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In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting Spirit through the power of the White Light I command all negative energies out of this room. You Guys are there! Youíre cool! (I)Command them (negative energies) out. Please bring in the White Light. Fill this room with this beautiful White Light and all these beautiful, beautiful Light Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, you are also invited to join us please and Special Healing Angels. Special Angels of this dispensation that are here upon the Earth to walk among mankind and to heal those who are receptive to the healing powers that you have, you also. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here and joining with us and being with us.

As the White Light comes in around us, encases us, crystallizes around the outside edges providing this sphere of safety and protection from the world and from the outside influences and from all things of lower vibration. Ask that each one of you take a deep breath breathe in deeply seeing the White Light as it pools into your being and as you breathe out release and relax breathe in again breathing in deeply and as you breath out again release concerns, problems, challenges, all stress and tension release it let it flow out of you. see the light come in filling up the interior of your being one more time breathe in deeply and as you breathe out again release relax let the light breathe through you joining in with the White Light that is within this space.

And as we give thanks to all of the beautiful Light Beings, those of the Higher Vibration that have come from the Creator that have joined with us this day and we give thanks again to Mother Earth for all of the beautiful things that She provides for us, for all the food and things that She provides for our homes but most importantly for the very sustenance that we obtained from Her; for the air that we breathe, for the water that we drink, for the earth(soil) that provides our food, for the fire which provides our warmth and also in the same manner those things which are spiritual that She provides for us. And again, the spirit, for as the air that we breathe and the spirit that is within us are much the same. They are similar for without either one nothing progresses and nothing happens. As the air in Mother Earth is poisoned, our bodies accept this within it also and become poisoned. And the water, the water which relates to Mother Earth and is her very life stream, though the water is 98% of our physical being and so if the water upon Mother Earth becomes poisoned and polluted so that relates also to the physical body within us so it behooves each one of us as we strive to take care of our physical body on this physical plane to drink only that which is purified, that which is cleansed, that which has been blessed by the Creator and through Mother Earth for our sustenance and for the nutritional value and for the cleansing of our (internal) body. For in the nutrition it is also in the physical earth (soil), the physical beingness of the Earth that provided the food that we eat. And in our modern way of providing this food, you no longer are getting the nutritional balance and sustenance that you need. For they keep reusing the same plot of ground. They use up Mother Earth and even though they try to replace it by using what they call fertilizers and growth substances these are all altered away from the normal form and the natural way of doing things, so the food that you get does not have all of the nutritional value that it should have. Also in the bending of your physical laws you create new food and this new food no longer has the nutritional value that was there when the Creator place it upon the Earth. And then in your world you take this food that no longer has all the complete nutritional value and you pick it early so that it is not ripe and therefore it no longer has a way of obtaining any more nutritional value. (she thinks we are really dumb here) And this is what goes into your stores and this is what you buy and you take and you put into your bodies and you can see that between the water not being clean and pure, and the air not being clean and pure, and the earth (soil) itself not being clean and pure, all three of these things go into the providing of your physical body and if the Earth is not clean and pure in these three ways then your body cannot be clean and pure and sustained in these ways also.

One thing that will help very much in obtaining the nutrition that you need for your bodies is to bless all things that you eat through the power of the White Light and to bless it with the nutritional things that your Earth no longer can provide. And provide these through the spirit being of creation. And so when you bless your food thank Mother Earth for it but then bless it also with the white Light so that it provides all things that you are needing for your physical body.

This is different than in your church way of blessing the food. So much of that has become just a rote type of thing like a memorized prayer with no meaning and no feelings behind it. These prayers perhaps have their place in the repetition of what is being said but true prayers that carry much weight is the prayer that is given with heart and soul embodying that prayer, with true feeling and true meaning that comes from the very heart and the very soul. These are the prayers that are recognized and heard and answered the fastest.

For one minute, I desire to go back to the Earth and what was being given on that. I would like at this time for you to make the connection that your body is made for this physical endurance upon this planet. That it is a combination. Although the spirit comes from the Creator, is created from Creator energy and has been individualized and that spirit is eternal, there is also a connection given by Mother Earth which helps to provide the life in the physical body. If the spirit connection which is given by Mother Earth were not there then the physical body would exist as nothing more than clay. So on your sphere of existence it takes both to make you walk and make you talk and make you live in this physical existence that you have. There is the spirit from Creator God that individualized expression of LOVE which lives forever, ever and ever. And there is the temporary spirit energy connection from Mother Earth which makes your body live. That is why it is so important that when you do your spirit work that you do not forget to include Mother Earth and to include those energy connections which She has with you; to be grounded solidly within Her and to extend your grounding cord down into the center of Her being so that She can provide that spiritual connection which keeps you grounded (and) keeps you physically healthily.

