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Replacing the Negative

Breathe in deeply. As you breathe out. begin to relax. Let go of all the problems, concerns, irritations, and frustrations of your present day. Let them flow out.. away from you. Again breathe in deeply. As you breathe out, again relax. Let go of the tension and the tightness. Let then flow out. Again, breathe in deeply, reaching deep within you. As you breathe out, again relax and let go the stresses of the job. Whatever your concerns nay be, just let go and let them float away from you.

Now in your mind's eye, see a beautiful white light coming into you, surrounding you, and filling all of this room so that no negativity can be here. If you like, crystallize the edges around you and provide your own space. Invite your guides, guardian angels, and anyone else who desires to work with you within this space. Invite them to bring their LOVE, their support, and their energy within your space now. Become aware of them being there. Thank them for their LOVE, concern, energy, and guidance. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

At this time also extend a thank-you to all guides and guardian angels who have been with you throughout this journey. For as you have reached different levels of enlightened and knowledge, your guides have changed. Sometimes you have not even been aware of the changing of the guard. So there are others who have helped prepare you for where you are now. At this time extend a thank-you to them for their participation and help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Extend grateful hearts in LOVE and thanksgiving to all those who are in the ascended realm who are participating in individual ways, giving of their gifts and talents throughout all the world and all the spiritual world and throughout all the earth, now bringing about the enlightenment of man. the preparation of mankind for the age which is coming. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now within your space within your White Light, let the White Light and the blessings and LOVE of all those who are in the ascended realm pour down upon us at this time. Go within your own heart and give thanks to the higher self of you, that divine spark of light, entity, individualized God-light

- which has brought you through to this point, to this time of now

- which has given you the desire, the ability, and the will to continue progressing

* so that you may yet accomplish all that you were sent here to do

* so that you may yet become one with all creation, with all God-lights of ascended abilities

Each of you individually thank the "real you" for the journey you have made thus far.

Now in your mind's eye, envision a garden of the most beautiful things which you can possibly imagine... .a garden filled with flowers.... trees... animals... of every kind and variety. 

Bring within your own heart the feelings of peace and contentment. Think of the time when you have experienced these feelings. Has it been in the mountains? Has it been while wrapped in the arms of a LOVEd one? Wherever you felt this feeling of peace and contentment, bring it into the 'now.' Think about that experience. Recreate it in your mind and imagination. Bring it to 'now.' Let that feeling flood through you, filling you with total peace and contentment. ...............

Now think of a time when you have experienced joy. Recreate it and bring it into the 'now.t Let it flood through you and fill you.............. 

Now think of a time when you have felt total unconditional LOVE. Bring that forward into the time of 'now.' Recreate it. Let it flood through you, filling all of you with this beautiful unconditional LOVE................

Think now that there are challenges which you have left behind which you have released for the present. But when these frustrations, stresses, problems and concerns resurface, release them and bring forward a time which has the positive in it. Bring forth that time and fill your being with it so that the challenge can be mastered and the frustration can be replaced with joy and competence.

Many of you working with the negatives and positives have at times found it difficult to find a positive to replace the negative will. Use this method to find your energy, to find that vibration so that you may remove the negative and implant the positive. Each of you in your journey within your time on the earth (through all your various lives) have experienced every positive, every form of that positive, as well as the negative and every form of the negative. It is a vibration that is within you. If you cannot bring it forth simply by calling up that vibration, then find the time within your existence in which you have experienced it. Bring it forth and flood it through your being.

All of us have experienced sadness. We have experienced the loss of LOVEd ones who were close to us. We know the emptiness, the pain, despair that the separation can create. But we also know what the LOVE and the joy of having known this person have meant to us. So instead of dwelling on the negative, call forth the joy, happiness, good times~ LOVE, comfort, and concern which these individuals brought to you. Fill your being with these memories and feelings so that you may have joy within you. 

One by one replace all those things which have been negative with the positive so that at some time in the near future each of you may be able to bring yourself into that space of positive, loving, unconditional energy. You will be able to remain there regardless of what your environment is doing, regardless of what family and friends are doing, regardless of what the world around you is doing. You will be able to maintain constant positive energy throughout your being. You will radiate that energy and give it to those around you who are seeking. You will be a beacon to those who search and are looking for the way to bring healing into their lives, into their world.

Look within you and now see within your heart each of you a very special gift of joy, LOVE, happiness, peace, and contentment. All these things are in this very special gift. See it within you. Hold onto it. Put it in a very special place so that the joy, LOVE, happiness, peace, and contentment it holds may radiate throughout you.


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