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Illusions, Miracles


In the name of the Father and the Son and the everlasting Spirit through the power of the White Light I command all negative energies out of this room, out of this space, out of our auras, out of our bodies.  Command them out.  And ask for the White Light to come in.  Ask for all of those beautiful Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Healing Angels to come in and join us at this time, please. And extend to you the gratefulness of our hearts for being there for us, for being with us, for helping us through our lessons. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  At this time see the White Light as it surrounds us.  And we have all of these beautiful Light Beings here with us, administering to us, each one of us, through laying on of hands, through supporting the energies. 

Take a deep breath.  See this White Light as it comes in to your bodies and as you breath out release and relax.   Let go of problems, concerns, let go of challenges and thoughts, let go of all tribulations, those things which demand your attention for your worldly sojourn.  Take another deep breath.  Seeing the White Light within your being brighten.  And as you breath out again release and relax.  Breathe in one more time breathing in this beautiful White Light and as you breath out seeing it flow out into your aura and into this room that is filled with this incredibly beautiful White Light making us one with the Creator, making us one with creation, making us one with each other. 

At this time as your receive this beautiful Pink Light coming from the Creator see this Pink Light coming in at the crown of your head flowing down through the face and the back of your neck, back of your head, down through your neck, shoulders, into your chest and into your heart.  Let the LOVE flow into your heart.  Open up and receive this unconditional LOVE.  Let it bathe every part of your being, ego, emotions, unconditional acceptance of who you are and where you are in relation to your spiritual journey.   See this Light now as it continues flowing through your body, down through the fingers, down to the toes. And see the healing power as it goes in at the cellular level, accepting unconditionally and healing away through LOVE the imperfections,  the inconsistencies, the negativity from physical, emotional and spiritual that resides within the cells.   And see each cell in your being being LOVEd, filled with this incredible unconditional LOVE. And at the same time through the acceptance see the cells being returned to their original creation and perfection.  Being returned to that state in which it was provided for at the time of your birth into this physical existence. And see this healing energy as it flows through from the very core of your being to the outside layers into every hair, every cell, into your breath itself. 

As you breathe out now see this unconditional LOVE flowing into your world, an allowance and an acceptance of the world that you live in.  While at the same time an understanding and a knowing that this world is but an illusion and is but temporary. That the true world is in the spirit world and through this spirit world's learning, the journey, the understanding that comes as you understand the truth of all things.  That you will be able to transcend and to see the illusion that is in the world around you,  as others exist within this world, being as a ship being tossed to and fro because of their beliefs, because of allowing the physical world to do this to them. Those of you who understand the true concept of the spirit world can see beyond the superficial, can see beyond the illusion, and can see beyond the temporary and can see into the Eternal Light.  You know that those things which you  are learning, are dealing with in your physical world will pass, whatever it is will pass. The struggle is in understanding and finding that way to rise above and to transcend into this total spiritual being that you are. 

All these things are lessons.  For as you have been told in times past, it is a knowing.  And until you can acquire that state of knowing, that state of being which allows you to be without question, without doubt, without the illusion; you cannot achieve this state of being.  Again let us reiterate that this state of being, this state of knowing, this state of every cell of your being; knowing who you are, knowing the truth about your spirituality, knowing the truth> not believing, not having faith as these are stepping stones to the knowing, the complete understanding.  Each one of you must work to achieve this in your world. this complete understanding, this state of knowing. Then at that point you can rise above the illusion. At that point you can transcend all.  And all these trials and tribulations and challenges, these things known as karma, will cease to be of any importance to you, will cease to be.  For in the Light and in the LOVE of our great Creator there are no illusions, there are no falsehoods, there is only the truth.  This truth begins with His LOVE. And as you work to distill and remove all essences within  your being that come from the many different facets of where you have been and who you have been programmed to be; it is only through removing these that you can come into the totality of the spiritual being who you are.

You have heard this many times before.  You have heard it in many different ways.  You have read it.  And each writer that writes of these things writes about it in just a little different way. So that when you read it you may not understand from this reader or you may not understand from this particular message. But we do not give up. That is not within our capability. We are here to help and to guide. And so we will continue giving the messages. We will continue in different ways, with different languages, different symbolism so that each one of you will be able to find that which will bring it to your understanding.  Our work here among you is for one purpose and one purpose only.  It is to return you to the home from where you cameYou can return there only when you have accomplished becoming the total being of LOVE that you truly are.

