spine. See it dance. See and feel it as your body becomes energized as your nervous system sends the energy to every part of your being, every cell, every atom.

As you come back, come feeling at peace with yourself, at peace with the God who created you, at peace with this physical plane and energized so that no challenge is impossible for you, that you have no limitations.

You may now come back to the here and now.



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