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In your mind's eye see your version of  the Creator.  See Him send down beautiful white light.  See this White Light totally surrounding you, encasing you in its beautiful vibrancy in its beautiful, beautiful  light.   Take a deep breath and as you breath in visual this White Light coming into your body, filing all of your lungs.  As you breathe out release and relax.  Let go of problems and concerns.  Let go of whatever may be on your mind, whatever challenges you may be facing.  Again breath in deeply.  See this White Light going in to every part of your being, filling up the lungs and the major organs, being carried by the blood stream to the bones and to the muscles.  And again, as you breathe out release and relax.  One more time breathe in deeply.  See the White Light filling every part of your being.  Filling your mind, filling every cell of your physical being.  This time as you breathe out see the White Light as it expands now  filling your aura and becoming one with the White Light that is within this crystal sphere that is made by crystallizing the outside edges of the White Light.  Now in your mind's eye see your Creator sending to you a beautiful Pink Light.  See this light coming in, surrounding you and holding you  like a blanket. See it encompassing you. Now again breathe in deeply. This time taking the Pink Light deep within your being.  Let the Pink Light now go into every cell of your being. That Pink Light which is the essence of the Creator's unconditional LOVE.  Let it now fill your being. And ask your body to partake of it's healing power. And see its healing energies going in at the cellular level and healing any part of  your body that is now needing the extra help and support.  In your mind's eye see those parts of your body that are in need of healing take this light in at the cellular level and see the cells being rejuvenated and replaced.   And see that part of your body becoming whole, becoming perfect. 

In  your mind's eye see this room filling with all the Beautiful, Beautiful Beings; Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Great Teachers and Special Healing Angels.  Ask now that these  Healing Angels go to each one of you and again help facilitate the healings that you are needing in your lives, those things that you have been working on, those things that you have been determining that you need to work to change within your life and within your world.  Ask now for these Healing Angels to accompany you into your journey as you journey into your homes and into your places of work and into all those places within your world.  Ask the Healing Angels to go with you and to accompany you that you may become even more aware of those things in your life that you need to change, those things in your life where LOVE is missing. 


For as you have been told you are the embodiment of God's great LOVE.  That LOVE is in the very cells of your being.  And so the work that you are sent here to do in order to accomplish the goal that has been set before us at this particular time in this particular dispensation is to remove all negativity and replace it with that which is total LOVE.  To return to that original energy which we were.   And the way to do this is to look within yourselves and find those aspects of your being which are not complimentary to LOVE; that are in opposition to LOVE.   There is much confusion as to what LOVE is.   In your world where you are, you have but one word.  This word is LOVE and this word LOVE means many, many different types of LOVE.  Some of the things that you LOVE are superficial, some things that you LOVE are so consuming and yet you have no distinction between the meanings of these two types of LOVE.   There are other cultures that have many, many, many, many words and each word describes a different aspect of LOVE.  So in your world when we talk about LOVE there is some misunderstanding as to what we mean by LOVE.   LOVE to you is an emotion.  It is an attachment that you have one for another.  There is this deep emotional feeling that you acquire for those who have come into your world and into your life.   There is a great deal of emotional bonding that happens with this; but this is not the kind of LOVE that we are talking about.   The kind of LOVE that we talk about is a state of being.  This state of being sees no malice. This state of being sees no negativity.  This state of being is above your earth care.  For if you are a state of being of LOVE; then you do not have the momentary lapses into control and negativity and possession and jealousy and anger and hatred.   For the state of being of LOVE LOVEs all things.  For the state of LOVE can even LOVE those things which are trials and tribulations. The state of being of LOVE LOVEs unconditionally with no judgment.  In your world you judge everything.  You have been taught to judge yourselves, you have been taught to judge your neighbor, you have been taught to judge your sacred books you have been taught to judge everything around you.  In your physical world, in your physical existence it is good to be able to make evaluations,  for this is the way that you decide what it is that you want to have in your world and what it is that you want to change in  your world.  But to place judgment as to good or bad; we ask that you just rise above it and let it be. Whatever your neighbor's lesson may be it is not for you to judge.  You have not walked in your neighbor's footsteps.  You have not known what things have happened to your neighbor or what may be effecting your neighbor's decisions.  Therefore it becomes a simple allowing that your neighbor has his lessons and has his decisions and you do not place judgment on these things. 


LOVE as a state of being raises up into a level of joy and happiness that pervades everything that you do:  The way you walk,  The way you talk,  The way that you live.  LOVE as a state of being is close to that state in which the Angels do exist.  But that state of joyful LOVE; as you reach to acquire that, to bring that joyfulness within your being, that dear LOVEd ones that is the state of the Angels.  A joyful LOVE that finds joy in the smallest things.  A joyful LOVE that rejoices in your challenges.  Not looking at the difficulty of them.  Not looking at the harshness of them. But instead being grateful and thankful that you have this gift of life, that you have this body, that you have this opportunity to face your challenges and to learn from it.  To look at your challenges with a joyful LOVE and to bless these challenges for the experience and the lesson that they hold makes every moment of your existence an exciting adventure.  Can you see how this could be so?   In your present world when you are faced with your challenges many of you choose to ignore them, many of you choose not to deal with them, like maybe these challenges will go away, or perhaps that if you wait long enough the challenge will change.  Instead dear ones, face your challenges with a joyful heart.  Be joyful that you are alive.  Be joyful that you have this earthly existence. Be joyful that you have lessons.   Be joyful that you have this golden opportunity to look at your life and to learn from it and to choose to have only good things in your life. And even this challenge that is being presented to you is an opportunity to make good things happen in your live.