Now as we were talking about spirit, for that is the fourth element the fire. Both the physical fire that you see on your earth like the flame of a candle or the flame of your camp fires that relates directly to the spirit within you. For when that spirit within you takes on the Truth, it becomes as an all encompassing fire that burns within your breast and will not let you rest, will not let you backslide, will not let you be any thing but who you are. For as you get this Truth within your being and that three fold flame ignites within your very heart and the core star within you ignites so that you can now integrate totally and become all that you were meant to be.. it is an all consuming fire. No matter how much you know, no matter how much you have accepted into your being, it is never enough. You always want more and that is what causes you to look for teachers and to read and to keep looking and to keep journeying and this is the fire that we have tried to ignite within each one of you. That when no matter where you may go in your life no matter what you may be called upon, that you will search for teachers, you will continue searching for knowledge and one day yourselves, each one of you, will find yourselves in these positions of teaching and sharing and bringing this light into all others that are searching and have had this light so ignited within their being that they are thirsty for the everlasting Truth and that water of life which is everlasting.

We spoke earlier of prayer and those prayers that are being answered and we talked about the prayer that is heartfelt, that prayer which involves your soul, your spirit, your heart and your innermost desires. There are many different types of prayer and often the prayer that is offered from the heart when the soul, which is the learning vehicle of the spirit, is in itís most dire need, this is at the time of greatest sorrow, this is at the time of the greatest need, when all things seem to have disappeared from your grasp and the darkness is closing in about you, and this is the time when most of mankind must reach before they will look up! And you must look up for the Creator God is not in the ground, but you must look up for He is up, He is above! He is in everything, but He is above you. And when you kneel, when you are in this space of dire need of the greatest pain and the greatest hurt that you experience upon this physical plane, this is what you need to doÖ you look up and you ask the Creator with all your heart and with all your soul because in your time of need this is all you have left, and you turn to Him and you ask for help! These are the prayers that are answered first and foremost, when the Creator will send someone to help you and to be there for you.

Other prayers that are answered are the prayers of Mothers. The prayers of Mothers for they are the ones that give birth to the nations. They are the ones that give birth to the precious little spirits that are sent on your plane to experience these lessons and it is the Mothers whose hearts are wrenched and tortured and hurt when things are not going right for the offspring that they have born. So when a Mother offers her prayers for her children, the Angels do listen and the Angels will do whatever they can for whatever that situation is. But again, each of us must remember that freedom of choice is the reason that we have been sent here and it is this freedom of choice that cannot be overridden even by Angels, yea not even by the Creator, this freedom of choice! And so in all of your prayers, no matter what you are asking for, the Angels listen. They will rush to assist and they will help in any manner that they can. But the freedom of choice of those individuals of whom you pray for is still the number one factor in all that they do. If the spirit is open and receptive they will receive the healing, they will receive the assistance, but if they are closed down and want no part of it then all the Angels can do is surround them with LOVE and hope and continue to work so that the spirit inside may eventually become receptive.

So dearest, dearest children know that all your prayers are answered and know that all the deepest things of your heartís desire are of great concern to all of those in the spirit world and as you work to make your alignment with creation to bring both physical and spiritual into the same alignment, know that all of these things will be taken into consideration and that things will move as rapidly and as quickly as each individual soul will allow it to happen. For some of you it will transpire more quickly and for others it will transpire more slowly and there are many, many, many reasons for this but do not judge these reasons, simply start allowing and accepting and the more that you can step into this state of being, the more you will see all things coming into alignment and coming into that space which will allow you to be spiritual within your physical being.

We have talked much about the prayers of Mothers and it is not to be in any way to ignore the prayers of Fathers for Fathers too feel deeply. Fathers too have great emotion and great LOVE. But there is a basic difference between the man and the woman on your physical plane and because of this basic difference in the past, it has been more the womanís concern. But as these energies come in, they are no longer going to be this distinction of male energy and female energy. For as you come into balance, these energies that have been called male and female shall come into balance and they shall be equal and as these energies become equal in each one of you, you will find that a male can be just as emotional, just as feeling, just as caring as the female. And you will find that the female will be able to gain a strength and a wisdom that comes from the father because he has always had to have these things foremost in his mind. But all things shall become a sharing> not a dominance not so much in the way that it has been in the past> but a sharing of all dominion. For this balance is the true place that each of us must find ourselves and must work ourselves to be.

At this time we are asking that each of you see this beautiful incredible pink light come in around you for again, this is the Creatorís unconditional LOVE and He LOVEs you all so much. And at this time He wants you to feel this LOVE. He wants you to be this LOVE and be in this LOVE. And once again they are asking that you remember that the vibration of LOVE that you are is that which you were created to be. And as you come to terms with this state of being you will find so much of the hurt and pain that is in your physical world is adjusted into higher levels (planes). This state of being of LOVEÖ and as it is requested at this time that you integrate into joyful LOVEÖ. will allow you to see the good that is in all things.

