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Manifestations; Dimensions; Prayer; Spirit Name


In your mind's eye envision the Creator, see this beautiful White Light that He is sending down to us that encompasses us and fills this room. And as we invite and welcome all those that are coming with the White Light, Ascended Masters and Angels, Healing Angels, Light Beings.  Invite and welcome your Personal Guides to enter in within the space and to be with you at this time.  Take a deep breath. Breathe in the beautiful White Light.  And as you breathe out release and relax.  Let go of problems, challenges, concerns.  Let go of those things that are on your mind.  Breathe in again.  Breathe in deeply.  Filling your body with this beautiful, beautiful White Light.  See it going into every part of your being.  And as you breathe out again, release and relax.  And yet a third time, breathe in deeply.  Seeing every part of your being, down to your fingers and your toes, into the cellular level, being filled with this incredibly beautiful White Light.  Ask your body to partake of this white light to partake of its healing abilities and see it transforming and healing at the cellular level.  Bringing every part of your body into that state of perfection that was there at the present of your incarnation into this life.  Now take one more deep breath.  This time breathing the White Light into your aura.  Healing and cleansing your aura, all  that space without and around you.  Becoming one with the beautiful White Light that encases us. Becoming one with the Creator. 

Now in the thankfulness of your heart, give forth thanks to the Creator for all the wonderful blessings that you have been receiving.  Thank Him for the clarity of mind in which you have received.  Thank Him for the straightening of the energies in your life.  That as you proceed forth in your world that this world has now changed to where things are now working for you, coming together for you.  And in your life you can see the very hand of the Creator as you align your thoughts and your soul and your world with that that the Creator has in store for you. Often times in your world when you are letting ego create your world, you will find that there are many blocks, many hindrances to achieving the goals and the ideas that you have put forth into your world.  They may be very good goals. They may be very good ideas.  But because you are letting ego run these things for you, they are not working in alignment with the Creator.  And therefore are not functioning, are not happening in your world as you would desire to see these things happen.  But as you align your soul, your ideas and your world with that that the Creator has in mind for you, you find that the doors open up and that you merely need to walk through.  So this is a very good point to look at in your world.  When you are seeming to fight everything that is around you., you see that you are not in alignment.  For when you are in alignment these things flow from you.  They flow forth.  And oftentimes it is not the idea.  It is not the goal.  It is not the good things that you want to do with your world and your life that is in conflict.  It is simply the fact that you have allowed ego to run these things for you., when in truth these are the things that are in your heart.  These are the things that Creator wants to have happen.  But He wants it done through Him, through alignment with Him, through His inspiration, through His energy flow.  He wants you to work in partnership with Him in achieving these things.  And it is not done that way when you let ego get in there and flow and do the work.  For ego stops the very flow that can be working toward the accomplishment of your goals, of your ideas, of those things which creator has placed in your heart as good things to do. 

It is with Our LOVE and with much goodness that we come at this time to bless you and to bring our energies of goodness and of light and of LOVE to you.  To bless each one of you at this time that you may go forward in your worlds and in your lives and be able to create those things that have been placed within your heart, so that these things can be achieved and be accomplished.  But even the good things that you want to do and achieve must be brought into alignment with the Creator and with the Creator's energies and with those with whom He sends to you to help achieve these things.  So we come at this time to bless you, that as you travel this path that you are working upon, that you are traveling and enjoying, it is given to you many, many helpers to help each one of you to discover your true path and the way in which it is to be accomplished.  Some of you are still looking for your path.  Others have realized that the path that they have been journeying upon is not the one that they want to be on. They have decided that they need new paths.  And so it is our counsel at this time that as your bring your life into alignment with the Creator, to look within your being for that which is your heart's desire.  Then with Creator, join your heart's desire with Creator's desire  for you.  You will find they are the same. But then hand this back to Creator to open up those doors and to open up with all desire those things that you would like to have be accomplished within your world and within your life. 

