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12-30-01 Morihoni and Nephi

Everybody comfortable?
Boy I need you guys. Yeah.  Come in & just settle us all down here.  I think everyone of us need you, we need your energy, we need your comfort and we need that incredible spirit of peace and joy to come down around us.

So at this time in your mind's eye envision the Creator.  See Him send His beautiful White Light to us and He comes with it right into the center of our room as He stands here.  See this beautiful White Light come in all around us and hold us & push all of the darkness away.   Clear all of the darkness out.   And at this time Creator God as we struggle with the problems that we have in our lives please show us how it is so many times it has been shown to us that leaving the darkness is like walking through a door and shutting it.   Only with our limited understanding and our need to cling to the past and the hurt for whatever reason we do this, we're just not seeing how to shut the door.  So if there is anything you can do to enlighten us on that aspect it would be appreciated.   Tike a deep breath of the White Light.  Breathe it in and as you breath out release and relax.  Breathe in again.  This time taking the White Light in deeply into you,  filling every part of your body down to the adamantine particle, filling all of it with the incredibly beautiful White Light.  and as you breathe out again release and relax.  Let go of all problems, all concerns, all tensions, for the time being let go of all darkness, all things that are creating concern and turmoil in your lives all things that are pulling you down and keeping you from that complete joy that you were meant to be.  Let go of all  things hand them over to the Creator at this time for you know that they will be there any time that  you desire to take them back.  Take one more deep breath this time breathing in the White Light breathing it in filling your body with it, asking your body to partake of this White Light for its healing properties and for all things therein that you are needing and desiring in your physical existence, in your physical world.

See it going into that adamantine particle> that basic physical component of your make-up which is also spiritual, for it is also known as the "God particle"; that basic component of all creation from which Creator has created all things. He has created the earth that you live on. He has created the air that you breath. He has created the water that you drink. He has created the fire and the spirit that is within you because all things come from the Creator. It is to Him that we should give all thanks for the many, many blessings that we have; for the opportunity that we have of coming here on this plane, that we have to work and to learn and to thrive. It is due to His great LOVE for each us that this opportunity has been given and therefore the blessings that derive from it also.  These blessings are the progression of your soul, that soul which is the learning vehicle your eternal spirit.

For each time that you come into this plane, that soul becomes that learning vehicle and it takes on each of the different personalities and sets of lessons that have been set forth for that particular lifetime.  So in essence it is like you have many different souls and yet only one spirit that is all of them. It is like coming into a lifetime with certain lesson. For instance, that lesson might be to learn how to become Total LOVE, to become that Unconditional LOVE and you will make the plans for that life so that the lessons will revolve around that. There are many different aspects of the lesson depending on the choices and the decisions that you make.   Often in one lifetime, you will get to choose many different aspects, many different lessons concerning the one lesson which you have challenged yourself to apply your mastery over in that lifetime.  Because of this, the many different possibilities become endless for one decision, therefore, sets up many new possibilities for the next decision so the last decision is based on a series of many, many, many, decisions that have created many, many, many types of circumstances. So that in the end you have had a chance to yet see and  learn from many multitudes of opportunity because of the diversity of these lessons. There is always this free choice that is involved in this.  

Your lesson is set before you and those who have agreed to become your guides and often> a word about guides here > your guides have chosen you to help you and to work with you because of their LOVE for you. Often there is a previous life connection which has established this great LOVE and because they see your great work, they see your great potential and they see the great work that you have set your feet to do is this lifetime. They have agreed to be here and to be there for you and to facilitate and help in your awareness in any manner that you will allow and that you will ask for.  

One of their main duties is to help you learn your lesson. So they set before you, your challenges and opportunities to prove that you have learned your lessons. Whatever your decisions are changes the course of what you have available in your repertoire, … your pantry, artillery….. for handling this situation and so it is your guide’s responsibility to take all of your choices you have made and to create new experiences out of them that will set before you this learning path. They do this out of LOVE for you.  If you will allow, they create positive experiences for you but this allowing comes from learning from your mistakes, learning from your lessons, learning from the past and taking that step forward into the future and becoming what you  truly can be, leaving the past behind! So they are responsible for creating the challenges and they will present these challenges to you again and again.

