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Limitations become Perfect

Take a deep breath. As you do, visualize a white light coming in. filling your being.

As you breathe out, visualize all your problems, concerns, tensions, frustrations, and anxieties flowing out. Again take a deep breath, visualizing the beautiful White Light coming into your being and filling you. As you breathe out, reach in deeper. Visualize the stress and see it flow out, being transmuted into beautiful White Light. One more time breathe in deeply. This time see all of your interior body being filled with the White Light. As you breathe out, see any remaining negativity flow out.

Now within your mind's eye, see your version of God, the Creator. See Him sending the White Light down to you, surrounding you in it. Crystallize the outside edges, forming a protective shield around yourself. See the White Light from the Creator filling this crystal shield. See it as it streams in around you. Coming in through the crown chakra, it is flowing down through the front of your face, the back of the head, through the neck, shoulders, the arms to the fingertips, through the torso, the hips and legs to the toes.

With each breath you take, intensify the White Light. Intensify it to the point where you can see sparkles which look as though the sun was shining on new fallen snow. Here in this light you see blue, pink, lavender, yellow and white lights which blink and shimmer, change shapes and patterns. See these lights as they sparkle within you. Begin to feel the energy which is flowing from them because as the lights sparkle and dance, they create an energy. Feel the goodness of it. Feel it charging and electrifying and building within you. See these energy lights, these sparkles of pure energy. See them collect along your spine. See them being carried by your extensive nervous system into all parts of your body. See them charging your body. See then healing your body. See them transmuting any negative energy.. .any negative forms. See the light energy as it becomes perfectly aligned through the center of you, connecting all of your energy centers (all chakras from the crown of your head to the base of your feet) directly to the Creator, uniting you with all creation. See it also connecting your feet to the center of the earth so that you are directly connected with Mother Earth.

"Now let your mind's eye begin to drift out above you. Envision all of us in this room drifting above the roof, looking out over the valley, and seeing all of the lights. Drift on out into space among all the many stars and other solar systems. See yourself still within your crystal shield or ball. As you are in outer space and as you look about, you see beautiful, beautiful things... fascinating light shows, far away planets, visitors from other solar systems.

Let's for the time being envision in our universe, in our space where we are, a space station. We can dock our crystal ball and go within this space ship. Within it we can meet others from many other solar systems, many of our Father's other children and other creations. 

Here to the left is a door. Let's go into this room where we'll find a large screen. Each of us has a room to ourselves. On this screen can be played anything we desire. Ask that your life play before you, showing your circumstances, situations, and experiences which show you more clearly the lesson(s) with which you are working. Please ask for any understanding which you need. See yourself upon the screen with all your auras, the rainbow person which you are. Within your body and auras, you can see the blockages which are holding you back and keeping you from achieving the progress which you would like.

See the White Light. Gather it. Gather this energy within you, creating a ball of intense light. Pull this energy from the universe, from the Creator, from within this room. Bring this ball of intense light within your body and push on those blockages and negative energy. Push the negativity out. If you are having physical health problems or emotional problems (wherever these blockages are within your being,) push them out. As this negativity leaves your body, see it transmuted by the White Light into positive energy. Now as the White Light is still within you, take it to the affected area. Ask it to fill and heal and to bring all things back to their original form, their original state of perfection.

Now again see yourself upon the screen, dressed in flowing white, the Light emanating from you... your face, your eyes. As you look around, you can see for light years. As you see, you can perceive all things. You have the feeling of oneness, the feeling of total unconditional LOVE. You have the sudden understanding that all things are one, that even out here in space all things are one. All things are part of a greater whole. You can think back to your earthly existence and compare it for man upon the face of the earth without trees cannot live, without water cannot live. All the animals and all things which are created are created from the same source and therefore are in some form brother, sister, relation. As you begin to comprehend all this, you realize that even the space you occupy is important to the whole because you are part of the whole also.

I would like for you at this time to go back and find your crystal space ship. Bring it back to earth. The location where you land on earth is a beautiful garden. As you step out of your beautiful crystal space ship and step into your garden, you can see all the beauty which is here.... the beauty you enjoy, the beauty which gives meaning and purpose to our lives and enhances our very existence. You can see all things here through the touch and the hand of God. You can see the spark of divinity which is in the flower.... the White Light which is in the cleansing water.... the life giving substances which help sustain us. You see all things here within this garden. As you look within yourself, you can find that part of you which is divine, which comes from the Creator, which has no limitations, which will accept no limitations.

Envision no limitation and feel that vibration of total energy, total self-empowerment. As you envision no limitations, fill all of your being with this energy. Bring it in. Fill all your body with it. Suddenly know that you have the capabilities to achieve all things which you set your mind to do. There are no limitations. You are one with God. All things which God can do, you can do also. See the changes which you can bring within your world as you learn and function within the realm of all capabilities.

See your bodies becoming perfect health. There is no pain within your body because pain is a limitation. There is no malfunction within your body. All parts are perfect. See all of your organs being perfect. Require them to be perfect. Require them to have total health. See the joints of your body being perfect in health. See your arms and legs functioning perfectly with all the youth and vitality they once had. See your eyes and ears releasing whatever problems they have. Require them to be perfect, to see and hear clearly so that you can continue your progression. Remove all limitations. You are now free to function in your path of progression as you desire.

You have a perfect body with perfect health. Now see the spirit being within your body. See it as the original being... your higher self.... that spark of divinity. it brought into total alignment with your physical body. See it being centered and brought into your physical body so that you may now operate from that position of greater wisdom and understanding for yourself on your path."

Fill yourself with the beautiful pink light now. See it wrap around you and hold you. Know that this pink light represents unconditional LOVE, that there is nothing you have to do to earn this LOVE, that this is yours simply because you are.1 Feel it wrap around you, hold you. Feel its loving protection. Now command that this loving protection surround you, that it guard you at all times, and that it be totally indestructible. No negativity but only good can come through it to you in your physical and spiritual realm within your world.

I ask that each of you now come back to the here and now as you are ready.


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