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Eternal Progression by Morihoni

Take a couple of deep breaths. As you breathe in, reach inward. AB you breathe out, let any negativity flow out... stress, the days problems, concerns, worries, those things which have created stress for you. Just let them flow out. Continue doing this for a bit.

At this time I would like to command all negativity in this room to leave immediately whether it is in our bodies, our auras, our minds, or in our spiritual field and ask for the white Light to come in and fill our bodies, auras and this room with its glory and power. Ask now that in your visualization as you breathe, that you breathe in the beautiful white Light, that you bring it into your body and that, in your mind's eye, you see the Creator sending it to you, surrounding you in it to afford you protection.

Now send a grounding cord into the earth. Send it down and tie it around a rock, connecting it to Mother Earth. Feel yourself become grounded and secured. Now along this grounding cord, feel the energy from Mother Earth as it comes up. See and feel the White Light as it comes up surrounding you.

Envision now the White Light which comes from the Creator. As it enters in the crown chakra, visualize it pouring down in your inner being. See it and feel it as it flows down through your face and the back of your head, into the neck and throat, across the shoulders, through the chest, filling the torso, into the hips, the arms and legs, fingers and toes. Visualize a column of light directly from the Creator, going straight through you, connecting all your energy centers and going down into the earth.

Now in the space of your energy center, see beautiful globes of white Light. See these globes pulsing. See them keeping in vibration with you. Begin to feel the energy which keeps pulsing through your body. As you feel the pulsing of each of the energy centers, see them as they begin to swirl in unison. Begin to feel the vibrations as they speed up and energize all your being. Feel every part of your physical being becoming energized and rejuvenated. See and feel this energy as it unites with your spinal column. You can see it as little tiny flecks of light traveling up your spinal column, down through your energy centers, up the spinal column again and down the energy centers.

In your mind's eye as you are surrounded with the beautiful White Light, crystallize the edges. Within your crystal shield, invite your guides, guardian angels and those who LOVE you to come in, join you, and participate with you. Become aware of their presence. Thank them for joining you. Thank you... thank you thank you.

Within your television screen in your mind, if there are questions which you have concerning your past, your life, your lessons, focus on them. Ask your guides and guardian angels for any answers or replies which they may have for you.

Now surround yourself with the beautiful Pink Light which comes from the Creator. Surround yourself in it. Feel the LOVE and the joy which the Creator has for you. With all your heartfelt feeling and desire, begin to give thanks. 

"Give thanks for all those things which you have received:

.... for the beautiful earth upon which we walk, grow, and learn our lessons

.... for the lessons to be learned within the very realms of the earth and in nature

.... for an earth which is varied in landscape and weather

.... for the joys which result from each season

..... for spring and its new birth and regeneration for its new life; for the promise which is there, teaching you that for each new birth, each new change, each new beginning you make with your life, there is the promise of a full bearing season

....for summer, that season which allows you to have the fruits of your labor and to enjoy all which is there

.... for fall which with its earthly changes brings in the harvest, and yet within your life represents perhaps the later years in which you have time for retrospect and to still grow and make changes within your being and your life and make plans for still another year

....and for winter when things on earth are dormant, being covered with the purity of snow, yet awaiting the awakening of another springtime

.... for the relationships of your life (birth, growth and death) to these seasons not just in your physical existence but also within your spiritual realm.

Many times within our spiritual realm, we are given the opportunity to have new growth, to build again with the promise of many exciting new things, and to see how passing from one season to another is like passing from one room into another higher existence, a higher learning capacity. As we internalize and bring within our beings those lessons which we learn, we can go on to greater and greater achievements in the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm. And consequently within our own beings, we elevate ourselves and continue to grow. Even death is not a finishing of anything but only the beginning of another realm or dimension of life. These energies which we think were created by the Father in the beginning really have no beginning or end but have always existed and will always exist.

You are part of this everlasting chain. What you do with it and accomplish with it is your choice. You are everlasting. You are part of the everlasting energy, part of that God-light which is everlasting. You shall exist and live forever. But the form and the level upon which you exist is up to you. It is your choice where you will be, how you will progress, what your future will be and to what extent you can be a part of that which is positive and a part of the working energies. Or it is your choice not to participate. All things are your choice. The reality in which you live now is your choice. It is up to you to make those choices which can benefit you for your higher good. This is why we are here.... to be able to obtain our highest good and to continue in a plan of eternal progression so that we may be able to achieve the peace and contentment which comes from living in accordance and in perfect harmony with eternal LOVE.

You have chosen certain lessons on your path, some from which you have learned, others with which you still struggle. It is suggested that you utilize the learning of all those who are available to you so that you may be able to shortcut and take advantage of their knowledge in order that you may go on more quickly to other lessons and other learning methods.

