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Judgment by Jesus

In the name of the Father and the son and the Everlasting Spirit, through their power and glory which is the white Light, command all negative energies (thought forms and beings) from this room, from our auras and from our bodies. Send them into the Light. Ask for the Light to enter into this room, filling it from top to bottom, asking for the White Light to come in around and surround each one of us.

At this time also ask for the beings and the masters of the White Light to enter this room, to join with us. And each one of you who have masters of light, ask them to now come into your space. You can now create a crystal shield, surrounding you and your White Light masters.

Now breathe deeply and see the White Light enter into your bodies, filling them from head to finger to toe. As you breathe out, allow the stress to flow outward and again breathe in deeply, bringing in the White Light. As you breathe out, relax, letting go of all stress, concerns and problems. Breathe in deeply and breathe out. Now ask that your bodies all be Christ-filled and Christ-centered and feel them as they are brought into divine Christ alignment. Ask again that your bodies be Christ-filled and feel your bodies brought into divine alignment. Now Christ-centered, look within your hearts for there is the Christ-light. See it glow. It is the light of discernment and truth. See this light glow within your being and know that within you, you have the power of discernment to know those things which are right for you.

"It is given that you must know that your path is your path. There are certain things which you may have in common with others who travel the spiritual path but there are going to be decisions which are yours and yours alone to make. You can look for counsel; you can look for fact; you may consider reason. Rut the choices still become yours to make. Only you know and feel all the factors which are concerning a choice.

It is for this reason that each of you are counseled not to judge one another because no one knows those things which are being considered in a choice except that individual God-light which must make that choice. It is said in other forms not to judge lest you be judged. Each culture has developed its way of saying this but this is what it means and this is what it comes to.... that only the person who stands in that space with those decisions, those circumstances, can choose that which is right for them.

The most evident example that I can give to you which exists in your culture, your world, the time in which you live, is this thing which you term abortion. It is given that you should not judge for another concerning this matter, that each one must weigh their own considerations and decide their own life. Then this matter shall be taken up with the higher self, the Christ light, and that individual shall decide for himself if the way he chose was right. So you can see that this is the way it is with all your decisions, that it will be taken up with your Christ-light and your higher self as to the way in which you have made your decisions and whether or not they were for your highest good. Therefore, when there are those among who try to set rules and guidelines, they can really only set those for themselves because your neighbor's path is not your path. Each is different.

So it is given again to look at the God-worth which is in your neighbor and do not judge... but LOVE. You are not the Creator. You do not know all thing which go into another's path. Therefore, have compassion and give all unto the universe and the Creator so that justice through LOVE will be accomplished.

LOVE. Is not this the greatest gift which one can give to another? For LOVE in its purity is the greatest healer of all. It can heal the sad, the heart-broken, the lame, the blind. It can heal the spirit and the physical because this is what I did as I walked upon the earth. Through the power and the energy of the total LOVE was I able to heal and do the things which the men at that time termed miracles. These things are not miracles to the man, the God-light which understands that all things can be done through LOVE.

Each of you in your lives have challenges, health problems, earthly problems. Think of these things only as temporary challenges, things which you can overcome through the utilization of the total LOVE energy. As you learn to LOVE one another and as you learn to see your neighbor with LOVE, you can heal the earth, you can heal one another but most of all you can heal your own life. As you become the total LOVE vibration, you will find the things in your life becoming one with the Creator and one with all that is good. The vibration of LOVE, that from which each of you were created, is now being sent to you from my Father, the Creator. Receive it. Feel the oneness. Feel the completeness. Feel the belonging, the returning home. Feel it within your being. See the spiritual entities which are here with you. Recognize them. Recognize them as the brothers and sisters for which you have been looking because you are all one family, the family of Cod, of His realm, of His purpose and of His gifts.

I desire to give to you my LOVE, that LOVE which will hold you securely and bring you peace. This I give to you freely so that you may share and be. The LOVE light which is within you is divine. It is holy. Nurture it. Guard it and let it expand and flow freely. For the light and the LOVE of the Creator and those who are with Him are as the never ending stream of the purest and finest water from which you are encouraged to drink. Hereforth, I hand to you a cup of everlasting water and ask that you drink. Fill your soul with this everlasting water.

To each of you I give my blessings and my LOVE so that you may know that I am with you always and that through me you might have peace everlasting because I am the one who is in-between. I am that you may be. It is your choice, your decision that you must know that I am with you always and I am there for you."



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