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Ego, Accelerate growth, Earth Healing

Moroni; White Buffalo Calf Woman

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting Spirit through the power of the White Light I command all negative energies out of this room, out of our auras, out of our bodies.  Bring a crystal shield around us and totally encase us in this beautiful crystal shield.  And at this time I invite all these beautiful Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings to come and be with us at this time.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

See the White Light come in around us totally encasing us and filling up this beautiful crystal sphere.  At this time each of you please take a deep breath of the beautiful White Light and while doing so envision the beautiful White Light coming into your bodies filling your bodies up with this beautiful White Light.  And as you breath out release.  Let go of all tensions, problems, concerns.  Let them flow out of you.  And again breath in deeply.  And again as you breathe out let go of problems, concerns, challenges, trials and tribulations, all things that keep your life in turmoil and keep you from the goals that you have in mind for yourself and for your world.  Let go of all of these things.  Let them flow out of you. Let fill again with the beautiful White Light.  Filling in to your toes and your fingers.  And this time as you breathe out . . .As the beautiful White Light is filling in around us and we filled our bodies with it.  Beautiful White Light fills this space and this room.  Become one with it.  Now send the White Light down into Mother Earth connecting solidly with Her core.  See the White Light coming through you straight into Mother Earth.  Now She sends the energy back.  See this energy flowing into your body.  Flowing throughout.  Now give thanks to the Creator and to Mother Earth for all that we have been given.  Thank the Creator for this incredibly beautiful day.  Thank them for the sun that is shining, the good weather that we are having, for the beautiful, beautiful Earth and everything that is in Her.  Give thanks to the Creator God also for all that we have been learning.  For all that has been given to us that we can take into our lives and to utilize and to help make our lives be more in oneness with all of creation and more in tune with all that Creator would have us do.

It is for this purpose that we have been drawn together at this time.  To give thanks and to praise the Creator, your God, the great Jehovah and all those that are with them, that we might be able to show our appreciation and the gratefulness of our hearts for all that we have been givenů. for the blessings that we have received here upon this earth.  This earth is so beautiful and the ability that we have here to learn such valuable lessons and to grow in such quantum leaps is what this earth station, this learning station affords to us is one of the greatest gifts that we have been given.  For there are many places in our universes in which we can grow,  in which we can go to learn, but none of them have the availability of the rapidity that is available here on this planet to gain quickly and to gain in these quantum leaps, these lessons and this knowledge that is afforded to us.   It is only for each one of us to make up our minds to make that decision to make these things our focal point, to make this growth our priority, to focus upon these things of a spiritual nature in which will allow us to make the rapid growth that is available here on this planet.  As each of you make this decision and you make it with every fiber of your being and you hand over all your earthly cares and  trust that all things will be provided for you, it is when you have accomplished arriving at that state of being in which you can totally trust the processes of your spirit and the Creator and the Universe in taking care of all of these things for you> then you can also put your spirit in that state of learning where it can rapidly progress with the lessons that are being given to you. 

Your earth plane is created in such a way that there are struggles, there are challenges, there are these experiences that are afforded to you.  But it is up to each one of you as to how difficult you will make these learning processes.  As it was mentioned before, those issues that you have cleaned up already are the easy ones. They are the peripheral ones.  They are the ones in which you learn the process.  But the core issues, those issues that have been with you through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and have become the essence of your being> these core issues are indeed the most difficult to overcome.  And yet as you have learned the process you can make them easier to transpire, to transpose, and to achieve all of that learning that has been given to you.  There are many life times in which we have come to this earth.  There are many life times in which we have learned the lessons.  There are also those lifetimes that there is still trauma, there is still negativity that hangs on, that has affected the world in which you live today.  For as you have been told before, this is the life time in which to learn all these lessons, to achieve these lessons and to rise above all things that are there.  This is the life time in which to culminate all of your learning experiences.  For this is the last go around in which you will have the availability to make the quantum leaps.  After this, all lessons still can be learned. All lessons still can be achieved.  They will be achieved in the spirit world or they will be achieved on other planets, other leaning institutions.  But at no time will you be given the availability to do such quantum growth.  The quicker that you learn to hand ego, to hand your karma over to those Angels to which are  there to handle these situations, the faster you will be able to progress in the Light and to progress in the learning that is being sent to you and being given to you at this time. 

