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Seal the Darkness by the four Horsemen


In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting Spirit, through the power of the White Light, I command this space clear of all negative energy and a barrier put around us that for this space of time all information and all energies that are within this circle be pure and truthful and come directly from the Creator and from those whom He has sent to us this day. No others be allowed here. No others be allowed to influence or to intercept any information that is coming in to those that are here this day.

In your mind’s eye envision the white light as it comes in to us around from the Creator and it is totally surrounding us and encasing us in it and Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ! You Guys are so beautiful! You are so awesome! I LOVE you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

All right, as this light comes in and it is all around us and it is holding us and we are going to ask also at this time for Angels and Guides, Ascended Masters, any of those who are wanting to be with us this day and to bring us energy, share this energy and to bring the healing energies in also to please come also and the Healing Angels are again attending us. They are coming in right now also. These Healing Angels will be going to each one of you and helping to facilitate the moving of negative energy and to help you understand those aspects in your life that you are needing to work on and correct in order to bring your life into an alignment with the Creator. And with these spiritual energies that are coming in to us at this special time a special dispensation that is coming from the Creator and throughout all of creation this special energy that is coming just to Mother Earth and to all that are on Her at this time. In order to bring yourself into this alignment it is imperative to look at those thought forms and those ideas that you have from your past that are keeping you stuck and not allowing you to move forward. But as you move forward you will be able to recognize those powers that are at work in your life and the direct straightening out of your energies. For in the past it has been such that in your lives that you find yourselves involved with conflict, you find yourselves involved with confusion, a lot of confusion, these type of things come from the dark side, they come from the dark side in order to keep you stuck, to keep you from your progression. But because of the steps that you have been willing to take to put yourselves into the Light and to put your feet on a path which leads you to the Light you are slowly moving out these old energies, these past energies that you are clinging to and you are replacing them with only the good and only the Light. And consequently as you look forward you will see that the rocks have been removed from the path, the path is now straight, it is not paved, it is like a dirt path. It is leading to your future but it is straight. It is even. It is not curvy. It is not up and down there are no roots or rocks or unseen things to create stumbling and this type of thing. So as you work with these positive energies this is what you are going to start seeing manifest in your life, is the straightening out of all these energies so that you have a path that is straight into your future and straight in direct alignment with the Creator.

So at this time it is now asked that you take a deep breath and as you do so envision the White Light coming in and filling your body, filling all of your body, your physical body, from the top of your head down to your toes and your fingers with this incredibly beautiful, beautiful white light. And as your breathe out, please, release and relax. And let go of all problems, all concerns, all tensions. (sigh) Let go of those things that have had your mind tied up with concerns, let them go. Now breathe in again, deeply. Letting this white light come into your body, filling up your body. Now as you breathe out again, release & relax. Letting go of all tensions, becoming aware that you let your body relax. Letting go of the tightness in your jaws, in your shoulders, down through your body, release it and let it flow out. Now breathe in one more time. This time breathing in this incredibly beautiful white light filling all of your body. This time letting it expand through your body into the aura, into the space around you. Now filling all of your spiritual bodies and as you breathe out release and relax .

Now in unison, as a body, as a group breathe in one more time. For in that last breath as you filled the aura and the space around you, you filled up all energies that now connect all of us together. Making us as one. Now in your visualization see us as a group, see us as one, see this White Light holding all of us, And now we crystallize the outside edge. Seeing the protection of the Creator coming in and securing us and protecting us and feeling this energy. Now the Creator comes to stand in the center of us and He fills all of this space up, within this crystal sphere, with the beautiful pink light.

And now this entire crystal area becomes like, so that you can understand, it becomes like, like a, the transport chambe,r like on Star Trek. I mean this whole area here, all of us are part of this, and we are in this transport area and now we are going to beam this incredibly beautiful pink light from us down into Mother Earth.. And see this not individually, but again see this as a group. And see this incredible shaft of light that is so big 20 - 30, 30 feet. And it is coming from the Creator and now we’re beaming it directly into Mother Earth into the center of Her being. And there you see that She has Her own light. As She is in the interior. And this incredible light that comes from us, through us into Her, for we ourselves are acting as transports and this entire crystal area that is encompassing us is acting as transport. Transporting all of these energies directly into Mother Earth. And as She stands in the center see the space around Her receiving all of this, the space where She is and again She in turn now channels all this energy to all the places on Her.

