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Humming Bird for Joy

State of Being as Joyful LOVE

12-09-01 Meditation

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting Spirit, cast out all negative energies ask for the White Light to come in and join us here bring this White Light down all around us bring the Light of Protection. Now in your mind’s eye, crystallize the outside edges. Bring us within this crystal sphere and know that within this space, everything here, that only goodness is allowed here, that only those things from the Creator are allowed within this crystal sphere. So at this time as this beautiful White Light is coming in to u, take a deep breath and visualize this White Light going into your body filling your lungs, filling the bloodstream, filling all of your body with this beautiful, beautiful White Light. And as you breath out, release and relax. Now as you breath in again, visualize the White Light, again going into your body, filling the interior of your being with this beautiful, beautiful White Light and as you breath out again, release and relax. Now one more time, breath in deeply, seeing the White Light go into every particle of your being, down into the cellular level. This time as you breath out, let that Light merge with the White Light that is within this crystal sphere and at this time become one with all of creation.

Now within your world, each one of you have things that you are thankful for. At this time, at this season, give thanks for those things which have brought joy and happiness into your lives. (Give thanks for) those things which have resulted in change for you.

At this time we also give thanks to the Creator for this incredibly beautiful world that He has provided for us to have all experiences and our lessons on. And so at this time we give thanks Creator God for the warmth of the sun, for this beautiful, beautiful Earth, for her trees, for her mountains, for her desserts, her plains, her forests, for her waterways from the smallest of the creeks to the largest of the oceans, for the rain that falls upon us, for the wind, for the breath of life that she breathes into all things physical that live; for the animals, for the variety that they provide for us in our food and in our sustenance, in such that the visual, the company, the company that they provide for us, those that are domestic and those that are wild, for the beautiful deer and the wolf, for all the beautiful birds that sing, for the bear, cougars. For all the beautiful, beautiful animals that are part of the people here upon this planet and the beautiful, beautiful winged creatures from the eagle to the smallest of the hummingbird.

And at this time each of you envision the hummingbird as this hummingbird is right here in the middle and it’s little wings are beating so quickly! You want to feel the heart of this hummingbird for the hummingbird represents joy. Last week we met Joy the Angel, that holographic representation of Joy and the little hummingbird here is her representation, her representation here on earth that brings joy. Each of you think back when you have watched a hummingbird as it has come to enjoy the nectar of the flowers or (?) Some of you have put out these little feeders. Perhaps as you have watched them there. Does not just watching the hummingbird lift up your spirits? Lighten your load? Bring joy to your very being just watching them? As it does so, and so now, becoming one with the hummingbird, letting that hummingbird be your guide, your totem animal. At this time to help you learn and to understand what joy is all about. Let that joy now come into your being and let this little tiny animal, this tiny, tiny winged creature that has so very, very, very much to teach and to give, let it now come and be with you. And as you extend this invitation, see little humming birds appearing out of nowhere…. all kinds of hummingbirds! All colors of hummingbirds! And as they join us here within this circle, (my goodness this is the closest to joy I think I’ve felt for a long time! This is amazing they can bring this kind of joy to us) so now when you see a hummingbird, remember that the hummingbird is reminding you to find that joy in your life, to find that joy within your living, to find that joy within your very being, to find the joy in the world that you are existing in. For no matter what your trials and what your tribulations, what your challenges may be, there is always that joy there if you are willing to open up and look for it, and admit it within your world. There are always little hummingbirds! There is always the Spirit of Joy right there beside you, and with you, in whatever you are doing. So when the world hands you these lessons that you have asked for> that you have needed for your growing and for your progression and yes sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes they are very difficult (?but we asked for them)! So when the world helps by providing these things for us… instead of letting it pull you down, letting it depress you, beating yourself up because the lessons are so difficult, > instead reach inside. Find that Joy! Look without you and find the symbols of Joy.> like the little hummingbird >and let this Joy come in to you that you are able to be here; that you are able to be on this earth and in this physical existence at this very special time; that you are alive now in this time period and that you are able to learn, that you are able to have these learning lessons, no matter how challenging they are!

