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Earth Healing

In your mind's eye, see your Creator in your version, the way you see Him or believe Him to be. See Him send you a beautiful White Light. See this White Light come down, surround, and protect you. Send a grounding chord into the Earth and secure yourself. Now crystallize the edges of the white sphere around you. Within this sphere, invite your guides, guardian angels, those who LOVE you and have an interest in your progression in life into your special sacred place.

As you breathe in, breathe in deeply. Bring the White Light in and fill your heart. As you breathe out, let go of the tension, stress, and problems of the day. Again breathe in deeply, bringing in the White Light within your body. As you breathe out again, release tension, tightness, stress, aches, pain and challenges. Release them and let them go. Once again breathe in deeply, this time seeing all of your body filled with the White Light from head to fingers to toes. Ask your body to partake of the White Light and its healing powers. Take as much of the light as you need. Again as you breathe out, release tension and concern. Release and let them flow out from you.

A fourth time, breathe in deeply, filling all of your inner being with the White Light. Let it flow outward into your spiritual body, filling all of your spiritual body, joining with the White Light which is in your crystal sphere. Now in your mind's eye, see the light from the Creator coming down into the crown chakra and see here a beautiful globe of light. Draw from that energy and bring it down into the third eye, creating another globe of beautiful intense power. Drawing from both of these energies and all the energies above you, pull it down into the throat, a beautiful ball of white light. Again draw from all the energies above. Pull them down and form a ball of beautiful white light within the heart. Here in your heart as you breathe and with each breath you take, expand that ball of light. Expand it until it fills all parts of the chest.

Within that ball of light within your heart, see a flame of divinity, a divine light. See it as three-fold: one flame as pink, one as blue, and one golden yellow. As you pull energy from above as you breathe in, expand each of these flames so that each flame becomes equal to the other and that each one expands within your heart, filling all your heart, giving power to the Trinity within you: the God-power, the Christ-consciousness, and the everlasting spirit.

Now pulling from the energies above, pull down enough energy to form a beautiful white ball at the solar plexus. See it as dynamic energy. See this beautiful ball of light become an intense blue... beautiful, dynamic, intense. Now pulling from all the energies above, pull the energies down, forming a ball of light about the belly button, a beautiful intense light. Now pulling from all the energies above, bring it down to the root, forming another ball of beautiful intense energy. From this energy source, see a beautiful intense light running up the spine. See it as though it were little electric sparks intensifying, bringing energy back of your spine up to the top of your head, down through the column of light that is within you and all your energy centers, back up the spine, down through the crown chakra and root again and up through the spine.

This time see the light as it begins to divert from the spine to the arms and legs, bringing contentment and joy within your being. Now again see the light coming down from above you through the crown through the column of energy within your being down to the root. Now again draw from all this energy and bring it down below your feet and form another energy ball. With each breath, draw in more energy. Envision this energy below you, growing.... growing, growing. Now see the energy from the earth as it begins to come in and to join with your ball of energy. See the energy as it comes in as being a beautiful clear lime-green and a combination of tiger-eye brown, a clear, brilliant color. See it begin to join with the energy below your feet, filling it. See this beautiful energy from the earth come up into your body, flowing up through the feet, knees, hips, throughout the torso and into the space around you. See and feel the energy of Mother Earth.

"Some of you have special connections to Mother Earth, connections which are the result of lifetime after lifetime of livinq in sync with her, living in harmony with her. Renew at this time that relationship. See and feel her. Feel her LOVE and caring for you. Feel her acknowledgement of you being a special God-light, one who desires to work in harmony and peace with all Creation.

Now with your inner eye, look at Mother Earth. Look at her waters and at her creations in the waters. See the fish, plant life, and all things which are in her rivers and lakes. Look upon her lands and the creations which she has manifested. You can see many things upon her and within her. From the beginning she was given charge that she should take care of them. In that charge she has produced food for us to eat, fibers from which we can make garments and things from which we can build homes and shelters. She has brought sun to give warmth to us. She has brought night that has encouraged the mind of man to ask questions and to seek. She has done all that has been required of her.

We in turn were given the charge to live in harmony with her and to treat her as a living soul with consideration and LOVE, in peace and harmony. But in the travels of man in his sojourn on the earth, many have forgotten. Because of things which they have forgotten and because of the many evil things (greed, power, destruction) which they have developed within their hearts, the many faces which have been on Mother Earth are now filled with an evil with which she struggles in order to maintain herself. The ocean which once brought rain and produced many fish for the inhabitants of the earth to eat now throws garbage upon her shores. It is now filled with so much oil that the rains do not come to parts of the country and the fish die and are not safe to eat. The waters upon the face of the earth are her life force as the blood within our body is ours. As these life forces become polluted so does the very life which we seek in this physical realm. Likewise if all the earth fills with this type of iniquity, there will be many places where mankind can no longer live. There are now many places where the creations of our Mother wither, die, and can no longer survive.

Now in your spiritual space, those of you who walk in the Light and are part of that light unite as one energy, joining with the God-flow from above. Send this healing energy into the center of our Mother that she may be blessed with its cleansing and healing power and with the strength to renew and heal herself. See all energy uniting, going into her center and filling all the earth... her layers, her aquifers, her rocks... until all the earth is filled with the beautiful healing power. With this spirit united, see the power and spirit of harmony and stewardship going out over the face of the earth so that the heart of all mankind may be turned to taking care of Mother Earth, so that whenever we take, we give something back, so that we learn within our very souls that one cannot take and take and take for soon there is nothing left to take. Whatever happens to the earth and the creations within the earth happens to all those who live on the earth. Man without earth cannot survive. See the spirit go throughout all the earth, through all the heart and minds of men that they may become conscious of caring for her. Those of you have have a special connection with Mother Earth, hear her voice now to you. Feel her."

Mother Earth now extends a thank you, thank you, thank you to each and everyone on every dimension in every realm that has assisted with this healing light and healing work. There also seems to be a postscript. There are some of you with whom she would desire to be in touch much more often and she asks that you find the time to get yourself away from all the city things and all the worldly things so that you might be able to become one with her and to feel the peace, security, and the knowledge from becoming one with her and being in touch with her. We'd like to extend a thank you also to all guides, guardian angels, those who have special interest in us and LOVE for us who attended this evening. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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