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Inner Work Meditation

I would like for you to take a deep breath. As you breathe out, let go of the tension and problems from the day. Just breathe them out. Let go and just feel the release. Again breathe in deeply. As you breathe out, release your problems, concerns, what's going on at home and work. Just let it all go. Let it float out. This is your time, just for you and the world has to remain outside. Again breathe in deeply, this time breathing all the way to your toes and fingers. Again breathe out, releasing and feeling your body becoming comfortable and at peace... no tightness, no constriction. Feel yourself becoming really comfortable.

Now in your mind's eye, see your Creator, your version of God, send you a beautiful White Light. It is the most vivid and brightest light which you can possibly imagine. In it are little light reflections like the sun shining on new fallen snow. See this light come do..... surround you encase you. On the outside edges, see it crystallize, forming a sphere of safety, protection and crystals of communication so that the information you receive will be for your highest good.

At this time invite your guides, your guardian angels and those who LOVE and care for you to join you inside this sphere. Allow them to come in. Be aware of them. Now at this time please send a grounding cord from the base of your spine down into Mother Earth. Find a large stone and tie the cord around it. Anchor yourself here. Know that you can come back to the here and now anytime you desire.

The Creator. now sends you a beautiful loving Pink Light. Let it come to you... surround you... hold you. Let the pink light come into your heart. Let it come directly into your being. There inside your heart, see the Light grow larger and larger and larger. See this light as it grows larger and larger and larger until that light which is within you now fills all of your being and you become one with your God-self. Now see the Pink Light which flows from your heart being sent to the Father. Send it to the Creator, to your version of God, the universal source, whatever that may be. Send the Pink Light from your heart to Him. With all of your heart's desire, give thanks to the Creator. Thank Him for our world... the mountains, the sky, and all the wondrous colors which are in the sky. In the morning and evening, thank Him for rain and its blessing upon Mother Earth... for the beautiful sights and the wonderful smells after a rain. Thank the Creator for the trees and the flowers, for the four-legged, for all the beauties which testify of universal abundance and the Creator's LOVE. Thank Him now for family, for parents, brothers and sisters, for mates and children. Thank the Creator for the relationships. and the LOVE which you have in your life. Thank the Creator for life itself. Thank Him that you are here on this earth. Thank Him for a very special path. Thank Him for your spiritual gifts. Thank Him for who you are. Thank Him for all things because life is good and joyous.

Now as you are sending your LOVE to the universal source, envision all those who reside there and see them sending their LOVE to you. See your LOVE being returned to you a hundred fold, a hundred time a hundred. And know that you are good. You are worthy. You are more precious than any other creation. You are more precious than gold or silver or any of the things which money can buy. You are more precious than social position... the big houses, the fancy clothes, the important name. All these things are but of this world and can be gone in an instant. But the real you, that part of you which is inside you which comes from the universal source, from the Creator, is the real you. This is the real you which is eternal which will go on...and on and on. Thank the Creator again for life.~ Life is good. Life is joyous.

At this time please see you yourself reflected as in a mirror. Look deep into your own eyes and talk to your own soul. and tell your soul how things are going to change and how you are going to be different. Tell yourself that you care too much about yourself to let you go on hurting, that you do deserve and are worthy of universal abundance, of self LOVE. You do care about yourself. And you are going to make choices which will help you look deep within your own souls. In your heart and your mind's eye, say:

'I do LOVE you. I do care about you. I want you to have all that is good. I claim it now. I claim universal abundance. I claim LOVE. I claim that perfect relationship for myself. I claim perfect health. I am good. I am loving. I am worthy. I claim peace and contentment. These are mine."

Standing before you at this time is an individual who holds out to you a gift. Take it. See it. Know that it is very special because it is for you and it is given with much LOVE. When you are blue and when things get tough, you can go to this gift and remember that peace, contentment, and all the good of the universe are yours. Claim it... receive it... accept it.

As you travel on your spirit path, each of you starts a new journey, a journey which will affect your world, which will bring changes. You must trust that all things are for your higher good. Look at them. Learn what you can from them and go on. Trust that all things are for your higher good. Even the challenges when they present themselves, if you will look for the good which is therein, you will find it.

See yourselves now encased in the beautiful Green Light, clear, translucent Green Light, the Light of springtime and new birth. Breathe this light within your being so that you may become a total Green Light, one with rebirth. Let the old fade away and bring to pass the new you. now in your mind's eye, see the new you. See you in all your perfection and beauty. See yourself as a special gift, given to the Earth. Now within your being, state those things which you desire to claim for yourself and that you desire to have for your lives.

"I am good. I am worthy. I am blessed that I can verbalize my thoughts and ideas. I am bless with abundance. I am happy. I am contented. I have peace in my life. I have the perfect LOVE in my life. I am perfect health. My body responds quickly to healing. I am individualized God-light. I am creative. am talented. I am bright and quick. I am loving and caring. I am. I stand in my truth I stand in my truth."

Now as you envision these things which you have chosen and want in your life, see them as affirmations written on paper. See the paper put inside a beautiful gold box, gold representing both spirituality and wisdom. See it being put into this beautiful gold box. Now see you yourself take the gold box and travel to the back of your mind. There you will find a staircase. Travel a few steps down and put this gold box with the things which you have written into the subconscious. Just drop it down. Leave it there.

At this time the Creator desires to let you know that each of you is very special to Him, that He does LOVE you, that at no time are you alone. At any time that you need help, whether it is for understanding, wisdom, courage or trust, He is there. Call upon Him. There are also many, many, many teachers who are available to help you and to be with you. You must simply ask and they will be there for you. Remember that this is your life. No one can force anything on you. They may see help which they could give you but if you don't ask for it, they can't give it. Ask for those things you seek.... understanding, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, courage, strength and trust. You will find an unseen world upon which to draw which will help you through all your challenges. These things are given to you.

You are asked to keep the light around you and to walk in the light at all times.


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