That above all, not only are you able to have them, but that you are able to look within yourself and be able to perceive the lesson that is there! Those of you that are here, are no longer like the world out there! You have separated yourself from the world> for the world out there does and does and does, goes and goes and goes, and life happens, happens, happens, to them! But those of you who are here, have made the conscience choice to choose life, to choose happiness, and to choose all that is good, to be in your life! You have made that choice and that choice now separates you from the rest of the world out there. As the world is (passing?tossing?) and confusing and the things that are going on out there are happening for mankind, you have joined the ranks of those who have made a conscience choice to choose your world and to choose those things that you will allow within your world ( ) for this, this alone, is cause to have joy for no longer do you have things just dumped on you and have no way of coping or understanding or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Now you see that Light! You know that light is there! You know that Light is available to each and every one of you. You know this now and so whatever the trial and tribulations and challenges are, you know how to look at them, you know how to perceive them, you know how to make the changes and to choose those things which are only good and prosperous for your spiritual and physical growth! For this purpose, you are commended!

For this purpose we now bring to you a multitude of energies. These energies are represented through the holographic expression of Angels, Ascended Masters, but most importantly, the holographic expression of who you are! This is the main energy that we bring to you at this time. So at this time please let this invision in and let you see the truth about yourself. You have been gaining knowledge. You have come to the understanding that the physical being is not who you are; that the spirit that resides inside of you is who you are. You are slowly coming to that understanding. You have also been told that who you are is a vibration of LOVE. You are an expression of LOVE but this has not yet been totally internalized within you, so at this time we are bringing you this special energy to help you understand that this is who you are. That you are LOVE.

You are LOVEd by the Creator and you are LOVEd by all those that are with Him and this LOVE is a hundred times, yea even a thousand times greater than what you experience here on your earth! And as you think about this LOVE right now, think about someone in your own world whom you have LOVEd, perhaps a parent but more a child, for it is in the children that you bear and you bring forth, that you help to create the physical bodies for, that the people of this world do truly understand even in a small portion the LOVE that the Father has for each of you and those that are with Him have for each of you. So at this moment I am asking that you experience that LOVE that you have for a child for this is the (?) of your LOVE. You LOVE this child; no matter what this child does there is still this LOVE there even when the child is not acting in a way that you would have them act, you still LOVE this child down underneath everything and it causes you worry and it causes you concern as to how you can help this child to develop their potential and to be all that they are to be. And so now that you are thinking of this great LOVE that you have for your children or for a mate that you may have or for a parent that you may have> as you are experiencing this LOVE, now understand that this LOVE that you have is an emotion. This is an emotion. It is a feeling that you have. This LOVE that you are, this quality of LOVE that you are, is not an emotion! It is a state of being! It is a state of being! Try at this moment to comprehend and ask for help so that you might comprehend what LOVE is when it is a state of being. It does not put rules, regulations, or conditions, upon itself; it simply is. Now the quality of LOVE that you are can take many aspects. It can be a caring state of being, it can be a knowing state of being; a caring LOVE, a knowing LOVE. It may even be a leadership LOVE. LOVE as this state of being, then has many other qualities which then define that particular state of being that personifies each of you. So now as you apply this toward yourselves for just a few minutes, if you were to describe the quality of LOVE, that state of being of LOVE, that you desire for yourself > what would it be? What would be the quality of LOVE that you would desire for yourself? And as you think about it you find it difficult to put a definition on it. If you do know that the emotion of that state of being of LOVE is joy. Joy. You are a joyful LOVE.

Now as you look about your world, the challenges, the lessons that you are taking upon yourself, if you are a joyful LOVE, does that not change your interaction with others of your physical plane? When someone comes to you with their problems, with their concerns, as a joyful LOVE do you take their problems for your own? No you cannot do that! Can you take their hand and can you share your joyful LOVE with them? Yes you can. This is the higher plane each of you are moving to. When people now come to you and seek you out> and this will be so because of the energy that you are, this state of being of LOVE that you are striving to become,> and the very souls of those who are in need, who are hurting, who are confused, who are in pain spiritually and physically,> their souls will recognize you as the light that you are. They will be drawn towards you for comfort (but yea?) it is (?not) It is not comfort that they seek. It is the light that each of you have been privileged… that’s not the right word… each of you have been partaking of, embodying within your beings. It is their spirit wanting them to partake and to come into oneness with the Creator, with creation, and with this spiritual alignment that is happening. So at this time, it is not a matter of taking upon yourself their problems or trying to solve their problems for them…. it is merely allowing them to come within your energy field and sharing the beautiful joyful LOVE that you are with them and let them know that they have choices within their lives and that they can choose to have a different life. It all comes to choosing.

