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Spirit of Joy

Three-fold Flame Consumption


In your mindís eye envision the Creator. See Him send down this incredibly beautiful White Light and it is all around us. This room is just totally filling up with this beautiful White Light and it is a small circle today. Itís just around all of us enclosing us and enveloping us in this beautiful White Light. Now at this time crystallize that outside edge so that weíre all enclosed within a beautiful crystal sphere. And at this time recognize all of the beautiful Light Spirits, Angels, Ascended Masters that are coming in to join us and be here with us at this time, and again we are extending a special invitation to the Healing Angels to come in and be with us and to join us this day and to go to each one that is needing special help in their lives this day.

Each one of us here are here for the lessons that we are to learn and in gaining the strength, the knowledge and the spiritual wisdom to overcome those challenges that we have set up for ourselves and to learn those lessons that we have agreed to learn. And Angels, it has become my understanding through all of this that on the other side it is so much easier than it is on this side of existence, in this physical world, this physical illusion that we are all living in. That the physical reality that we live in is much more difficult than what we ourselves thought it would be when we were in the spirit world making our plans. And so the help that you bring to us from the Spirit World is really appreciated and itís really helpful in helping us to gain the strength and the power that we need to overcome whatever our challenges are. I ask a special blessing upon every one of those that are here this day that they have the guidance and the help that they are needing in their lives, that they might be able to feel the special guidance and help that they are getting so that they can recognize that Spirit is with them. That their Guides, their Guardian Angels are with them. That they can feel the difference that it is making, having that spiritual help from the spiritual realm. I ask for this blessing to be upon each one that is here this day.

Now as the Creator is sending this Beautiful White Light, I see Him joining us in the center of this Incredibly Beautiful White Light. And this White Light is now turning to this beautiful soft pink of HIS Unconditional LOVE as He holds it out and extends it to each and every one of us. That we can feel this unconditional LOVE knowing that there is never anything that we could do that would make our Creator change His feelings toward us or to turn His face from us that He is always, always there holding this unconditional LOVE for us and as He holds this unconditional LOVE for us we are being asked to set our problems and our concerns on the altar before Him. Now this altarÖ let this altar appear in whatever manner is appropriate for each one of you. Let it be a pile of stones, or let it be something of some personal significance. It can be something as simple as a buffalo skull; whatever it is that appears for you, let this be your altar . And at this time set your problems and your concerns and your worries directly on this altar and hand them over to the Creator.

What Iím seeing next is to give the Creator your lives; to make, to just offer yourself, your being ,spiritual and physical to the Creator. To be His tool, to be His light, to be His servant. That your will be His will and His will be your will. And to find that alignment from the Creator with your divine self and let this be an alignment, a oneness, a joining together with the All of All. And as you are making this alignment, it is asked that you take a deep breath. Take a deep breath, breathing in this White Light and as you breath out let go of the stress and the problems. And again, as you breath in deeply, see this White Light coming in to your body, filling up your body. And as you breath out, again release and relax. (sigh) Breathe in a third time, this time completing the fill of your body with this incredible light. And as you breath out again, releasing and relaxing. And as you breath in the last and final time, breathing in deeply, ask that your body become Christ Centered, Christ Filled, Christ Balanced and Christ Aligned. May our bodies become Christ Filled, Christ Balanced, Christ Aligned. And feel your bodies come into direct alignment with Creator and with high self.

Now see the Healing Angels as they come to you and again, laying on of hands, channeling this energy to those parts of your body where you are needing healing at this time. And at this time wherever you know that you have negative energy, toxins, or whatever is built up within your system from past drug usage, from cigarette usage, from just negative energy that builds up, from relationship stuff, from people that you live with, from work, work is another one. All right, at this time see the Angels reaching into your aura, reaching into your physical bodies and scooping out the negative energy. See them just scooping it out, removing it with their hands, scooping it out. And now as this is removed, as they place their hands over that part of your body; they place it outside(of your body). But now they send to it the transmuting energy. Transmuting that energy that is within your body, cleaning it up and now healing, healing energy right down into the cellular level so that even the cells of your body are now regenerating, rejuvenating , becoming healed, becoming one with their perfection and that perfection which you are.

Now it is asked that each one of you in your lives as you have these individuals or patterns that are in your life that are right now creating the obstacles and the situations that you are trying to overcome; it is asked that you stand the personality, the physical entity, or the energy system in front of you. And we are going to ask the Archangel Michael to come in; use His flaming blue sword to cut you loose from the personality , the individual or the energy system. Cut you loose and see all ties, all bonds, being cut loose. Now asking for Archangel Gabriel to come in with that flaming purple sword and to transmute the energies from those bonds within you, within that energy system , within that physical entity, or within that spiritual bonding . Transmute these energies back to the beginning of time please.

Now it is asked that you see yourself again, as you stand before this altar that represents your handing over all things in your life to the Creator. That represents submitting yourself , your life and all things in your world. Now see yourself as you stand there and see yourself unencumbered by any ties, unencumbered by any restraints and see yourself attain this beautiful platinum (light)---and itís kind of strange-- because today this platinum (light) seems to have a blue hue to it when in the past Iíve seen more of a yellowish hue. But today this platinum light has got almost a bluish type hue to it. But see this light come in around you and hold you and elevate you up as it sets you free from all those things that are creating the trials and the tribulations in your life. And see the pink light come within your being and there experience the unconditional LOVE that the Creator has for you.