Our lives that we live can be filled with so much joy and so much happiness even on your earth plane.  It can be filled with these things if you are simply willing to let go and to allow your higher self in conjunction with the Creator and with the Universe to move in your world and to let these things progress in a manner which is in alignment with the positive creation of all things.  This may be your most difficult lesson. For this is where your ego, your personality has so much enjoyment in creating the difficulties that you face. It is in your unwillingness to get out of the way and to  let spirit work through you that is your handicap.  It is your ego that wants to hang on to its so called "individualness".  It is your ego that feels that it must do these things alone without help. That it (ego) must be able to create and do.  That it must be strong enough.  It is these things, this type of thinking that slows down your progress and hampers you in your ability to create the manifestations that you desire in your world, to manifest this joy and LOVE within your world.  It is your ego. 

So many of you think that when you talk of ego, you talk about the conceitedness,  you talk about the wrapped up in your own ego. But that is not the only way that ego teaches you these lessons and progresses with you. It is not in the conceitedness.  It is in just the opposite.  It is in your lack of self worth.  Your self worth where you constantly feel that you have to prove yourself, prove your worth. Where you feel that you have to get in and control. And  you have to control this and you have to control that.  Many times in your efforts to control everything around you, it is simply because you feel that you do not have the control in your own life that your would like to have. And here again, it is not the matter of controlling, it is simply to matter of getting ego, getting self out of the way and you will find that you have instant control.  Does this not sound like opposition?  Does this not sound in your world the opposite of what you need to do?

But in your world remember, that you live in the world of illusion. You live in the world that is programmed in holograms of illusion.  And it is only when you rise into the truth that you will begin to understand the illusions that are all around you.  So when you give all over to your higher self and to your Creator and to your Universe, this is when you step out of the illusion.  And you will find that here there is no contradiction.  But the very things that you find contradictory are simply your illusions that work against the truth.  So in your efforts to control your world, in your efforts to control yourself, to control the people around you and to control your world you are fighting against the very truth.  That if you will let spirit operate through these things, that you will find it begins to flow and (creates) the exact manifestations that you have struggled so to control. 

The lessons here are difficult because you must work through them first in faith. Slowly gaining that knowledge and that knowing.  But each thing that you gain through your steps in faith, each thing, each piece of the knowledge, each piece of the puzzle that you learned that you gain will give you a larger portion of the truth behind the illusion.  When you know all things from the Creator's advantage point it is so easy to understand and to comprehend all things.  You were sent to this earth plane to see if you could learn these things, to reason them out, to understand them from a place of illusion.  It was to see if the spirit that is within you would seek the truth, would find the truth and would then apply the truth.  The place where each of you are striving to reach and to attain is of such great importance that it must be proved without a shadow of a doubt that you can attain this and that you will struggle to achieve it. And it is only because of this that this plan was devised. That only the strongest among you, only those with the greatest desire to learn and to implement and to order your lives in such a way as to gain this progression in this physical plane.  It has been a test. And only those of you with the greatest desire will be able to accomplish the highest goals. None will be left behind.  This is true.  The progression will be there for all to achieve.  But even in the achievement there are different levels and different layers. There are different vibrations. And those who manage to achieve their translation, their transfiguration while still within the physical body upon this learning station will receive the highest of all the levels that are there. It is here where you will have the greatest choice and the greatest ability to create from all that you have learned. 