The Middle East is the first place to receive this energy from Her. Whoa, okay and as you are watching Her channel this energy into the Middle East, see Her not sending the energy so much into the physical aspects of Herself but into the spiritual aspects of Herself. Those spiritual things that are connected to the people. Not only the two-legged, but they are the first to receive this. But see it also now being sent to the four-legged, to the winged, to the plant, to the rock, to the Water People. All right, now there is a special connection here with the Water People in the Middle East. I see them being healed first. I’m seeing this energy as it connects with the two-legged. All right now, the way in which it connects to the two-legged there is a connection that brings the people, the people, those who live on Mother Earth, those who walk on Mother Earth, those who derive their sustenance from Mother Earth; the water they drink, the air they breathe, the foods they eat which comes from the element of the Earth itself. And then the fire and the fire represents the Spirit. So by beaming this light in there and She’s now channeling it. Now She is touching the Spirit (of the people) so at this time Mother Earth is touching all two-legged people through the water, through the air, or through the wind, through the food that they eat representing the Earth element. And also from the spiritual aspect which we are now helping to magnify. So that these people can now feel it and those who are being hurt innocently through the warfare and the negativity that’s been brought about by the decisions of the leaders. These people are now receiving this energy, they are being brought in. Their hearts are being healed, their souls are being healed. Mother Earth is holding them. And these energies are bringing about a repair of the devastation which is very similar to what we experienced here on September 11th. And so She with Her own energies is extending Her laws, Her healing powers to these people. And now on the above realms, you can see that as this is happening with Mother Earth, that there are Spirits, beautiful, beautiful Angels, all kinds of beautiful Light Beings that are also being sent and what this is doing is facilitating the healing of those energies so that the people, the people themselves will now cry out and overpower the decisions of their leaders and it is going into the hearts of the women and the men and the children so that they now speak out and proclaim peace throughout their nations and throughout their world. And so that the negativity will be caused to cease. And as you see this happening, you see these women, these women, that because of the Taliban have been so persecuted and their voices have been stopped or not stopped but quieted and held, held like in a prison. You see these women now being able to blossom and you see this happening because these women are working through their men, they’re working through their men. The men have to fight for the Taliban but they do not believe in what is going on and so the women are now being able to work through their men and they are creating this change in the energy that is going to push the Taliban out and bring in these new energies that are going to let all work in the energies of peace and LOVE and at one with all the energies throughout the entire universe. And so now Mother Earth is doing Her part. Also we have done healing work before; sending in Angels and these healing powers, but now Mother Earth is adding Her energies to just scoop up this negative energy and push it out, push it out to where it can be released. And so that peace can come into the Middle East among all the people. Not just right here where the Taliban and Afghanistan have been so persecuted but throughout all the Middle East, through all the land of inheritance, all that promised land, all that land that is where the Creator has made these a covenant people.

Okay, now in a previous meditation it was stated "that the first shall be last and the last shall be first".No explanation was given of that. All right at this time please understand that this land of inheritance, this was the covenant people these Jews the Hebrews were the first among the convent people. But they are the last to receive this peace. It was offered to them; they rejected it and so they will be the last to receive this peace. But when they receive this peace you will know that the age has been fully instated. This new time that we go forward into, this time of peace that was promised to all people throughout all the world by their prophets. By those whom the Creator sent to them to prophecy and tell about this time. The Hebrews rejected their prophet, who was Jesus but because of their rejection they have suffered greatly for this rejection. But when they finally do receive peace throughout their land and peace within their hearts, then we will know that this time is fully upon us. And that there is an event, there is an event at which these energies that we have been getting, the meditations that we have been getting; have been leading up to this event and we will continue to get this type of messages and energies. So that when this event comes that we will all be able to move together. Move our world, move our people, move those around us into this new energy. That sign that you will see, to know that you have fully moved into these energies, is the sign of when peace comes to the Hebrew people, politically, spiritually within their land.