If you will look at your lessons you will discover that each lesson you are striving to learn now, will be presented to you at least 3 times so that you can prove your understanding of the challenge and your willful mastery of that challenge.  

It is brought to mind the discussion about the ticket. (A class member in discussion prior to the meditation had discussed her efforts to quit buying lotto tickets) Three times, she will have this opportunity and if she masters it by the 3rd time, she will find that this desire is no longer there at the strength and the level and the power that it was in the beginning. After that whenever she chooses a new lesson to master, she will find that this will be presented three times and on the third time if she holds fast and has determined that she is doing the right and on the right path, she will gain mastery over that particular lesson and it will not be the focal point that it has been in the past.

But all  these lessons you have agreed to and you have agreed to the variances that are allowed because of free choice and  this is why your guides are there to help you and guide you to achieve those goals and lessons that you set out for yourself before you came here. 

Before you came here you were blessed with many gifts and talents from the moment of birth. In the "old world" you have been trained not to use these gifts and talents. It has been your awakening and your remembrance of who you are that has allowed you to now take hold of those gifts, to explore them, to expand them, and to use them. These gifts were given to you to enhance your own life, to help you achieve these lessons that you came here to learn. They were given to you to help accelerate your spiritual growth as you come to recognize them and to become aware of them. They are yours! You have earned them from past valiancy and they are of great importance in all spiritual work.   But as it has been spoken, they are given to you to enhance your own world and to accelerate your own spiritual growth. But all things have a time and a season. The using of these gifts for your own personal growth and for your own world enhancement is preparation for the use of these gifts on behalf of a larger scale, on behalf of the world that you live in, on behalf of Mother Earth! So the spiritual gifts that you have been given, the spiritual gifts that you have earned and do deserve to have because of your valiancy, because of your mastery in other life times, all come into life at this time for the play of the most important event that has happened upon our earth!! This too has been spoken of. This is the ascension of our Mother  and all those who wish to reside with her.

There are many among you who have chosen to come forth at this time, not only to clear up your own karma, but the karma of your people, the karma of your race, the karma of your interaction of all the earth and all creation. Some of you have taken on special projects or you will take on special projects to facilitate and to help change the karma that has been set in motion from hundreds and thousands of years of human interaction with the earth and with all creation. It is imperative at this point, that you leave the past of  your own karma! That you allow the angels, whose work it is to clear this for you, that you allow it to happen and that you let your karma pass from you and be cleared from you, for the energy that will be directed from this point forward will be for the clearing of the karma of the people of humanity and what they have done to the earth and what they have done to all of creation through their exercising of free agency and free choice in self-serving, selfish, negative, dark ways.   For this free agency, although it was the Creator's plan and although it was sanctioned by all you who have come to this earth, has also unleashed the negative in a way that has never been unleashed before. For human kind has taken on dark forces that have rendered it incompatible with Creation and with the earth! Because of this incompatibility, it is now destroying the beautiful creations and this creation and this beautiful planet. Therefore, it is now imperative, dearest children, that you let the karma of the past fly away… close the door… let it go!  For the karma that now must be worked on is the total clearing of the karma. for the people each day add more karma to the heap that is already  thousands of years old.

Four times your world has been destroyed and the Creator has seen fit to start it over again. This time, it will not be allowed. This time Mother Earth will get her ascension She will get Her reward and those of you that desire to stay with Her and to go with her into this beautiful state of being,, which is unconditional LOVE, you will need to work diligently, very diligently, to get the efforts of the people to turn from their evil way, to turn from their wickedness, and to turn their hearts to the Creator and to turn their spirits and their LOVE to pour out over Mother Earth and to one another.  