But now extend it to yourself, see that light within your heart, see that three-fold flame which represents the wisdom, the power and the unconditional LOVE of the Creator. See that three-fold flame within your heart now ignite and expand. See it expand until it encompasses and consumes your entire spiritual entity which means that itís no longer just filling your physical body but it now extends into the aura some 20 feet around and as it does so, it now fills the room. Let the three- fold flame now consume everything within the room. Filling everyone and everything with the spiritual wisdom, the spiritual LOVE, and the spiritual power that all operates within the Divine Alignment, the Divine Oneness

Within your mindís eye, see appear, as we are in this beautiful crystal sphere being attended by all the heavenly host. See in the center of the room, appear that hologram, that spiritual personage that we have come to understand as the way Mother Earth appears to us. And as you see her appear within the center of all this beautiful energy; instead of going to her, she has come to us this day. And she stands here and again, let the three-fold flame consume her energy personage, this hologram that she uses when she talks to us, when she works with us. Let the three-fold flame; the spiritual wisdom, the spiritual power and the spiritual LOVE, now totally envelope Her and encompass Her. And now with loving hands each one of us join together and with these loving hands we now place Mother Earth back in the center of her Earth. And let this three-fold flame now consume the entire earth. Into every Adamantine particle of our earth and every Adamantine particle of every existing creature within Mother Earth. Again letting the three-fold flame consume every entity, every creation, every thought, throughout all of the Earth not only her physical being but her spiritual being. And again, you see her spiritual being extend way out into our solar system. Now this three-fold flame has consumed absolutely everything within our solar system.

Hum ,WOW! See a shift in the energies throughout the entire solar system. This shift in the energies is like a, like a, WOW a I donít know, like taking a step through a door, like being carried across the threshold, itís like a leaving the old and stepping into the new. Just take that step forward like when youíre standing at the altarÖ. take that step forward and at the same time all of these things that have been consumed by the three-fold flame take this step forward with you also. And itís like the time has changed, itís like a whole new creation, a whole new world, a whole new being, a whole new entity, a whole new energy, a whole new everything throughout all of our solar system. Now this is just happening in our solar system. a hum Iím not seeing anything thatís going on beyond our solar system. But this is like a whole new creation, a whole new world, a whole new WOW ! I think itís best to just see this, to feel it, experience it because it is like we donít have words to explain it. Just go with it, just go with these energies as we go with these energies, take a little tour, take a little tour of our world and see the changes that are hereÖÖÖ I see this incredible blue light that is encompassing our world and it seems to be not only just a spiritual light but a physical light as well. And it is pouring out across all the nations, all the peoples, the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged, the rock, the tree, all people, all people. And I see an elevation of that energy and that vibration that makes absolutely everything new. Whatever the past creation has been or has done; but now all of that is changed and each creation is reinventing itself. Reinventing itself! Like setting in motion and power brand new DNA codes as we reinvent everything about ourselves and everything about our world. So now each one of you, each one of you as you are reinventing your world and reinventing yourself, I am going to give you a space of time to set in motion that reinvention and during this time, I want you to set into your world those things that you feel you are the most in need of earlier in the discussion such terms as peace, order and of course LOVE. I want you to go throughout your new world and set these qualities and these vibrations into motion into your world, into your life, and into your being. Thank you! Thank you!ÖÖÖÖÖÖ.

I ask at this time to add one more element to your world, to your life, to your being. And this is to ask for joy. For joy is the Ascension Emotion. Joy! And perhaps in your present world you may not understand or comprehend what joy is and so it is important that you simply ask that it be brought into your life and into your understanding. And see joy filling your world, and filling your life. What I am seeing now is that we have called forth a personage, this personageís name is Joy. And Joy has committed to be with each one of us, to teach us her essence and to teach us that vibration that she resonates at so that you can integrate and make this a viable part of our world and our lives. For Joy is that vibration which resonates with all of those that are with the Creator and resonates at that level that bars all negativity from creating havoc and from affecting our world.

Remember that King David danced with his people, danced with a joy of his LOVE for God. He stripped away his expensive raiment to express his joy and his LOVE; without the office of his kingdomship and without the appearance of his regalness and financial wealth. He danced with his people and he danced before God in celebration and in joy. And this is the joy that we ask each of you to bring into your life to feel the beautiful song that your life is. And to feel joy from the movement of that dance. Serenity and Peace come with having your life in order and letting the spiritual direct you; but joy, joy comes from understanding it and feeling it within your very being and your very essence.

We ask now that you see yourselves oh it is awesome!! It is like each one is enclosed in this incredible, incredible light. Set upon each one of you is being placed this incredible robe. Each one of you are getting a different color. The colors are not the same. But the color of this robe has to do with achieving that accomplishment of your life lesson. And being set on each one of your heads is an incredibly beautiful gold crown filled with jewels of unspeakable beauty and being placed in your right hand is like a scepter. The symbology of all of this is to let each one of you know that to our Father each one of you are Kings and Queens. As your see one another and as you heal your lives and as you walk in direct contact with Him and cultivate this relationship with the Ascended Ones, that each one of you have this incredible worth and value. And the closest thing to relate it to is the respect and the honoring that is shown Kings and Queens within our physical plane. And so even though you serve, yet you are kings and queens of a great many kingdoms. And it is like there are stars that go on forever and ever and ever. And these stars are these beautiful lights and they are like these incredible Light Beings. And now I am being shown that these stars are being taken from the heavens and that these stars are you.

At this time if there is any special request that any of you are needing, if there are special people that you know within your world, we want to put Pattyís name out there, Iíd like to put Staceyís name out there, uhm, each one of you as you think, please, please add names. Uhm, people that are needing healing, who are needing the Spirit to be with them, to help them with whatever their fears are, to help them with whatever healings are going on in their lives. Please within your mind add these names of these people. And ask that Special Angels, Special Emissaries of Light be sent to them to help them in their lives.

Thank each one of you for coming and being with us this day, for the guidance and the help that you have given, and each individual who has come here; for their lives, their sincerity, their LOVE. In the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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