See the light of God surrounding you, which is part of you and in you, that light which is part of all creation. Through that light oneness can be achieved throughout all the face of the earth and all the universe for that one light is the same no matter how it is individualized or desires to express that individualization. It is the unifying source which can bring all people to peace, happiness, and joy. See this light within you. Allow it to activate within your life and individual world so that you may be guided and prompted upon those ways to be in absolute harmony with the universal eternal laws, so that you may bring unconditional LOVE within your life, and so that the light within you can grow and be sustained and shared with all those with whom you come in contact.

Each of you know that in your own journey and your own path, you can look back to the way things used to be and see your own progression. You can see how you have now attained a position, a place of higher learning, of higher experience which has its own rewards of peace, contentment and joy. For you feel that each time you come into contact with the Father, the Creator, the universal source, you feel it and know it and you have experienced it and know that this is real. You can look backwards and you can see the distance which you have achieved and accomplished. 

Now consider for a moment within your being that this is like a baby step, that the growth which you can yet acquire is like a giant step and you are on that path. You will achieve this. You will accomplish this by looking forward with anticipation to all the wonderful blessings which are there and in store for you. As you continue to grow, you will see (just like the things you have left behind) that you can look backwards and see that you never needed them and they were hindrances in your growth. Likewise, you can look forward and anticipate many more blessings of growth which shall bring to you even greater feelings and accomplishments in the energy fields of peace, contentment, harmony and LOVE. Use what you have achieved so far as a yardstick and as a milestone so that you may be able to look forward with anticipation to your future. Know that within your very being that there are many great experiences, learning tools, friends and people to LOVE and bring within your circle.

Be not afraid of the challenges for challenges are those steps by which we can learn and achieve. Be not afraid but step forward to learn what those challenges have to teach you and thereby overcome. No one promised an easy journey upon this world. This is why you chose this particular journey. That is why you are here: to accept the challenges and to grow from them. So whether your challenges are of a personal, energy, relationship or health level, face them; learn from them; grow from them so that you may achieve. There is no other place in all the universe in all of the Creator's creations where you have these challenges, where you can learn these lessons. You have chosen the most difficult of schools so than you may learn the greatest lessons. You will graduate with honors, becoming a master of your world in this earth space.

So it becomes necessary that you rejoice from your choice, that you rejoice from the lessons, and that you rejoice from the things which are going on on the earth. Because you have chosen the time to be here on earth when all the universe looks forward to the accomplishments which are going on, rejoice. Jesus Christ in His journey on earth in the meridian of time stated that what he accomplished in His lifetime as the Christ was but a small portion of the things which those who came after Him could accomplish. He was talking about you. He was talking about this generation. He was talking about the last of the generations So there is nothing which holds you back. All things which the Christ did, you can do also and greater things than these you can do. It has been promised to you and it is yours. The only things which hold you back are your limitations, your own blockages.

So put your faith out there, step forward, and reach so that you may learn and become all you were intended to be. Know that now is the tine of the fulfillment of all prophecy, the fulfillment of all the ages and you are part of it. Go forth, teach, share, and help bring to pass the fulfillment of all prophecy, the fulfillment of all of the ages, that time which all the universe has anticipated. You are part of it. You can achieve it by removing those limitations which keep you from doing the great things which the Christ promised you could do.

The time is yet coming when all faith must be knowledge because your salvation is in your "knowing." You have been learning that all things have a vibration. You have been working with calling up specific energies and feeling those vibrations. Call up the energy that is "knowing." Feel it. Feel the security. Feel the intense personal power of "knowing" for it is a vibration which does not waver. It does not question. It "is." You must obtain this vibration. You must "know" within every part of you this vibration because there is no promise, security, or salvation in book learning, reasoning, or in believing what someone else tells you.. All these things may be tools but they don't compare to "knowing." "Knowing" is a vibration that is so steady that regardless what the challenges are or how difficult your journey may become, this "knowing" will pull you through. This "knowing" that God "is," that you have a personal relationship with Him, that you are an individualized expression of Him (with no limitations) is your salvation. This knowing will spur you on to achieve all which you were originally intended to be. Seek only good in your life. In your beginning steps, trust and have faith. Allow those things to turn into the sure knowledge which cannot be denied."


We'd like to thank at this time all those who have been here to participate with us and for the messages which have been brought to us. We ask that each of us in our own way with our guides may be able to take the feelings, the vibrations, and the knowledge which was given this evening, to put it into our lives, and to help make and bring ourselves to that state which we have come to achieve. Thank the guides. Thank you.

Thank you thank you.

Each of you individually thank your guides. Thank them for being here, helping, guiding, and sharing their fabulous energy and LOVE. Ask your guides to be with you, protect you, teach you, and be with you always. These things are given in the name of the great Creator and under the direction of His son, the Christ, that all those who seek good within their hearts upon this earth may be blessed.



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