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.  Each time I listen to the end of this I get goose bumps because at the very end there is a sound like ? maybe monks emitting one tone?  I don't know how to describe it or what it is.  Hope you had a blessed holiday.  LOVE & Light,  Becky

12-23-01 Meditation Good and Evil
In your mind's eye, invision the Creator standing above us.  See Him come in with this beautiful, beautiful White Light. And it comes down around all of us and encases us in it.  Now crystallize the outside edges.  Send your grounding cord down into Mother Earth down deep into Her center.  Now ask for your bodies to become Christ aligned, Christ filled, Christ balanced.  And as you do so you can feel the shift of energies.  Now we ask at this time that you take a deep breath of the White Light. And as you breathe it in see it going into your body, filling your lungs. And as you breathe out release and relax.  Let go of your problems and concerns.  Let go of the challenges that you are facing.  Let go of your fears.  Breathe in again. This time taking in the White Light. Taking it into your lungs, into your bloodstream.  Now seeing the bloodstream take it to every major organ of the body.  And again as you breathe out, release and relax. Let go of all tension, all things that are keeping your mind busy and whirling, letting go of judgment.  And one more time breathe in deeply seeing the White Light coming into your body. And as you breathe in see it go into every part of your body; muscle, bone. The interior of you is now full of this beautiful White Light.  And this time as you breathe out let the White Light breathe through your skin into the White Light that is around us.  And become one with the White Light.  Now one more time, please breathe in this White Light.  This time seeing it go to the very basic component of your being, the cellular level, down to the atom, down into the Adamantine particle, that God particle that is your basic component.  So that now every every little bit of you, every part of you is now filled with this beautiful White Light.  Ask your body to partake of this White Light, to partake of its healing abilities, its healing properties.  Let it come into your body and heal at the most basic, cellular level.  And see all things in your body becoming perfect.  Healing into its perfection, returning to its beginning and basic form, its completeness.  So that it now functions as it was intended.  At this time now ask for your Guides and your Guardian Angels to come in and to join us.  And we're asking for the Angels, Ascended Masters and those who desire to be part of us this day to bring forth the energies and the message that is being brought to us right now this day.  Ask for the Light of God to come in and manifest itself through Divine Spirit to be in this room and to be part of us.

At this time each of you in your own world have got very much to be thankful for.  This is the season that your mankind has set aside for giving thanks for the birth of a special individual and to have the gift of giving and sharing.  And in spite of your human tendencies to make all things into commercial ventures, this season yet has a great deal of joy and comfort that it brings to the people in the gifting and the sharing that transpires. And so it is good at this time to commemorate and to remember the gift that the Creator God has given to each one of you.  And it is this gift of life, the opportunity to live in this physical plane on this particular planet that each of us are partaking of the lessons upon at this time.  For on this planet you have been given the gift of free agency you have been given this gift as a gift that exists no where else in our present universe. This is the gift of free agency whereby you could come to know good and evil much as is mentioned in your ancient book that is kept by so many as a sacred record. Know that this record is only one record and it is not whole in its entirety. But yet there are many, many truths that are in it and if you will read it for the truth you will find and you will understand them.  But this book has been given to you as just one source, one record, that you might come to know that the Creator God does LOVE you and is here for you. The free agency that we have spoken of, this is a gift to you so that you may know good and evil.  Here on this plane you have received the opportunity to experience: sometimes to be the receiver, sometimes to give the experiences, and so you have worked in partnership with all people around you, everyone from your parents who have given you life and brought you into this physical plane, to those whom you work with, and those that you play with and all people that you come in contact with. There is a given contract that goes with coming to this physical earth that says that you will all participate in these lessons and in this experience of free agency.  So in some cases you give lessons and in some cases you receive lessons.  But it is all so that you can know good and evil. 

And we have asked that you do not look at these things with judgment.  Again this is something that you have been trained to do. For certain things you have been told are bad and are evil. And it is true that some things do deal in negative energy and do not benefit in a positive manner as far as accelerated spiritual growth, but none the less all experiences, all experiences here on this plane are for your benefit and there can be good that comes from it if you will look for the good and choose the good.  Even those opportunities which are wrought with pain and hurt, guilt, shame. All these things if you will look for the lesson you can learn from that lesson and therefore move into the light and into that positive experience that the lesson has for you.  And the total goal of your earth plane is so that each one of you can make a choice for yourself as to whether you choose those things that are positive and move you into the Light and return you unto that energy that you were originally created as.  That energy being the basic particle of LOVE, not as an emotion but as a state of being. 