The sadness and the challenges that you bring into your life that is brought there through your guides and through your lessons.  These challenges that have to do with so much sadness and so much  pain from the loss of  your attachments to those who have been in your life.  It is like all things dear ones; there is a time to mourn, there is a time to sleep, there is a time to be sad and this time can be as long or as short as you desire.  There is a time to face your challenges.  There is a time to be sick.  For your body from time to time needs the healing crisis so that it can again replace those parts that have been filled with the negativity from the poor food , poor air,  poor water.  And so there is a time for these things.  But dear ones, you can choose, you can choose to shorten the time of all things. These things are difficult challenges for sure, very difficult. But we encourage you to put your hand in the hand of the Angels, in the hand of your Special Guides and let Them move you out of the sadness, out of the challenges, out of the hurt and pain, out of the confusion. And let them move you into the joy and the Light and the LOVE.  Take hold of Their hand, let Them walk with you, let Them talk with you, let Them hold you up.  And if you look within your heart and find the joy that is in all instances.  Find the joy in having had that person in your life.  Find the joy in the lessons that you shared and learned with each other.  Find the joy in the time that you were able to spend together.  Find the joy that you now have the opportunity to find new friends, to find new attachments.  And rejoice that now the Creator walks with you, the Ascended Masters and the Guides and the Guardian Angels walk with you. 


And  now you know things that were an uncertainty before.  For now you know that you have a right to claim only good in your life.  You have a right to claim only good people in your life.  You have a right to call forth others that are like minded and have the same spiritual drive that you do.  And it is counseled dear ones that as you do go forth and you do draw others into your circle, into your friendship, and into your attachments  that we ask that you look for the vibration of those  individuals.  And that you allow only those of the highest vibration, those that are seeking the highest vibration to be within your closest attachments. 


In your earth plane as these energies pull across the earth there will become a wider and wider gap between those who are on a healing path and those who have no interest.  And you will find that those that are within your circle that do not have this desire, you will feel that they will pull your energy out of you.  And you will find that you no longer enjoy their company at the level that you once did.  For you will find that those who are on the same path as you are those that have the same ideals, the same goals. Those add energy to you and you find that there is comfort and a sense of belonging with those who have the same goals as you.  And you will find that those are the ones that you want to have in your circle and those that you want to have attachments with. 


One more word about attachments.  Those that you choose to bring into your life and to form these relationship attachments, please consider carefully for that individual is the most important individual that you will have in your world and that individual can encourage you or discourage you, that individual can build you up or tear you down, that individual can walk hand and hand or that individual can turn their back.  Each one of you have followed a healing path to this point to where you understand how two of the same energy produce more good energy.  Where two of opposite energy only drain the battery, short it out.  So it is our counsel dear ones, that as you move about in your world that you be careful who you take within your inner circle as your closest friends and as your closest attachments, so that all the closest to you will add to you. Will add to your energy.  Will add to your knowledge.  Will add to your goodness. Will add to your joy and not make your lessons more difficult for you.  Each one of you in your lives, you have experienced what we have been talking about.  Every one of you here you have experienced it on some level.  We are asking now that you consider, that you consider choosing> not just taking the first that is available or the first that comes along but looking and evaluating and making a decision.  Remember their path is theirs and you must allow them their path.  Do not look upon them as a challenge for something to change. Do not look upon them as how things can be if this happens or they change in this way or they change in that way. Instead look upon them and see that they are already going the way that you need to go.  They already share your goals, your feelings, and your God.  Then you will know that you can choose to have an attachment within your life that is perfect for you, that can lift you up, that can hold you, that can walk with you; not just in the journey of this life but in the journey of lives to come and in the new world also. Those attachments which you take which are of lesser energies have an ending to them. And you know that when you start.  And so by your very choice to make that attachment with the lesser energy you have already chosen that time in which you must part ways.  But if you choose one that walks in the good energy, that walks in the light and walks in the LOVE of your eternal God then you have a partner to share and to be with; for this life and many lives to come. But close friendships and close LOVE and attachments this does provide for you and all in a positive mode to help facilitate your healing and your growth.  Dear ones look at the affairs of your heart and guard careful those to whom you give your heart.  You now have the tools in which to make your choices so that you can now minimize the pains, the challenges and the tribulations that go with such attachments.

We LOVE you,  We bless you and We are with you always, In the White Light We bless you, Amen

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