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Mother Earth Healing

November 18, 2001

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting spirit, I command all negative energies out of this room out of our auras and out of our bodies. And I ask the White Light to enter in here and fill this room. See this room begin to fill with the heavenly host, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, your individual helpers, and we ask them to be here with us. In your mindís eye, you can see this room now filling with Angelic Beings, with Light Beings, and with Healing Angels. Oh yes, Healing Angels, please come and join us. And the Healing Angels are going to each individual and they will help to facilitate the healing that will happen this day. Know at this time you have Healing Angels laying hands upon you to give you the blessings and the healings that you are in need of in your life and in your world you are existing in at this present time, so that you can gain momentum into the new world that is coming. The world of peace and abundance we have been promised.

In your mindís eye as you see the Creator. See him surrounded by this incredibly beautiful, beautiful White Light. This White Light is filled with thousands sparkling lights, Trillion sparklingly lights. The energy around him lives. Now he is sending this Living Energy to you. It is a Force and a Power all in its own. As he sends this to you in your mindís eye see it come in around you I ask that you take a deep breath and as you breath in visualize this incredible living energy, this Breath of Life coming into your body, into your lungs. And as you breath out please release and relax. Let go of problems, concerns tensions. Again breath in deeply this time seeing the white light going into the lungs, into the blood stream, and being carried to every major organ of your body. And as you breath out again release and relax, letting go of all problems, all concerns, whatever challenges may be. Whatever pressures and stresses you are feeling., at this time hand them over to the Creator and let him take care of them, for this space and time, they are not your responsibility and you are to gain your freedom from all earthly cares. Again take a deep breath, this time breathing in deeply, seeing this beautiful Breath of Life going into your lungs, your blood stream, into every major organ of your body. Now being carried to the muscles and the bones. Now as you breath out again, release all negativity. Let it flow out from you into the White Light where the Creator takes car e of it. Now take another deep breath this time breathing in deeply seeing the white light filling every cell of your body even into your skin, into the cellular level, down into the basic component: that which we call the God particle, that which we call the Adamtine Particle, that part which is your basic makeup and the basic makeup of all creation, that element which is LOVE. And here ask your body to partake of the Breath of Life, and see each cell within your body receiving this Light and where ever your body has illness, or problems, or challenges or disease command your body now to partake of this healing Light, this Breath of Life and see your body being transformed, being healed, being returned to that state of perfection it which it was created.

And at this time you are called upon to call upon all energies within your body, within your spirit body which hold the negative thought forms of self worth, self accomplishment. Ask them to please come up. And again release. Ask them to come up and release and feel them leave your bodies. Feel them float out. Push. Push the negativity out. Feel it leave across the top of the shoulders, and the top of the head, push it out. Push it out, push it out, just one more layer. One more layer of self denial of your self worth and who you really are. Now in its place ask for the energy of "I allow only good in my life. I allow only good in my life, I allow only those things which come from the Creator in my life" .Ask for this energy and feel it above you. Now draw this energy within your being and let it filling up those empty spaces. "I allow only good in my life, (I allow only) those things which come from the Creator. I call upon the Universe to provide for me, to bring into my world and into my existence spiritually and physically". Now as you visualize yourself totally filled with this incredibly beautiful, beautiful, White Light. See your bodies, see your auras now filled. See the White Light that is within your body having now mixed and intertwined with the White Light that the Creator is sending to you that encases you and holds you.

Now the Creator sends to you a very special pink light. It is an incredibly beautiful, beautiful vibrant pink. And as he sends it directly into your heart please open up your heart and allow this light to come into your heart and to fill all of your chest with this incredibly beautiful pink light. Now channel this light straight through your being down into Mother Earth. See it going down into the center of Mother Earth and as you reach the center of Mother Earth, you see the interior of her being has its own source of Light. And in this light there is this incredible beautiful Indian maiden dressed in a beautiful white buckskin. And she comes forth, And at this moment feel her LOVE for you. Because you are the Light Beings, because you recognize her, because you belong to the Father, her LOVE for you is so great, You can feel this LOVE as it envelopes you and holds you. Now as we are sending this incredible beautiful pink light of LOVE from the Father into Mother Earth, and as she is now receiving it and you see that light space in the center of earth becoming this really vibrant pink light. See Mother Earth now use this light as she sends it to the outer dimensions of her being. See it come from the center of her being up through all the layers of rock and aquifers. See it going through all the waters, through the oceans, the rivers, and streams, into all the grasses and all the vegetation, all the trees. See all the mountains filled with this beautiful, beautiful Pink light. Now see it going into all the animals; those that creep and crawl, four legged, those that fly. See this incredibly beautiful pink light as it begins to fill all of Creation: the air, the water, the earth.

Now take it one step further., as we have been sending this incredible beautiful pink Light from the Father to Mother Earth, as we have been visualizing the physical parts of Creation, now see this Incredible Beautiful Light now fill the spiritual creation of Mother Earth. And just like our own bodies, our own spiritual energy entities, as you fill the spiritual makeup of Mother Earth you see that the energies now go forth into space, and now touches all the planets in our solar system, And our solar system in turn now is sending it out to other solar systems until very rapidly the Creatorís LOVE is being sent to the whole of all Creation, physically and spiritually. And again, see beings without number now returning this beautiful light. Only whatever measure of light that has been sent out, is being returned thousands of times more as it is amplified by each creation that is now returning this light to Mother Earth. You see this incredible healing transforming Mother Earth as she gains strength and as she gains power, as she gains energy. Now see this energy being sent to those places on Mother Earth where she is so ill: into the waters, See the birth place of the waters being transformed, becoming clear, becoming holy, being returned to their sacredness. Now see this being sent down the streams, from the streams to the rivers, and from the rivers into the lakes and the oceans. See this awesome healing power as the oceans are filled with it, and in return, as the life-ways are returned to their sacredness . Now see this healing power being shared with the land, through the rain, through the dew, through the aquifer. And see all the plants on the face of Mother Earth being returned to their sacredness. See the trees that are withering and dying as they transform and instead of recoiling form mankind now reach out to caress and bless the Children of God.

