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Peace Meditation by Nephretiti
LOVE’s Healing Power by David
*Scorching Assessment of Earth by Mor

At this time I desire to request the presence of the Father, the Son, and those ascended beings who have chosen to work with us and who may have messages for us. I ask that each of you within your crystal space fill it with the beautiful white Light and ask those who have particular loving and caring interests concerning you to join you within that space.

"Now within your mind’s eye, see the beautiful White Light surround you. As it flows from the Creator and with each breath you take, see the White Light as it enters into your body, filling your body with its purity, truth, and everlasting energy. Feel this White Light as it begins to surge through your body with. a rhythm, with a tempo that is synchronized to your heart. Feel it. Become aware of it. Be conscious of it as it flows into your finger tips, into your toes, and as it flows throughout your body. Feel the rhythm; feel the pulse. Feel the vibration as the White Light flows into your body. As you breathe out, allow any tension, concern, or problems of the day to flow out. Become at peace. Become at one with the White Light and its energy which flows through your being.

Now as your body is filled with the beautiful White Light, feel it as it flows forth into the spiritual layers, into your spiritual bodies. Envision the White Light which flows outward in waves, like a pebble thrown into a calm pool. With each breath you take, with each breath of the White Light, let those energy waves flow out farther and farther each time (you being the center, the focus of the energy which comes from the Creator through you.) Let the waves flow out as though you are a radio tower that will magnify and broadcast the LOVE, the energy, and the truth of the Creator.

In your mind's eye, envision the White Light wave after wave proceeding forth from you into the world around you.... touching, reaching, enveloping, caressing, surrounding, reaching farther and farther. Envision it enveloping all those whom you LOVE. Envision the LOVE from the Father, the white Light from the Father, as it comes to you now in much larger amounts, amounts which could be compared to ocean tidal waves, flowing outward from you like the ocean going out, touching others and coming back to you many fold the energy given out. Again, send out waves to bless and enhance the lives of those around you, and again these blessings coming back to you many times. Send out the LOVE, the unconditional LOVE. Let there be no judgment present. Let there be no conditions present. LOVE as purely and as truly as the Creator LOVEs you. Let this LOVE flow out touching all, creating an atmosphere which is available for acceptance, if those whom it surrounds so choose.

Now let all of those in this room become the focal point of the LOVE from the Father. From this nucleus enveloping all of us, send forth the divine LOVE into all the world, unto all the leaders of mankind, unto all the spiritual leaders so that those with true heart may be inspired (regardless of sect, creed or race) to teach truth and that the leaders of men who lead the country will be touched by the spirit which the Father pours out. This spirit is called peace. It is made of LOVE:

- so that this peace may go to the hearts of those who control the destiny of many on this plane, those who are leaders and who make up the world policy

- so that this spirit called peace go forth unto them and touch their hearts, souls and thinking

- so that they may go forth and be able to negotiate and create peace in their countries and peace with all mankind.

Pray for divine LOVE and peace to be upon the face of the earth, to be within the hearts of man, to be within the hearts of the leaders, and to be within the hearts of all those who guide and direct. See this energy, this spirit of peace coming across the face of the land, bringing with it total harmony and LOVE, bringing with it the vibration of change. See the waves of peace be the waves of LOVE as they go forth from this room, creating peace and harmony wherever they flow. See this LOVE and these challenges being returned in the form of blessings to all who are within this room. See the Pink Light as it fills this room and as it surrounds each of you. Take the pink light into your being so that you may be able to take it into your heart."


" Many of you within your homes find it difficult to stay in that space of total LOVE because of the challenges there, because those whom you LOVE and those whom you have brought into this world have chosen paths other than those which you have chosen for yourself. You must understand that this is okay. This is their path but it also is your path because it presents unto you a challenge to stay in your truth, to stay in the Light which you have chosen. Through staying in your truth, you can teach others the way to truth and harmony and unconditional LOVE. It sounds so easy to say and explain but in practice, in living, it is a challenge worthy of the greatest warrior. Arm yourself with the Shield of Truth. Arm yourself with the arrows of LOVE. Arm yourself as you go into battle and as you are a warrior for the light of LOVE so that your decisions, so that your determination to stay in the Light and to share It shall be brought to its highest fruition.

LOVE with all your heart, mind, and soul. There is no power under God which can resist its healing power. LOVE and be an example. In your life each of you face special challenges with LOVEd ones... children, mate, parent, friend, brothers and sisters. Are we not all brothers and sisters in the Light? Are we not all part of one brotherhood? Therefore, through your LOVE and your efforts, much healing can be accomplished, perhaps not all the healing you see or desire. But there are yet other teachers who can teach and guide and can finish accomplishing that work which you began. Trust in the Creator and know that the work you are doing through your sharing (but above all through your living) works toward the greater goal that all things are truth and light. You are created out of LOVE. Let this LOVE be the focus of your being and your life. Become one with it. LOVE for this is truth, the greatest healing power on the face of the world."



"You have just received a message upon the power of LOVE and its healing abilities. At this time I desire to give you a further message. It is concerning the healing of your world, the healing of your earth. From the beginning the earth was created perfect. It was created with much beauty and it was created to serve those who were placed upon it in the image of the Great Creator. To this end your earth, your world, the Mother has accomplished all that was set forth for Her to do for She has in proper season and proper time brought forth fruit, harvest, abundance. She has provided the children of the living God with clothing, shelter, warmth, beauty and food. Whether this food comes from the air, the ocean, or the land, She has fully and completely honored all commitments and agreements which She has made with those who have come forth from the Father.

At this time I would like for each of you to ask and to review man‘s commitment with Mother Earth, to return Her to Her original state, to care for Her and to care for all those creatures which are part of Her. Most of you in this room are well aware of the treachery and treason which has been perpetrated upon Her until She has held mankind's iniquity within her being 'til She can no longer hide it, 'til She can no longer keep it within herself, until it now washes over Her shores, until now it infects and infest Her creations, 'til those things which reside in the sea are now poisonous to her, until there are many of Her creations;…. trees, valleys and life forms.... filled with the insidious poisons which mankind has tried to hide within Her very being. Each of us within our very being may LOVE Her rocks, hills, mountains, streams and rivers, her sunsets, her oceans. Although this is all good and this is all helpful, if we are yet to see the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, if we are yet to see the beauty of clear streams and trout which lie upon the bottom, if we are to be able to see and experience this, each of us must yet take a stronger stand in helping to preserve our Mother, in helping to protect Her. There are many forms upon the earth which provide you with opportunity to help Mother Earth.- It is suggested that each of you find some way that you, in your existence, can help with the preservation and healing of all that is good upon our Mother. Over-recent times much has been-accomplished. Many of the animals which were dying are now coming back. But it is still not enough because the greed of the money changers still rapes and pillages our mother's resources and abundance. The aftermath is strewn and is left unhealed. Look within yourself to see what you might do to help.

We live in a physical world. It takes physical measures to exist. If you do not work, you do not feed and cloth yourselves. If Mother Earth does not defend Herself, She shall slowly die and cease to exist and all of life with Her. She sends you many warnings for your own growth and your own protection. There are some among you who have the gift of communication--with Mother Earth. Those of you who feel close to Her and have a special tie, continue developing it. In this way, as you develop your spiritual gifts, you will be able to direct those with whom you work in order to facilitate much healing work on our mother's behalf. for receiving this message. I now bless you so that LOVE and light be with you in every moment of your physical existence. This blessing I give to you through the Mother and the Father.




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