But as you see as the universes out there are myriad.  And there are many, many, many creations that have been created out there. So only those who have been able to prove their greatest valiancy will be able to be given the keys to the greatest among all creations.   It is here where you have this opportunity to go. But it must be achieved in this life time on this plane on this learning institution.  For as you have been told this is the last of these learning institutions where this great freedom will be afforded in this particular manner.  For those of you who understand, it will not be made any plainer than at this time.  That this is an ability.  This is a vibration.  This is a place and a gift that will be afforded to all those who have been able to rise above the illusions and to implement the total truth while still in your physical incarnation.  Understand and receive this information at the spiritual level to understand what this level is.  For this knowledge will not be given any plainer. It will not be given for those that do not hear and do not understand on the spiritual level. They shall have to acquire this level before they will understand the information that was just given to you. Moroni

It is with our great LOVE it is with our great appreciation for your efforts, it is for all that you do that we are so grateful at this time. You have our LOVE. You have our blessings. And you have the spirit guides that are with you, that walk and that talk with you. That are there ordering your lives and granting you all that it is that you are striving to achieve in your worlds and in your planes.  It is all of these things that we are so grateful for.  That we bless you with.  And that we appreciate the struggles that you go through in order to attain that level of spirituality that each of you are working to attain and that you have already attained. 
We ask now at this time one more blessing and healing to be given to our Mother. To that beautiful beautiful creation in which you all reside. This beautiful, beautiful world with Her skies, Her trees, and Her mountains.  And we ask at this time that you send an incredible beautiful Pink Light into all the places on Mother Earth that She is so struggling to survive.  For mankind in his parasitic condition, does move upon Her and do make attempts to destroy Her. Of course, this will not be allowed.  But at this time we ask that the blessings of the  Pink Light be sent to the leaders in all the different places of the world. 

We ask that it be sent to the leaders of your states and to your national leaders that they will see the importance of the preservation of the Black Hills. That they will set this aside. That they will not allow many different individual interest groups to go in and to mine  and to kill the heart of our Mother.

We ask also at this time that you send the Pink Light to the leaders to the many different leaders that have the Amazon Forest as part of their landscape, their country.  That they will see the importance of creating a wilderness and a park here.  That these areas cannot and will not be de-forested.  For this is as the lungs of our Mother.  These trees do bring forth the oxygen over all the face of the earth. And if these are depleted then your earth people,- your two-legged, your four-legged, and your winged creatures- will perish.

And here again ask for the leaders to be sent the Pink Light that are out over the coral reef that goes out down through the waters. For this is like the purification system of our ocean and all of our waters.  And as they try to clean the coral and deplete the coral, mine the coral, pick the coral and as they are doing other things which poison this reef.  That they are depleting and destroying the main system (kidneys) for cleansing the water. 

So at this time we send the Pink Light and we ask for special emissaries from the planet and from the planetary system to be sent to these leaders. That they will have their minds changed and that these things that they plan to do which will destroy our planet will be changed and not allowed.  For if this is allowed then  Mother Earth will have no alternative but to protect Herself.  And if She is put into this defense mechanism than woe it is to the inhabitants of the earth.  For She will have no choice but to defend Herself and to destroy the lives that are trying to destroy Her. 

So we ask that Angels and Light Beings be sent to these people that they will realize through dreams and through their own consciousness that these places must be protected at all costs.  They must be protected or none will survive.  This is the message that must be gotten out.  This is the message that each must find a way to share. That we must protect our Mother. That these sacred places must not be tampered with anymore.  Must not be destroyed.  And in this we ask for help upon the face of Mother Earth we ask for help among those who physically exist upon the planet.  That they will understand and that they will find a way to work with the systems that are in place to achieve the healing that must be achieved and progressed throughout all the planes, all the dimensions of our Mother, of the two-legged and of the four-legged. 

Come before thee at this time again grateful that there are groups such as this and that there are groups throughout all the world that meet on a regular basis to give thanks to the Creator, to give thanks to the Earth and to work in these healing energies to promote peace clear across the face of our Mother and throughout all of the realms of creation.

We do bless each of you in your efforts that you will understand and that you will learn how to accelerate each of your individual growth.  This we bring to you at this time blessing you.  We are with you. We do this in the name of the Great Creator, in the name of our Father and our Mother, and in the name of Jehovah.  That all of you may understand and come to learn the truth that is behind the illusions. That you may understand the experience and reason why you choose to come here. This we seal upon you in the name of the Father and the Son.   Amen White Buffalo Calf Woman


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