Your world at this time has such extremes in it. It is not balanced in any way. There is so much extremism as you look upon your world in itís extremism, in itís polarities, and you recognize that it must be brought into balance. Also you can see that the energies go over the earth and are attempting to create this balance and make this balance and as you have been told that if the two legged who are on Mother Earth and are so out of balance would just simply come into balance that everything else within Mother Earth would immediately also be in balance. So we are asking at this time for you to experience and integrate the joyful LOVE as a state of being. And once again we will bring in the little hummingbird so that they can be with you and the Spirit of Joy that she can be with you and help you to move your very essence into a more joyful state of being.

In your world with itís extremism and itís out of balance state, there is much need for the unconditional LOVE of the Creator in all aspects. So at this time please, please send this out to all of Mother Earth. Send your LOVE. Combine it with the LOVE of Mother Earth. See it coming into you and the LOVE of all of those who are with the Father and through you. Now send it throughout all the two leggeds that are upon your earth. At this time please share this energy with them. See it going into every valley, every mountain, every city, every town, every home see it pour out upon all of the Earth and see the Earth coming into balance.

Now at this time I am asking that each of you see yourself as a vortex of energy. The Light coming in from the Creator, coming in from Mother Earth, swirling about you, within you, creating a vortex of energy. Now see this Light spinning out from you into your world, your home, your city, your country, now your physical world and we will charge each of your beings to continue being this vortex of energy, sending it out at even an unconscious or subconscious level, whether you sleep or are awake, whether you are busy with your daily routine, but that your spirit shall constantly send out this incredible Light of LOVE and Healing throughout all the world. Know that each one of you are blessed and that you were chosen before the beginning of this time to be here and to participate in all that shall transpire.

And this joyfulness that you are asked to be, is so that with the things that are coming > not into your lives,> but into the lives of those around you, into the lives of all those that are on the earth for there is yet tribulations that will have to happen. These tribulations will bring people to their knees and turn their hearts to their Creator and let their souls pour out their anguish so that they can be healed, but those of you who already walk in the Light, these circumstances are not to be feared. When you see them happening such as the events of September 11th, these are not things to be feared, these are not things for you to internalize within yourself but these are things for you to bless and to bring the joyful spirit into. For these are the signs and these are the things which must transpire to make those who are living upon your physical plane and who have not yet turned their hearts to the Creator, these things are necessary to create these changes. I hope that you understand the message that I have just given for it is cause to rejoice, not in their pain, no not in their pain, but to rejoice that they will look up and that they will find the Light and the healing power to heal the very lives they have neglected!

And yes there will be good people taken also, for those who have lost their way, those who are dead in spirit, will need those who are alive in spirit to help guide them and show them the way on the other side. Yes there will be both that will be taken and it will cause those who are remaining upon earth to turn their hearts! Look at the healing that has transpired across your country already because of September 11th. Look at it! You can see it. It is in your newspapers. It is on your TVs and it is on your web. It is everywhere as the people pull together and create this oneness and this unity. So those of you that are in the Light, you must understand that these are joyful things and they are to be blest and so in your prayers, with your heart, bless those that are in need of your prayers, but bless these incidences also, for they are but one way to bring people into the Light and turn the very lost soul onto that path that will bring the goodness and the lessons that the soul needs, but also, also will provide the energy, that unity, that Mother Earth needs so that she can accomplish her transition also.

Again understand this is a unity. This is not an individual thing. The more that you work with each other, the more that you work in unison to create the harmony and the balance that Mother Earth needs, the faster all will transpire.

We give you our LOVE at this time. Know that we are with you. (Know) that at no time do you need to transpire (wrong word), to walk over this earth by yourself, for at all times, you have many Spirit Helpers, many Spirit Guides, you have many Light Beings and Ascended Masters that are here with you and will hold you and lift you up in your trials, your challenges and your tribulations. Such is our promise and such is our LOVE that we give to you. Great Spirit, God Creator, Jehovah LOVEs each and every one of you and so let it be and so it is. Let the Light, the Holy Light of Divine Light and Assistance now flood around each and every one of you that you may be able to feel, to internalize, to that state of knowing all that has been given to you. These are our words. We seal them up with you at this time, in the name of the Father, the Son, Divine Spirit but also in the holiness of the individualness of each of you. We ask at this time that each of you as you go into your homes that you continue the work that you are doing. For the work that you are doing is accomplishing very much within your own being but also for the state of Mother Earth and for all those who are on Her. Please continue what you have been working on at this time. These are the messages that are given at this time.

Each of you can come back to the here and now are you are ready.

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