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This is the scorching rebuke I got. Man it is really good. I only wish you could HEAR it. They were laughing the whole time. Enjoy!!!!!!

 Depression and the Itty Bitty World

01-13-02 Mother Mary

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting Spirit through the power of the White Light I command all negative energies out of our bodies, out of our auras and out of this room, out of this space.  Command them out.  And ask for that beautiful White Light to come in and fill this room.  And see all of the beautiful Angels that are coming in with them, all of the incredibly beautiful Light Spirits with their Joy.  I can feel that Joyful vibration that they are.  They come in and actually I think they're amused.   I'm not  sure they are too joyful today I think that is amusement.  I think we provide a lot of amusement for them the way we like to hit our heads against the wall.

Dear Creator we come before you this day asking for your Light to be here with us, asking You to be here with us, asking Ascended Masters,  Guardian Angels, Beautiful Light Beings, all of the highest vibration that want to come and be with us here at this time to please come and be here.  Ask that each of you take a deep breath and breathe in this beautiful White Light and and as you breathe out release and relax.  Breathe in again.  Breathing in deeply.  And as your breathe out, release and relax.  One more time, breathe in deeply, seeing all of your body being filled with this beautiful White Light.  And as you breathe out see the White Light merging with that Light that is in the room bringing us all in as one. 

Now in your mind's eye visualize all those things that you have been given in your life for which your are thankful.  And at this time open up your heart and your mind and your spirit and praise Creator God for all that He has provided for you  give thanks to Jehovah for the blessings of life, for the blessings of free agency and for the blessings of living upon this our Mother Earth.  Give thanks all of ye children, give thanks to Creator for the ability to come here and to have the physical body, to have that measure of health, that measure of intelligence and measure of gifts that you have been given in this journey.  Give thanks to Creator God for the beautiful  Earth for Her mountains, for Her skies, for Her winds, for Her waters, for all of Her creations, the animals, four-legged, winged, for all peoples that are on her, rock and tree and plant, water.  Give thanks for all the wonders that are provided here upon our Earth.  

For if you will look at it and consider it you will see that life itself is a miracle.  It is a miracle how the elements of Mother Earth can be formed in such a way to create your bodies and to create the things that grow upon it.   It is a miracle the way in which these things can reproduce themselves.  Look at your own human cycle.   Look at the miracle of giving birth, of creating a body that then becomes a place of habitation for the beautiful, beautiful spirits that the Creator sends here.  Those beautiful spirits that have agreed and have asked to come.  Is that not a miracle in itself?  

And as you look upon Mother Earth how the small, small seed is placed within Her and yet all sustenance and all that it needs so that it can begin to grow and to mature and to become that plant in order to provide for you that food or that clothing or that building item.  Are these not miracles?  How it is that there are those among you who can look at these things and become so complacent of them, take them so for granted and yet these same people cannot see the miracle in their own lives.  For as each of you have viewed your own life as you come into balance with the Creator and with those eternal energies you can look and you can view the miracles within your own lives.   Your life itself, the being, the existing, the experiencing, the learning! Is not every second of every minute of every day a miracle?  Do you not understand this?  Do you not understand that the very breath that you breathe is sacred, is holy?  Do you not understand this? Then how can you think any less of the creation that you are than the greatest miracle that the Creator knows how to create?  Do you not understand that the very essence of everything that is on the face of the earth is a miracle? And these miracles do not just happen.  They are not accidents.  They do not just appear.  You do not just shake them in a bottle and make them happen.  For there is a great force behind all things.  This force being the Creator.  And as He moves, as He breathes, as He and She exist, so They create miracle in everything They touch, They breath, They see, They conceive, They think! And you are one of those miracles. You are one of those miracles.  

Look at your lives.  Look at the trials and the challenges, the lessons, the experiences that you have overcome, that you have mastered, that you have learned.  All of these are miracles that have gone into creating who you are.  Do you see each day as the sun rises?  Do you see that day as a miracle?  That you are there to breathe and partake of it, to learn and to rejoice.  It is easy on your plane to forget these things that I speak of.   When you shut down those lifelines, those air waves to the Spirit Force it is easy to forget that you are a miracle.  It is easy to forget that every thing here on the earth is a miracle.  And as you stay wrapped up in your doing, in your going, in your accomplishing, as you get wrapped up in these things you become disconnected and it is easy to forget that you are a miracle.  That your life is a miracle.   That every day is a miracle.  That the very breath that you take is a miracle.  Ask one who is among you who struggles to catch his breath on a daily basis for he understands that breathing is a miracle.  But for those of you who breath easily, you begin to take this for granted.  You begin to take this as though it is owed to you.  That somehow you've created it.  That somehow you've achieved it.  It becomes such second nature that you forget that even breathing is a miracle.  

In your lives you have such tendency to get  bogged down in your  itty bitty little space that you forget the miracle that you are. The miracle that life is.  The miracle that your world is.

Dearest, dearest, precious children, it is time!   It is time to remember how great a gift this earth journey is in all it's aspects.  It is time to remember. And to bring forth your voices in the praises of thanksgiving for all these miracles. Get out of your itty bitty little world.   Expand, expand into the miracle that you are living. Expand.   Breathe in the miracle.   Breathe it in now.  See the miracle flow through you into every cell of your being.  Let it flow into your mind.  Let it flow into that part of you that is personality, that is Ego.  