You can choose to seal the darkness up. You can choose to seal it away from you and in that moment that you choose to do this, the joy is your reward. The joy is your reward! Each of you have an opportunity to seal this darkness away from you from your life and from your world. Make that decision and seal it. Seal it by your own hand within your very mind, within your very being, and as you do this in a physical way, the light of your being is allowed to expand, to flow into you, and flow through you, bringing the joy of that decision into the very essence of who you are

Your greatest challenge from here on, is to integrate this being of LOVE and this joyful quality of LOVE so much within your physical being that the physical being and the spirit being become the same. This is the challenge that is placed before you, that the achievement of doing this will allow you to remain a physical being who is spiritual, a spiritual being who can be physical. Go over this many times in your mind. Try to understand, try to internalize. Do not do this on your mental level. Do not do this with the thought processes that govern and rule your physical world for there it cannot be comprehended! But your spirit can comprehend it, so allow your spirit to feel this, to go over this, and to work with this integration. The more that you will allow this integration to happen within your being, the faster your world will change for you.

The world that you live in changes quickly enough. It changes rapidly day to day in your inventions of your physical world, in your science, and in your your bending of the physical laws. Your world changes quickly enough, but the greatest changes will come when the spiritual aspects of the earth and the spiritual aspects of all those who live upon her (like) the spiritual changes that are needed. Then you will see that so much of what they do on the physical plane has no relevance whatsoever to you, the new world and where everything is going. Through spiritual changes, the earth can be healed. There is no need to be concerned about ozone layers and green house effect! If the world would change their heart> and by the world I mean the two-legged upon it> if they would change their heart and walk in spirit, all things across the face of Mother Earth would be brought into perfection and into total alignment. Those that are working for Mother Earth and are working for her healing through changing laws, through changing the physical way of being, these things are good, but they are like busy work. What really needs to be changed is the heart of the people, the spirit of the people! And when the people’s spirit has been changed, Mother Earth will automatically move into that state of perfection. What percentages you ask must be for this to happen? And we do not deal in percentages. There are those who will refuse, there are those who will refuse the healing, there are those who will refuse to go into the new world and those who refuse are not of your concern. You must concern yourself with your own light and through your own light, those who are drawn to you. That even then, remember that this is all choices. Everything is choices and even those whose spirit brings them to you, they still have the right to choose, and all you can do is share your light, share your joyful LOVE. Be there for them but you cannot do it for them. You cannot make it for them and for those of you who make this transition, know that the world has already been prepared for you and you shall step across that threshold into it and all these things that are of the past shall no longer exist for you!

Know that we walk with you, that each one of you >your higher self is there with you, waiting to be totally integrated within your physical being, waiting for you to make those decisions that will allow this to happen! Know that you have all of Heaven at your beck and call, and know that Mother Earth is there for you also. And as you go throughout your lives this week, I urge you to look harder at your lives, to look harder at the old forms that you hang on to and release them.

In your personal mediations, ask for Divine Spirit to come in and integrate with the physical part and begin to allow this process to happen.

I seal these blessings upon you and I seal you up that each and every one of you will be among the waves of ascension. I’m hearing the first wave of ascension. I’m hearing the first wave of resurrection. ah But there……. just know and believe this and this is sealed upon you in the name of the Christ Light through the hand of Jehovah, through the hand of Dekaniwida, through the hand of Sawahto, through the hand of Mannito, through the hand of the Eloheems, through the hand of Creator God, that this shall be so for each of you if you so choose.

Each of you can come back to the here and now as you so desire.

It is not stated in the meditation but they want each of us to spend at least 10 min a day inviting the Divine Spirit to integrate with us. Immediately after the meditation, the words Holy Spirit was interchangeable for the Divine Spirit. Remember there is only one spirit and we are individualized expressions of the one spirit, but in the meditation I was under the understanding that Divine Spirit meant our individualized High Self.

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