As  you journey forth into your world and as you work to create the new world, it is counseled that you seek to do all things in prayers. For it is in prayer that you join your energy with the Creator's energy. And it is here that you can then learn the truthfulness of those things that you want to do. And where you can receive the inspiration to accomplish that which you desire. And work in partnership with the Angels and with the Creator your God, Who has placed your heart's desire within you from the beginning in the first place.  As you operate your world and as your operate your life within that world  and you do so through inspiration and through the oneness with the Creator, you will see that the impossible is there and becomes the possible, becomes the ordinary norm.  For as you align with Creator and step into that oneness and that space all of universe is now therefore at the beckoning of your call, for the creating of your heart's desire in your world and in your outer world.  And when the universe has come into play and has been called into action on behalf of your world, your good, your ideas, then all things become possible, for there is no longer any limitation placed therein, placed within you, or upon you, upon your world and upon your manifestations.  Now as you step forth to manifest those things of your heart's desire and  you do so in the goodness and in the purity of God intent, you will see and you will find the truth that has been there all along.  Remember as you were counseled before that this truth is the only true reality. 

And this truth; standing in it, being in it totally and completely is the only way to manifest the ascension energy and to make them become a physical reality.  Each one of you are learning this. And as you work with this you become stronger in these vibrations. You become stronger in your understanding. You become stronger in your knowing.  And we desire to bless you at this time. Again, with universal energies so that your knowing and your understanding can become complete, that you will be able to stand totally within those energies of knowing and understanding., and see the truth that is in your world and be able to transcend the illusions. 

There are so many illusions that you have accepted into yourselves because this is what you have been trained to do.  This has been your training in your world, into these belief systems that are false.  And as you come into the true knowing and the true understanding of what is real and what is based in that true reality, you will very quickly begin to shed the illusions in which your current world operates.  We counsel you to continue in this way and to continue in this path. As you begin to understand these illusions they will be easier and easier and easier to transmute, to shed and to step out of.   You have our LOVE our precious children and brothers and sisters. You have our LOVE. You have  all that we can possibly give to you and share with you at this time. You have our LOVE, our energies and you have the universe at your disposal..  Step into that space of oneness and create your new world, your new reality, in accordance with the Creator's desires and with your heart's desires. And you will see that all things are manifested. 

Now at this time we wish to address the time of your manifestations. In times past because of ego and because of your emotional variances, those things in your world, which you allow toss you to and fro as a ship upon the stormy waters;  the manifestations that you have desired to bring about in your world  have been effected by these things. And each time that you allow these things to get in there and manipulate the universal energies, you prolong, you disrupt, you disconnect your good and your manifestations.  It is only through standing surely and completely within the positive energies that you can shorten the time of your manifestations.  It is only through standing totally; not wavering, and here again you hear the same counsel, do not waiver in your knowing. And this too will shorten your manifestation, the length of  time in which they do appear. And you think here on your earth plane; "yes this is easier said than done" but each one of you that is striving towards your ascension, your personal transformation into these higher energies this is where you must go. You must go to this state of being where you know and you do not waiver.  Not in one thing, not in two things, but in all aspects of who you are. In all aspects of who you are.

And who are you?  By this time each one of you are gaining a good understanding of who you are. You are not the name of this incarnation. You are not the name of any incarnations.  But each one of you have a spiritual name, a spiritual name by which you are known. And at this time it is asked that you listen.  That you go within and that you find this spiritual name. For this spiritual name is the resonance of who you truly are.  This spiritual name is the vibration of LOVE whom you are.  And this is truly who you are.  But in all your incarnations the name by which you were known if added upon each other still do not equal the spiritual name that you are.  And they are gradually progressing toward that spiritual name. But when you have reached those ascension energies you will become your spiritual name. And at that time you will take upon that spiritual name, to be that spiritual name from now throughout all eternity. 