For this has been like a grand experiment upon your earth. That you can partake of these experiences and have the freedom to choose for yourself whether to be in the light or to be in the darkness.  The darkness in your world comes in many different layers and levels.  But the greatest darkness that seems to face the world at this time is the darkness of the inner soul.   The darkness that is within each individual that they refuse to face and to move out of.  This darkness is not the darkness of being evil, of going out and destroying others.  It is the darkness of destroying yourself.  It is the darkness of not creating a world in which you grow and you thrive.  It is the darkness of not accepting the healing into yourself.  This is the darkness that is most rampant upon the face of Mother Earth.  This is the evil that keeps Mother Earth from moving into Her ascension energies.  And this evil then progresses into other levels that become more so where the destruction comes from.

  But there are a lot of good people in your plane, a lot of good people on your earth who think that they are doing good.  They go out and fight for social causes and they stand up for Mother Earth and they do all these things for everybody else and for everything else.  But they will not look inside themselves and make the changes that need to happen there.  And my children, my dearest, dearest children this is where change begins.  This is where healing begins.  This is where all things begin.  And that is within each one of you.  This is where peace begins.  This is where earth healing begins.  This is where ascension begins is within each one of you.  And as the one takes hold of it and makes it happen for you then another comes.  And now there are two.  Those two then share and now there are four.  And so it becomes a multiple. 

But there is yet another aspect of energy that there on your planet is recognized as the "monkey energy".   These energies are a type of mass communication on a spirit level.  When a certain number have acquired this level of intelligence, this level of spiritual knowledge, this knowledge now goes over the "air waves".  And others who are receptive to it begin to pick it up and begin to hold it and begin to use it.  And this in another way that these energies are being spread and being shared with other places.   The information that comes into the groups that are meeting in the healing circles and in the healing light circles and in the sharing light circles; these groups facilitate this energy and facilitate forming an energy of mass consciousness that now takes this energy out at a level of energy that can be utilized and transformed by the individuals that live in your physical plane in these physical bodies.  The energies that come in from the Creator and from the other realms that are spiritual are of such a  high vibration that it becomes very difficult for the basic man who is in the physical being and has had all the years and centuries of training dumped upon him to be able to assimilate these energies.  And so the healing circles that have been formed and have been brought together and all the wonderful light workers that have been joined together to facilitate this energy.  It is through the facilitating of these energies that these energies are brought into a vibration that is easily assimilated by those that do not have this spiritual training, do not have availability to this spiritual training and yet have a spirit that is open to it. Hence the monkey energies that we talked about.  This is the way it is facilitated.

Some of you may not be aware of this phenomena of which I speak.  There have been certain scientific studies done by your people on your planet.   These studies have shown a monkey that washes his food.  The first monkey that washes his food pretty soon every one on the island starts to wash his food.  Now this is where this phenomena happens.  Pretty soon monkeys on islands far away, unconnected, cannot visit, cannot transport they start washing their food.  This is the scientific phenomena that I speak of.  But it is not a scientific phenomena.  It is truly a spiritual law.  And I have just explained to you how this spiritual law happens. 

So now you can begin to understand. That the meeting of your circles, your healing circles and your light circles are an energy of LOVE,  and it is part of this transportation of bringing these  ascension energies into the now, creating the future.  As it has been stated before, the past has been for your experiences.  You are now at that point in time when you have had opportunity to learn all aspects of good and evil.  In your past you have learned about being poor and being rich, you have learned about being leaders and being followers, you have learned about domination and dominion.   You have played all the roles.  Not only have you played these roles but you are also the inheritor of the experiences that are in your genes, in your ancestral DNA.  As so within your very spiritual being as well as in your physical coding, all these experiences from which you can choose. 

It is my counsel at this time dearest ones, make that conscience choice.  See yourselves, see your spirit self stand before the Creator and make that conscience choice to be in the Light and to have only good in your life.  Make that choice. And see yourself step a way from all that is past.  And see your face lit with the Light that comes from the future.  And see your eyes fastened and focused upon this future.   Let your heart extend a cord into this future.  Let your heart be tied into it.   That your soul may focus on becoming one with all that shall transpire. 