Oh, Wow. Okay. See in your mindís eye the personage of Mother Earth as she in-visions before us with her beautiful long black hair and her spotless white buckskin. And as she stands before us Ö(heavy sigh)Ö she desires to extend her forgiveness to mankind for their foolishness, for their ignorance, for their disrespect! For their dishonoring of her and her life. And she extends that forgiveness. And at this time she asks all life to forgive her for her rages, and for what she must do in order to heal herself and to bring about the transformation that is necessary as she brings forth a new world. And at this time she asks for the Karmic Release of the Ages and at this time we ask for St. Germain. We ask for St. Germain to come in please. St. Germain please use your purple ray, the gifts of transmutation as we were taught by Jesus, to release any and all karma that still remains for our Mother Earth and for Mankind, but mostly for Mankind for they have been the greatest transgressor. And still yet transgress against our Mother for the war that they proclaim against each other, cannot be carried out without affecting and without damaging our Mother. Even the war games that mankind plays, renders the Earth inhospitable, uninhabitable, to those peoples in whose lands they play these games. Out of their ignorance, out of their disrespect, they have harmed much of Her. They have poisoned her waters. They have poisoned her lands. They have even poisoned her aquifers. And in areas where they do this bombing, they affect the spirits of the animals so that they lose weight. They lose their hair. They lose their ability to reproduce and they create mutations. So at this time, please St. Germain, release the children of men from the debt that they owe to their Mother Earth in all of their transgressions. And see the time span back to the beginning of time, being filled with this incredible purple light as it is wielded by ST. Germain.

Mother Earth, Thank you so much for your LOVE and your patience. We ask that you remember us that in the time to come that we may walk upon you in a sacred manner. That the footsteps that we take, will honor you, and honor ourselves, and honor our Creator. That the very words we speak will honor you, our Mother, honor ourselves, and honor our Creator. Let us walk and breathe in a sacred manner. Let each one of us value every second of our being-ness. Honor it with light, honor it wit LOVE. Pay attention to those words that you speak that these words shall always be in an honoring, filled with sacredness, and filled with LOVE, for each other, for one another, and for all Creation. Let forth the Light that each of us is created from now fill our being and our countenance not only for our own healing but for the healing of our brothers and sisters, for the healing of our world, for the healing of our Mother, Beautiful, Beautiful Terra. She now sends back to each one of us, her LOVE and her appreciation for facilitating and helping at this point in this healing.

We ask now that each one of you who are here, to now stand before all of your ancestors. And as we do so we will find that the races of men are being represented. And as each of you now stand before all of your progenitors back to the beginning of time, we are now going to ask for a healing through you to be sent to your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents, and so forth back to the very beginning of time. We are going to ask here for St. Germain to again wield the purple light and to transform the transgressions of the past. To heal them and to bring them within the totality of LOVE and light. Now as you see each one of these individuals that are in this line behind you receive this healing power, see them being transmuted and being transformed Now see all of this energy coming back into you, where it transforms at a cellular level, the physical and spiritual karma that is the result of your progenitors and your lineage.

We ask now for a blessing upon the House of Israel. That the Spirit of God shall roll forth into the hearts of all those who are of the House of Israel that whatever desecrations and atrocities have fallen upon them in past ages, that these effects now be transmuted through out all the House of Israel. This is not just the Hebrews and the Jews but those that are the descendants of Esau as well, to transform past hatreds that have long forgotten their cause and their reason, and to bring forth into the Time of Now, the truth and the LOVE that these people need in their worlds and in their lives and within their very spirits. And as we do so see all of the middle east being filled with this incredible beautiful pink light as the Spirit of God rolls forth over all of these peoples and all of these nations; that the people themselves shall turn their hearts, their souls, their minds, their spirits to Peace. That old hurts, old pains, and ancient angers be forgotten. That their eyes be opened up so that all they can see is that all are of the family of God, that all are brothers and sisters, that all are special before the Great Creator. For it is written the first shall be last and the last shall be first. And Peace has begun in the hearts of the people all over the world but it is only through the peopleís voices that their leaders will hear.

At this time please see this incredible pink light filling up this room. And in your mindís eye you can now see more clearly the healing angels that have attended us here. And at this time, extend our gratefulness of heart, our gratefulness of spirit, to all those who have been here to help with this work, to help with the healing, and all those that will continue to attend each one of us throughout this week so that we can continue on this path. So that we can continue helping to promote and to bring about the Golden Age of Learning, that age in which each of us shall learn to be all the we were truly created to be. For in our world, in our physical existence, we have settled for what we can see, and what we can touch and what we can feel, but as each of you open up to your spiritual attributes to that part of you which will live forever with our Creator and all those who are with him. You open up new dimensions to your being and no longer will you continue to be imprisoned, or limited to those things that can be seen and can be touched with your worldly knowledge and experiences. But the growth that you experience spiritually shall continue to accelerate. And each of you shall become the spiritual being who is both spiritual and physical. These are the blessing that we have brought to you and your world at this time. Adamondi. (It is finished) And so it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being with us here this day. Thank you for your healing power. Thank you for your healing energies, Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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