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Beautiful Garden Meditation 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Everlasting Spirit, and through their power which is the White Light, I now command all negative energy, evil spirits, and disqualified energy out of this room, out of the individuals who are here, out of their bodies, out of their spirits, out of my body, out of my spirit. Cast them out immediately and send them into the White Light. Ask the Creator, the universal source, to send His beautiful White Light to fill this room, surrounding us with His LOVE, His safety, His glory, and His power.

I ask that each of you now take a deep breath. As you breathe out, release the tensions, problems, concerns, and worries of the day. Cast them out and let them flow into the light where they are instantly transmuted. You can see them being transmuted in little flashes of white Light, little Christmas tree lights. Again breathe in deeply. As you breathe out, release, relax, and become at peace. A third time breathe deeply. filling all the body with beautiful White Light, filling it into your toes, your fingers, filling all of you with beautiful White Light. As you breathe out. release any remaining negativity, tension, problems, concerns from the day.. anything which may have created hardship, problems or concerns for you. Free your mind. Free your soul. Free your heart. Let it all flow out into the white Light. Again breathe in the White Light, filling all of your body with it. See the White Light as it now fills your aura, the space around you, totally surrounding you, encasing you in it.

At this time I would like for you to envision a beautiful garden. See yourself strolling in it. See and feel what it would be like to have no cares, concerns and to be able to enjoy the beautiful day, to see and feel the sun shining on you, to be able to see the many different types of flowers. For a moment, try to be able to fully enjoy just being

just being in this garden. Enjoy the sun.... the flowers.... the walk.

Feel the LOVE which the flowers have for you. Feel the LOVE as it comes from the earth and as it radiates from earth up to you.... touching you. Let the peace, contentment, and enjoyment now flow into your hearts so that you can truly feel the enjoyment of this moment... to have no concerns and to just be. In this moment of being, be who you really are. Be all that you can be. Feel the LOVE which is within your being. It comes from the Creator and is part of the Creator. Let this LOVE flow into every part of your being so that all traces of sadness, pain, and hurt can disappear and dissolve.

Now as you walk through this garden and you see many beautiful things, you are the gardener. Everything grows through your touch of LOVE. You have designed this garden. See the wondrous things which you have created.... the fine sculptures which you have put into place. Here is a fountain which you have created and from it comes the purest, most sparkling water you have ever seen. You sit by the side of your fountain. You peer into the water and reflected back to you is the persona of the God-light which is you.... perfect in thought, form, and deed... all things being done in LOVE, all things being said in LOVE. Let your hand go down into the water. It is cool, cleansing. You can bring the water to your face, cupped in your hand. As you taste it, it is the sweetest you have ever tasted. Yet as it goes down your throat, it is calming and brings peace. You can feel this as it floods through you, bringing incredible peace, calm and happiness. There are no worries here. There are no concerns here. You feel happy. Let your heart rise up and sing.

You realize that you are alone in your garden. Bring others now to share it with you. Greet each one who enters your garden with unconditional LOVE. Greet and usher them in. There are some whom you LOVE and for whom you care deeply. You are glad to have them here. There are others and you wonder why they have come. Please welcome them even though you would have preferred that they hadn't come. Stand them before you. Tell them that you forgive them for the pain, the harm, hurt, for all things which they have done to you in this life or any other back to the beginning of time. If this is hard, do it the best you can. Try to sound as if you really mean it. Tell them you forgive them.

Now ask them to forgive you for any pain, harm or hurt which you may have caused them in this life or any other back to the beginning of time. Please do this for each individual with whom you have a need . Go to each and ask them to forgive you. Let them know that you have forgiven them, that the negative energy which has existed between you must no longer be there. 

In your garden, there is a very special archway which has beautiful lavender roses growing all over it. Inside the archway is a beautiful lavender light, the most incredible lavender light which you have ever seen. You begin to understand that it is a doorway to a new future. Ask each of those individuals who have come into your garden and with whom you have problems and whom you have forgiven to walk through this archway filled with lavender light. As they do so, see the traces of negativity which have remained disappear and be transmuted into beautiful White Light.. all manner of beautiful white things. Ask each to walk through. When they are finished, you yourself walk through this very special archway. Let this beautiful lavender light transmute you. Feel the light as it flows through your aura.... removing, clearing, and transmuting any negative energy which may still be there. Your relationships with these individuals are now as an empty page, It has been cleared of the past. You may now begin to write new pages and write a new story.

Some of you have pains and hurts which have not been addressed. As you have walked through this archway on the other side is a very special messenger who is there for you. If you have very deep hurts or pain which go back a long time, this messenger holds a purple bag. Pour your pain, hurt, and discontent in it. Put everything in this purple bag is expandable. It can become as big as necessary. As you finish, your messenger ties this bag shut and walks to the edge of your garden. You realize your garden is a very special place. It is your private domain, your raffle, your sanctuary. At the edge of your garden you see your very special messenger tip the bag up and pour out all the things you put there. As it comes out, you will find your pains and hurt have been changed into very special gifts. Out tumble articles of gold, silver, shiny gems, each representing a lesson which you have learned. By your association with those with whom you have traveled through this physical plane... you see these lessons being turned into beautiful items of gold, silver and precious jewels.

Now within yourself, turn and face yourself. Tell yourself that you no longer need these lessons in your life. You've learned from them. You no longer need to endure them. You are ready to write new pages in your life. You are ready to go forward. No longer do you need the extra baggage which you have carried. Let them go.

 Suddenly you feel so light as though you could float. Let your heart float. Let your physical being float. Now where the pain and hurt was, you can feel joy ecstasy... vibrant life. Know within your being that life is worth living, that you can attain joy. Feel your body, heart. and soul soar. See all things about you becoming so light that you can go anywhere. You can hover above yourself and feel no weight. In this state, you feel good. You feel at peace. You feel full of LOVE. You can LOVE anyone right now. So extend that LOVE to those whom you LOVE, and those whom you feel need LOVE. In your mind's eye, see yourself hugging, holding and loving. Remember that each individual who travels upon this plane is an individualized God-light. Recognize that sometimes they do not know this and sometimes we too forget this fact and act in ways which are not becoming for individualized God-lights. Please remember that the very presence of this God-light within each individual is reason enough to extend unconditional LOVE. Extend it to yourself and to those with whom you associate.

At this time, the Creator sends you a beautiful pink light. Wrap it around you. Feel the LOVE of the universal source, of that Creator of whom you are a part and with whom you are one. Know that you have unconditional LOVE. There is nothing you have ever done or can do which will stop that flow of unconditional LOVE. Please accept it. Fill your being with it. Hold yourself in this space of LOVE.

Dear children of light, let the blessings of the Host of Heaven go with you throughout this week, as you face your many varied challenges so that you may draw on the unseen power that is there for you, that your path may follow that path which is right for your higher self and your individual greater glory and magnification. Those blessings we offer to you.



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