I ask now that you meet Ego.  Have Ego come before you.  Do you see Ego?  Do you see Ego?  With the poor me, poor me, poor me.   Do you see how hard you make your tribulations?  Do you see how difficult you make them with this Ego that you carry?  Right now (I would) like for you to confront Ego.  At this time give thanks to Ego for being there for you, for helping you.  Give thanks to Ego for the lessons that Ego has taught you.  Thank you Ego.  Thank you.  Each and every one, thank Ego for these incredible lessons.  Want you to see the true nature of Ego.   Ego, now show them true nature.   Do you see Ego as nothing more than the "millstone around your neck".   Ego is nothing more than the weight that keeps you down.  Ego demands this.  Ego demands that.  Ego requires this and Ego requires that.  And so you make your life so difficult trying to achieve all that Ego wants.  

Children, take this Ego, take this millstone, and see this millstone that Ego is.  See him.  And with all your might give this stone a heave ho. Throw it as far as you can.  And you will see that it lands in the water. Now as you watch, watch water erode Ego.  See it wash over Ego.  Little bit, by  little bit, by little bit. Washing and washing and washing over.  Rubbing against the great millstone. Polishing it.  Shining it.  Smoothing it.  Wearing it away till there is only a small pebble left.  And as you see this pebble, you see this shine that is on this pebble, the beauty that is in this pebble and how there is a Light that emanates from this pebble.   This is what your earth experience is doing to you.  It will wear away the rough edges.  It will smooth you over and it will wear away at Ego until you are the polished stone. 

Look within your beings children.  Look there and see that Light that is within you.  See that Light emanate.  See that Light as it emanates from you and pervades your world.  See your world.  See your world now.  See it in its vibrancy and its color.  See the energies, see the energies in  your world.  You can see the vibrancy of the Light. There is a constant Light show going on. Colors and Lights all around you constantly.   This is the moving of the Spirit World that is around you.  And this Spirit World is filled with the myriad of creation as is your physical world.  Look at the colors dance, look at them spiral and zip.  Look at the Light show aspects of 4th of July.  Strange Light Beings that you have never beheld.  Look at the activity that is in your world around you at all times. 

Right before you is a great crystal ball.  Want you to see what your itty-bitty little world when you let Ego operate in its "me, me, me";  in its martyrdom, in its victim; when it is operating in all of its fullness; in its little itty-bitty world.  Look inside this crystal ball and see.  You see the darkness that surrounds you. Do you see how Light cannot pervade?  How Light cannot work its way within?  How Light is held at bay because you hang on so tightly to your negativity, you hold on so tightly to Ego and its wallowing, its misgivings.  Do you see your world? What it is like when you operate from this space?  Crack open that shell.  Let the Light come in.  Let the Light come in and bring with it that joy, that LOVE, that effervescence that flows throughout all creation; that is One with the Creator; that is One with all Creation.  Let this Light now flow in. 

What can you do with Ego?  When you have tired of your lessons, what can you do with him?  For he so LOVEs to torment you.  That is his prime  directive you know, is to torment.  And Ego does such a wonderful job.  Bless Ego. Bless him for he has done his job marvelously well.  Bless Ego. And do you see this easy chair with the great Light over it, the Light streaming in, give Ego this easy chair.  And set him in the Light and let him rest.  Children the time does move quickly the faster you can achieve your lessons and overcome and gain mastery over who you are. And you gain this mastery by allowing spirit to work.  You gain mastery by getting yourself out of the way, by getting Ego out of the way.  Set Ego in his rocking chair.  Give him his glass of tea.  Set him in the Light and let him rest. 

As you go forth into your world, each one of you having created that one in which you are presently functioning in, and the young one (Joe); learn quickly that your world is what you create.  You have the choice within you.  To choose.  to have this joy and this Light surround you.  Or you can choose to continue to play with Ego and to fully enjoy all that Ego has to offer for you.  Learn quickly to picture in your mind and to picture in your worlds and to out picture in your deeds the world that you truly want to live in.  For as long as  you continue to be in the negative this is where your world will be.  But as you build the positive in your mind,  in your thought and in your physical from your words and your deeds, as you continue to build it; it will become stronger and stronger until that is truly your reality.  To have that great LOVE within your life, to have that great joy in your life, to have all these things that we have promised to you and have spoken to you of.   To allow those things to be there and to function and to raise you up and to find the very joy of your existence.  

Work harder my children. You are accomplishing much, you are getting there.   But your efforts, you struggle so.  Therefore it becomes your choice to choose for yourself how very hard you want to struggle, how very, very hard you desire to struggle  We hope that you have been able to gain and have been able to benefit from the insight that has been brought to you this day through the feelings that you have perceived, through the visions you have been able to see and that the loads that you carry in your individual worlds have been Lightened.  That you have been able to perceive yourselves and your lessons with a sense of humor and not take everything in your world as seriously as you have been doing.  We ask now that each of you continue for the work that you are doing in your lives is good and it is blest. I do LOVE you all so very, very much.  Remember that We are with you, that We are always there. We thank you for the availability of being able to be here with you at this time. And We bring to you the Light and LOVE of the Creator and We do so through the power of the White Light. 

Each of you can come back to the here and now as you want to, as you desire, are ready to.


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