It has been spoken of before that this is no longer a thing that you do by yourself.  This is a unity thing. And I will explain that also.  Your healing path is truly yours.   Only you stand and occupy the present space that you are in.  You are the sum total of all your experiences.   Only you can heal your life.  Only you can make the choices that create your world.  Only you can do that.  But once you have made that choice to step forward to claim your rightful place as an  heir of all that the Creator has given to us,  as heirs of your spiritual DNA and all of the gifts that are with in that, as you make this choice, you now join the multiple energies, you now join the group, the ascension energy, for the power is in the group.  It is through all people recognizing that they are a part of something greater, a part of a whole, a part of all of creation and are an essential part of this.   That we are all one.  That as people come to recognize this, they will begin to understand.

That when our planet receives the rewards for all that She has done, for she has fulfilled and completed Her agreements with all those who have been placed upon Her. And Her agreement with the Creator to be this world and to facilitate these learning opportunities.  She has completed Her agreement. And it is now time for Her to receive the promises that have been given to Her.  But in order for Her to receive this we must all go with Her.  This is where the unity is provided.  The energies that the humankind bring in and facilitate, qualify that energy for Mother Earth's use.  And it shall continue until all things are moved totally within the ascension dimension. 

In your world because of your physical nature and because of the humanity that you have become it has become easy for you to feel alone, to feel separated, with the veil drawn across your memory of your preexistence and your previous lives and your foreknowledge of the Creator and the spirit realms that are with Him.  It is easy for you in your physical being to feel separated and to feel lost.  The time is here and it is now,  to recognize that you are a part of the whole. That you have never been lost.  That you have never been separated and it is now your responsibility to remember these things, and to bring them out into your world,   so that your entire world now reflects and manifests the oneness of all of creation.  There are many things yet that you must remember. They will be brought to your remembrance as you are ready to receive them. 

There are some of you who are ready for information that it is not yet time to give. And it pleases us very much that you have accelerated your being to where you are ready for this information.  And we receive a sense of joy because of your devotion and your energy that you put forth in being receptive.  And we send you our blessing.  It is for this purpose that we come to you now.  And we ask again that you remember that all of this is a state of being.  And it is a state of being right now.  Not a state of being from the past.  And not a state of being in the future for that is where we are going.  And the state of being that you are in the now  are stepping stones to that state of being in the future.  I realize that much of what I have shared with you this day that some of you have already been aware of these things.   But I want you to understand in its fullness. The energies that are moving,  the energies that you are working with, these energies are the energies that  must be focused upon in your daily lives and in your daily world in order to create the momentum that must be achieved to accelerate our planet into Her ascension mode. 

Above all things children know that your Father LOVEs you know that all of those who are with Him LOVE you.  Know that the LOVE of yourself, the LOVE of yourself is of all importance at this time. For you must be able to look at yourself and you must  look past your human imperfections and be able to recognize that you yourself are part of God. That you have His energy within you.  That you have this eternal energy that is part of your make-up and part of your being.  You must be able to look at yourselves and realize that as the creation that you are, being both part god and part human, that you must start ferreting out the human so that the god within you can function  totally within your life and totally within your physical being.  Know that you are not in this task alone for you have the aid and the help of all those in the Ascended realm.  You have your Guides, you have your Guardian Angels and you have your Ascended Masters.  You have all these that are with you and desire to help you.  It is for this purpose that we encourage you again to make your spirit available to those energies especially when you are in your resting form upon this physical planet.  Make your spirit, make your body available to those healing energies and those Healing Angels.  That they can facilitate and help you in your path to continue your growth and to acquire that vibration and energy level which is total LOVE.

These are the things that we bring to you this day and we bless each and every one of you.  For we understand that your physical realm is not as easy as the words that we speak.  And we know that it takes much spiritual strength and much spiritual determination to accomplish the individual goals that you have set forth for yourselves.  Know at this time that we are with you and we LOVE you greatly.

These are the blessings that we bring forth for you at this time. We do so in the name of the Father and the Son and the Ascended realm and all those who are with them.

Come back to the here and now whenever you are ready.

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