Now as we are all sitting here and are representing, and if you look you will see that the four races of mankind are being represented right here within this group. Therefore it empowers this group to do the healing work for the four races of mankind. So each one of you now, as you know and recognize the heritage that you come from, I want you to envision yourself standing before your race of people. Now we have a lot of the white race recognized here and if you know your ancestors to be German or to be Scottish or to be whatever it is, let all of those represent behind you… like a pyramid behind. And you are at the top of the pyramid. And now the Creator is sending His light to you and He is asking you to accept it within your heart. And it’s the pink light, it’s His unconditional LOVE. And He is asking you to accept it within your heart and within your being. And now see this light. You magnify this light. As this light comes into you it now magnifies so that it creates it’s own pyramid going out behind and encompassing all of your ancestors back, back, back to the meridian of time, I’m being told. To that meridian of time. . huh which ironically is right now. It’s the time of now. So this is, this is like right now in this time doing this pyramid of healing into all the ages, all the ancestry, all the lineage. And now as this pink light goes forth into all of these people; see this pink light now being spread clear around the Earth…. going into every country…. until all of the Earth has been encompassed with this incredible pink light. God’s unconditional LOVE going into every individual throughout all the world.

And as it goes into the hearts of all the people; see the people choosing, choosing light over darkness, choosing right over wrong, choosing goodness over all forms of negatively. See the people choosing peace over war, see the people choosing! And as more and more people choose, all right! see darkness and see that entity which we recognize, which is just like a symbol! We’re going to let Satan, Lucifer, Dark Forces all that symbolize this negativity. Now as this light, this LOVE rolls over the Earth the people accept it in their hearts and they choose, they choose goodness, they choose to let light operate in their lives, they choose to stand in the light, they make this choice against darkness and all things which are dark. And at this time Lucifer is that representation of darkness. As people make this choice throughout the world, see darkness diminish. And see it pushed out of our world, and as it is being pushed out, out, out, out, out, see it being pushed out beyond all solar system into that space where there is no light. Where there is only darkness. It is like exile. See darkness being exiled into a space where there is no LOVE, there is no light, there is no warmth, there is no affection, where there is no energy. And see that space being sealed up by angels. But I see it being sealed by four horsemen. Each of the four horsemen representing each of the four winds, the four directions, and the four races of mankind. And see them seal this space up and seal it away. And this seal is being stamped by the choices and free will of mankind. And right now they want you to see how very important your individual decisions are. How your decisions to be in the light diminish the darkness, how your decision to not let darkness be a part of your life, to not be tempted, to not go into darkness, to not allow darkness to influence you, diminishes the darkness. And see how in your own lives you can seal darkness away from yourself. Okay, it is being asked that as you see this and you see darkness sealed away clear out there. You have the ability right now, at this moment, to add your seal upon the seal that holds darkness away. So in your mind’s eye; now see yourself physically, through the spirit, stamp freedom of choice and you add your seal, your personal individual seal to this seal to hold darkness away.