Each journey that you take upon the earth and other learning institutions such as your earth, each time you go out; you do so at risk.  But you also do it in order to gain.  For if you do not get out of bed in the morning, then you cannot ever accomplish anything.  If you do not leave the house, you cannot accomplish things. And this is the way it is.  Unless you go out from your spirit habitation into these learning places, you cannot progress. You cannot achieve your full potential. And that full potential, do you understand what is at stake? Do you understand that full potential?  Have we not spoke to you before about the human and the god being combined in one? And how it is for you to take the human and to learn from it. But to work toward that which is all god-like. These are not empty words they are sound counsel. But being god-like means to be in total control of your manifestations.  It means to be in control of you.  Not in control of what goes on outside of you for a lot of that is determined through the consciousness of others, through mass consciousness and through the belief systems that are set up through your media, through your books and through mutual agreement with all those that have come to your earth plane.  Those things you have no control of. These things you can work at changing by the way that you out-picture your world.  You can out-picture your world in peace and in harmony.  And when enough of you through the Monkey Theory, these "monkey" energies, when enough of you have out-pictured this and  been able to provide this within your own world then you can manifest it in the world through your mass consciousness. But what we speak of is not your physical world, not the world and the space that you share with others.  But what we speak of is your individual world. The worlds that you do create through the things that you think and the things that you do. The worlds in which the classes and your gathering together have been created to create changes in and this is your individual worlds, the worlds in which you reside, the worlds in which you live.  Mastery here, to not let the illusion sidetrack you, destroy you,. to not let the illusions imprison you but to see through these illusions and see the spiritual truth that abounds around you. 

As you look in your world see the truth that is there for it is all around you.  It is in your sky. It is in your earth.  It is in your trees. It is in the essences that you share with one another.  It is in your LOVE for your Creator, for your God and for your homeland. See the beauty that is all around you.  For beauty cannot be held without seeing the truth. 

Look within you. See the beauty there.  Do you not see the awesome creation that you are?  Do you not see the miracle that you are?  Do you not see that because of the choices you have made that you are this miracle?  There are others who have journeyed a similar path but they have not made the choices to rise above, to reach for the stars, to reach for the oneness with the Creator.  No, they are still stuck within their karma, within their lessons, they still let the world toss them to and fro. And many times they have let their souls become bitter and angry and hateful.  But those of you who are here, you have risen above all these things and have made the conscious choice to bring LOVE into your world and to bring LOVE into your very essence. And this makes you the miracle.  This makes you the exception.  And it is through your Light and through your sharing of this Light that you can make a difference in your world. 

There are many things that we have yet to give to you. But we come at this time in a way to give encouragement to every one of you.  Your struggles show in your energies.  There is not one among you that has an easy path.  There is not one among you who has finished learning everything that you can learn.  There is not one among you. But we are here to encourage you for the progress that you have made, the strides that you are working toward are greatly appreciated and if you could see from our perspective you would understand how monumental they are.  For each one of you are gaining. Each one of you are striving moving forward. Each one of you is accomplishing and getting closer to that goal. 

It has been thought and we bring this forth at this time because it is an illusion, that we wish for each one of you to work on.  But it has been thought that you cannot attain that degree of perfection in this life.  That is not a true statement. It is a belief that you that you have taken in, you have taken upon yourself.  But it is not true. Each one of you will live long enough in this physical world that if you so desire you can transcend it. 

The most difficult lessons are still ahead.  Each one of you have worked upon the easy ones.  These are the training grounds. As you progress and as you learn from the first one that you learned from, you progress to those which are buried deeper within you.  Those which have become a very part of your essence over lifetimes.  These become the most difficult to work through and to remove and to transcend.  But the beauty is that you are doing it.  You are accomplishing it. You are great incredible miracles.  If there would be any one thing that we desire to give to you today, it's to help you see the incredible miracles that you are.  How through your choices lesser souls would have given up. Lesser souls would have given in. But your souls are so valiant that they do not give up. They do not give in.  They keep reaching for the stars.  They keep reaching for all that they truly are. This is the one thing we desire to give to you today. That you can see the beauty of your being, see the beauty of your souls. See the beauty and the miracles that each one of you are. 

At this time we now ask that each one of you see this Beautiful Pink the Light that has been streaming in from the heavens above with all these beautiful Light Beings here.  The Light Beings are now going to take a step above us into the other dimension.  And here what we will do now is we will take this Pink Light that is coming in.  Focus it through your heart. We now want to focus it into Mother Earth.  Mother Earth now returns it back to us. And we are now going to shed this Light upon the spiritual aspects.  See Mother Earth. See all of mankind. See yourselves.  The physical coated with the Pink Light, filled with the Pink Light.  Now see this also being done on the spiritual level.  All right.  Now in your mind please go with your spirit. Let your spirit direct. Remember your spirit comes from Creator, has been with Creator. And that your higher self knows all things. So please trust.  And go with it now.  Now focus this Light.  Want you to focus it into the fourth dimension. And with this at the same time holding the physical and spiritual elements of everything, everyone on the earth.  Hold them and send this into the fourth dimension. Send it into the fifth.  Send it into the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth. . . .. . .  Now very slowly withdraw.. .Coming back into the third. . .Holding the ninth within you. . .    Now in your world out-picture the perfection of a world in peace. Hold the peace of the world within your crystal sphere.  Set it there and hold it.

We give our blessings to each of you.  And want you to know that there will be Healing Angels that will go with each one of you throughout this week . That the physical changes that are happening within your bodies will continue and you shall continue to heal.  This is the message that we give at this time.  You may each come back to the here and now as you so desire.

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