The lessons that are here on this planet have been valuable lessons. And in the world to come for those of you who choose to stay upon our Mother and to go with her into these new energies  you will find that you yourselves  become great teachers, for there will be great temples erected. They have already been built in the fourth dimension and they shall be brought into this dimension when the time is right.  And these edifices shall function as schools for those who should journey here through light years and through their light machine vehicles to learn the lessons that were learned on this planet. This type of free agency shall not be allowed ever again because of the depths of the darkness that it unleashed. But from here on, those seeking to know good and evil, to know those decisions that can be made and to be able to see the end result of such negativity, will be able to come upon this planet and absorb these lessons like in proxy. And those of you who choose to stay with Mother Earth shall become teachers in the temples, teachers in these edifices, teachers in the great light to guide the fragile spirits and minds into the light so that they again can make this choice.  There will be yet a time in the future when all the children of the Creator have had the availability to make this choice and this decision for themselves that again this type of free agency will be established again on a planet to see if they truly have chosen good over evil.  But that is a long, long, time away in your earth years and in your lifetimes.   That is of no concern to those of you who live upon this planet at this time and so it is asked that right now you look within yourselves and you work diligently to bring yourself into the mastery of the lessons that you set before yourself. For the lessons of the world come quickly and there are not yet enough that are available to challenge and to cope with the healing work that needs to be done on those levels and those terms. 

It is for this purpose that we come for you this day to bless you and guide you and to help you accelerate your spiritual healing that  those of you that are working so diligently, you will become one with the light, that the light will be able to walk with you and shine from you and shine from your face, shine from your eyes. That the pain and the hurt and the darkness that still lingers there within your being shall be totally removed so that the joy and the essence of all creation can come in and that light can shine forth from you.   Please children, please at this time take the Father in your arms. Let Him encompass you and hold you and lift you up. He is so thrilled! He is so proud of you! He is just ecstatic over all that you have been working on and accomplishing. And do not despair, for the work that you are doing is accomplishing much as you work in your own healing levels and with your healing circles and it is asked that you try to establish more healing circles. Try to meet more often throughout the week to bring in this healing power and to bring in this healing light so that it can roll forth over the earth so that more people are holding this consciences. For as it was just explained last week that as you add and you add more to it that eventually this will become a mass consciousness that shall hold form for the people. And as we go forth into this new time and new energy, it will be a matter of choice again, but those that go with Mother Earth will have made that choice to let only good be in their lives and they will have successfully shut the door on darkness so that darkness exists in no particle of their being, in no cell, in no adamantine particle, whatsoever, will there (darkness) but be filled only with the true, pure, wholesome, perfect, originally created  adamantine particle of Divine LOVE and state of being.   

We ask again that you take a deep breath of this beautiful white light. Breathe it, feel it deeply within all of your being. Allow it now to come into you and within your being see this light now shine forth out of you like your eyes being two light beacons shining forth being a light and a beacon. Let the countenance around you, within you, shine with this beautiful light. In-vision that for yourself . In-vision this healthy glow. In-vision this incredible light, being within you, shining out of you.  Feel it. Know it.  

This knowing is the state of being in which you must become.  Faith has its place in that it allows you to step forward in faith, not knowing, but trusting that the Creator will truly do all that He has promised for you.  But it is this state of knowing that must be achieved.  It is this state of knowing who you are. It is this state of knowing that you are a being of LOVE. It is this state of knowing that the spirit world is the only true world and the eternal world. It is this state of knowing that darkness cannot touch, you cannot reach you. It is this state of knowingness that you must achieve.  For in that moment that doubt comes in, you can feel your vibration lowe,r you can feel those energies shift. Each one of you are aware by now of the feeling of the good energy  and the feeling of the negative energy and you know that in that moment that you let doubt come in and pervade your existence and your world,  that you lower your vibration. Children! Children! Children! It is imperative, dearest brothers and sisters, above all things you must understand! You must reach this level of knowing! For it is in this security of that knowing that you can step forth in that vibration of ascension energies and raise the earth in Her energies and go forth into this time that is promised.  Hold tight to that rod, hold tight to the light, let it guide every second of every minute of every hour of every day that you may walk and talk in a sacred manner. Implement those things that you have been given to help in your lives to heal your bodies and to heal your spirits.

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