Now see this seal come back into your present existence. I am going to ask that each one of you now command, command your spirit and command your body, both spiritually and physically; to close all vibraports to darkness. I command that my body and my spirit close all vibraports to darkness, to those entities of darkness, kick it out, kick it out. Bring the yellow light in to soothe and to heal. This doesn’t belong to you. Just kick it out. It is left over. Kick it out. Bring the light in. Bring that honey light in to coat your being. All right. Finish commanding that all vibraports be closed to darkness. Be closed to those entities from darkness and see all vibraports spiritually and physically shut down. And seal and again in you mind’s eye go to each vibraport and seal it by stamping across it freedom of choice and I choose the Light, I choose God the Creator, I choose only good in my life and in my world. And seal all vibraports against it. Wow. Now… as you have shut down all things to the darkness that comes from this world and outside of this world, both physically and spiritually, now again command all these vibraports to open up to only those things that come from the Creator, those things that come from the light and see the light pour in. See all this light channeling into you, filling you up, igniting that light that is within you that comes from the Creator, that light the Creator gave to you at the very beginning of time… see that light ignite. And see the threefold flame within your heart which has already been ignited. See them join forces. Now in your mind’s eye, need you to take a space of time here and you create that figure eight. And for Jose we are going to take a minute and we’re going to recreate these so that every one can participate and be one with this. But in your mind’s eye, in the middle of your forehead, now breathe in those energies. Take them out the back, around to the front, bringing it back in the forehead, out the back, bringing it back in around on the other side and back in the forehead. So that you have this purple figure eight energy flowing through the third eye in your forehead. In, out, in, out, in, out. All right, now drop down to the throat and here make a figure eight in the color blue that goes out the back of your throat, around the front and then around the other side. So that it enters in, crossing over in the throat making a figure eight of blue. Now go down into the heart and here we will use the pink light. Again make a figure eight going through the heart. Now drop down into the solar plexus. Here making this energy the yellow, making a figure eight. And the solar plexus is right at the base of the ribcage, right where the "Y" of the ribcage is. And here make a figure eight going in and out in the color yellow. Now go down to just above the belly button and here run an orange figure eight. Then go to the root which is at the base of the spine and again make a red figure eight. Now we add one more figure eight. Please go back to the solar plexus, the midpoint, the one right below the ribs take that yellow send it up to God representing those spiritual realms. See it coming back down into you at the solar plexus, that point of infinity. See it coming in through the silver cord though and no longer yellow but the light is now silver. Send this silver light down into Mother Earth. Pick up Her coral light, bring it back in at the solar plexus so that now you have created a figure eight that the energies go up to God, down into earth, through you. These energies channel through you. You are the crossover point. And now as you hold all these energies transpiring through you, you now connect to Mother Earth, you now connect to Creator, and you have these energies channeling through you simultaneously, all at the same time. Now we are going to ask that these energies that come from the Creator are now going to change to platinum. Now let this platinum light run through you in the figure eight. From the Creator down into Mother Earth starting at the solar plexus see the solar plexus figure eight turn to platinum. And as this light now goes both ways see the one at the belly button and the heart turn to platinum. See the one at the root and the throat now change to platinum also. And see the one at the third eye change to platinum. Now as you are holding all of these figure eights in the platinum, feeling the energies as they come from the Creator into Mother Earth, back to you and into your personal energy layers. All right, each place, each midpoint within your body where these are crossing over; now see a direct channel, a shaft of light going clear through your physical being straight up into Creator and straight down into Mother Earth. Now see these energies come up through the back of your spine, from the back of your spine see it go clear up your spine into your neck, across the back of your head up to the crown. And channeling down through you again. And again, we are using the platinum energy, internalizing these platinum energies. Now see these platinum energies as they are running through your body in these directions now see these platinum energies now going into every cell of your being.

Wow. All right. Now as you all are experiencing these, now visualize yourself looking at yourself with these energies running. And you realize all these energies running simultaneously look very much like the atom? that basic component?. And at this time it is for you are to understand that you are this basic component of LOVE, you are this basic component of peace, you are this basic component of ascension energy. And so right now just feel, feel this state of being, this state of peace and calmness, this state of unconditional energy. And feel the energies build in your body so that you are feeling refreshed. You are feeling relaxed and you are feeling energized. With a new commitment, a new state of being that locks out darkness and lets only goodness into your life.

Please now shut the doors into the past, shut the door behind you. And open the door to the future. And walk through it, kids. They are trying to tell us it is that simple. It is that simple……. Right now, in this meditation walk through that door and experience the other side of that door…....

At this time, in each one of your worlds you have things to be thankful for. Thank the Creator now for His LOVE, thank the Creator now for His Light, thank the Creator now for His guidance. Thank all the Angels and the Ascended Beings, all the beautiful Light Beings that work on our behalf to bring us to this point, to create the lessons, to create the changes in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you all.

Thank Mother Earth for all that She has provided for us. Thank Her for the air, thank Her for the light, for the sun, for the clouds, for the rain, for the wind, for the trees, for the flowers, for the rocks, for the water, for Her snow, for Her rain, for the sunshine, for the smells, for the beauty, for Her mountains, for Her valleys, for Her waterfalls, for Her streams, for Her rivers, Her lakes, Her Oceans, for the diverse animal life, the four-legged, the winged, the creepy crawlers. Thank Her for the medicine, for the medicine plants, for the medicine rocks, thank Her for Her LOVE and all the efforts that She has made.

Thank the people in your world. Thank your mother, your father, your ancestors, for without them you would not be here. Thank the Karmic Council for allowing you to be here at this time, to be able to experience and take part in this new world that is coming. Thank your personal Guides that have brought you to this space in time and those that will continue to be with you to show you new places that you need to go, new experiences that you need to have to continue the acceleration of your growth. Thank the Heavenly Realms for their rejoicing, for their manifestations. And They in turn thank you for your invitation, for your willingness to open up, for your desire in your heart to live and exist and walk in truth. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you all.

Okay, you can all come back to the here and now as you are ready.

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