In each incarnation you have learned some things. You have come in to learn certain things and sometimes you have learned them and sometimes you haven't. Each lesson has been honed to add its knowledge to the knowledge of all the other lessons that you have had.  But this lifetime is the supreme lesson.  For this is the lifetime in which you will tie together all the knowledge from all the lives that you have lived on this earth as well as upon many other earths and many other so called learning institutions.  It is this lifetime that you can pull all of this together and to become the total person whom you truly are.  We come to encourage you for the work that you are doing is good.   The work that you are doing is accomplishing much.   The work that you are doing is achieving that oneness and that stepping toward that state of being, that state of energy that is necessary to make the ascension transformation for yourself and for your Earth.  We come with our blessings and our LOVE…… and our LOVE. And at this time we want you to just relax and to enjoy and to absorb the energies that we bring to you from the 9th dimension.  Bring them into your being.  Let them flow through you and in you. Absorb these energies.  See your physical body partaking of these energies.  See your physical body becoming accustomed to these energies.  ( At this point is the realization that Earth will go not to the 4th or 5th as some stuff I have read but that Earth will go all the way to at least the 9th level)

It has not been directly addressed and so at this time we desire to do that.  You live in the 3rd dimension.  Your 1st dimension is the causal dimension.  This is the dimension in which thought is created.  Your 2nd dimension is the dimension……., the 2nd dimension is a crystalline dimension in which thought processes begin to form for the creation of your physical world.  The 3rd dimension is the physical world in which you live.  The 4th & 5th dimension of which is so often spoke are simultaneous with your 3rd dimension.  Your 4th & 5th dimensions are also spiritual dimensions that pertain to your physical earth where your 1st & your 2nd pertain to those worlds in which the Creator exists.   Your 3rd, your 4th and your 5th all pertain to your physical world, this particular planet.  The 4th dimension is where each one of your thoughts begins their creation and begins your physical world.  The 4th & the 5th, the 5th is where these thoughts are actually created, the 4th is where they begin manifestation to bring forth into your 3rd (dimension) world . 5th :& 4th are present simultaneously with your 3rd dimension.   Those realms which are higher continue in their spiritual elevations each one having spaces in which to work.   Sixth,  7th & 8th are healing spaces. These are spaces in which those from your world go in order to continue progression & healing.  Ninth and above are those spaces that again relate to those energies which have to do with the Creator. These are dimensions that have to do with the residences of Angel energies and Light People, Light Spirit energies and at this time we desire not to go into any more exactness of these dimensions.  Only to let you know that 9th & above are those realms which deal with the eternal truth and the eternal light and the eternal beings.

So now with this understanding you will realize that in the 4th & 5th dimensions you create the world upon which you are living.  It is in these dimensions that your so called "monkey energies" do work and do thrive. And it is in these dimensions you will be creating the new world and will birth this new world into its physical existence.  You have become aware that Mother Earth is birthing a new earth. You have thought and have developed questions in your mind concerning how this is to be done.  It has been brought to your understanding that both worlds are simultaneous. And you have wondered how this is to be. And this is how it is to be. The new world that is being birthed is simultaneous with your physical existence but at the present time it is in the 5th dimension and in the 4th dimension.  Preparations have been made in the 4th dimension for that birthing to be brought into the 3d reality. And this birthing will be brought forth out of Mother Earth energies.  It is this comprehension at this time for you to understand.  There are some who have described this as a bridge crossing over into the 4th & the 5th. But it is not so much a bridge of going from here to there. It is there coming here. 

It is with our LOVE and with all of our power and energies that we bring these realms to you to lift you up and to encourage you and to help you in the manifestations of all that must transpire upon your earth for you, for your people, for mankind, for the children of your living God. These we bring to you at this time as the Creator has so instructed us to do in the name of His holiness and in the name of all righteousness and so it is. 

We ask now that each of you come back to the here and now as you are ready.

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