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Three Speakers

November 11, 2001


In the name of the Father and the Son and the Everlasting Spirit, In the Power of the White Light, I command all negative energies out of this room, out of our auras, and out of our bodies. I ask for the White Light to come in….. come into this room…. fill it from top to bottom and encase all of us in it, Please.

In your mind’s eye, see the Creator as he stands in the center of this room with us. See the White Light is surrounding him and surrounding us, and we are all drawn within His White Light, His awesome Power, and His awesome Glory. See the shields of protection around the outside of this room… And at this time extend invitations to your guides, your guardian angels, your ascended masters, and any others that come from the Creator that want to be here with us at this time. In your mind’s eye you can see the room quickly filling with beautiful spirits,…. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Light Spirits,… awesome, awesome healing energies, Ask now that the healing angels go to each one here in this room, for each one has challenges in their lives, things they that are working on, things that they need to over come at this spatial time. Ask that you invision your angels coming around you, laying on of hands, holding you, rocking you, sharing their incredible healing powers and healing energies with you… letting the healing power flow through you and all around you, buoying you up, lifting you up.

Now at this time as the White Light is so evident, ask that you take a deep breath and as you breathe in… see the White Light coming into your lungs and as you breath out.. let go of problems, and concerns,… tensions…. Whoo let go of the week. Now take another deep breath, this time seeing the White Light coming into the lungs… into the blood stream being carried to every major organ of your body. Now as your breath out again… release… and relax… Let go of all tensions.. all concerns… all problems. Let your mind become free. Now a 3rd time breathe in deeply … seeing the beautiful White Light with all its zillion sparkles, flow into your lungs, into the blood stream, into every major organ of your body. Now at this time those of you who are facing health challenges, connected with any type of organ malfunction or disease, please take this White Light at this moment and permeate that organ with it. See it going down to the very basic elemental level of the Adamtine Particle and at this point heal it and see it come forth into the total organ, as a whole, completed, perfected healthy organ. See this transpire within your body… your kidneys, your liver, your heart,….. your brain,….. your lungs. Those of you who have smoked, may find at this time, this exercise very beneficial to your lungs. See the White Light going in at the cellular level… picking up all negativity and breathing it out, and healing at the most basic Adamtine Particle, that part of your being which is LOVE. See the LOVE replacing the negative energy, the negative substances. See the lungs becoming pink and healthy. Seeing it (lungs) being totally rejuvenated, replaced, and healed. Now as you breath out release… and relax. Now again, breathe in deeply seeing this beautiful White Light, going into the lungs, into the blood stream to every major organ of the body, now being carried by the blood, to the bones and to the muscles. Breathe out releasing all toxins, all negativity.

Breathe in again this time filling your entire body with this incredible beautiful sparkling White Light, filling every part of it down to the Adamtine Particle and this time as you breathe out, breathe through the skin becoming one with the incredible beautiful White Light that is without. Becoming one with the Creator with His LOVE, with His Light and with His Energy. Becoming One with His Purpose, becoming aligned with His Purpose and His Will. Becoming aligned with the Universe. And the healing that is transpiring through all the Universe, even unto our world, becoming aligned with those energies that come from the Creator.

1. At this time see this beautiful White Light as it begins to glow in the hue of Platinum surrounding, filling, completing,….. down to your Adamtine Particles…. rejuvenating… replacing, healing. See this incredible energy now filling this room as we all become one with this Platinum Ray. Now in your minds eye as you view yourself, it is asked that you view yourself without your limitations. View your self without your physical incarceration. See the beauty of the spirit that is you… in all it’s LOVE, in all it’s perfection, in all it’s wisdom, and all it’s knowledge… And in your mind’s eye let it now see and take hands with all other spirits that are in this room. With those that are of a physical entity right now being in the center circle and circles layering and transpiring outwards. Each layer, each circle holding hands, taking hands, becoming one in their energy. And as this energy goes out like a ring in a pond from a pebble being dropped in (the center), see the energies going out, out, out, and as they reach the outer limit, which is out in space some where, Now see this energy now reverberating back forward into the center, vibrating inward, now vibrating outward. Now on the in breath vibrating inward, til the vibrations reaches the core of your being. And as they transpire into the center of your being, let it now travel down that silver cord into your physical body, letting those energies now vibrate… coming forth into your physical bodies and as it does so, your limitations that are placed upon the physical body are begin transmuted, are being changed, while the vibration of your physical entity is being raised by the vibrations that keep flooding in, vibrating in… in and out… in and out.. And as it travels down that silver cord now vibrating at the physical level into your physical entity, raising the a very vibration of your physical bodies, until you can see that physical body phasing, till that body is now taking the vibration and it begins to phase in and out, of the physical reality, standing both in the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension simultaneously. See these energies being focused through your spirit into your physical body, creating changes, creating dynamics, that are removing negativity, removing cellular negativity, removing programming that comes through your DNA that keeps us rooted in the old. Just see this vibration changing all of that. The vibrations are still coming ,still going… still coming, still going…. still coming, still going… …………….

The work that your bodies are doing is just but only begun. It is like another step in your progression. It is now the step to bring your physical realities into synchronization and phasing with the spiritual being that you are. For in the past, those things that are physical have been physical and those things which have been spiritual have been spiritual, But your Creator which has created all things, has the duality of being spiritual when spiritual and also being spiritual in the physical when so desiring to be physical. This is the duality of all Ascended Masters. For it is with a thought they can choose to be spiritual and be a spiritual entity, or they can chose to be spiritual in a physical entity. Up until now, you have been physical in a physical entity, but as your spirit blossoms and as your spirit channels theses energies as it will continue to do during the next few weeks, months, depending on your physiology, you are learning to become a physical being that is spiritual also. And with a thought. You too will be able when this maturation has been completed, to be spiritual and be a spiritual entity or to be spiritual and be a physical entity also. This is what the Ascension Energies are all about. This ability to be both in one. This ability to transcend all that is on the physical realm, the physical level, and to incorporate all that is spiritual within the physical realm. This is the goal to where we are reaching, this is the goal to which we are traveling and in the ascension waves there are those who are now attaining this completeness, this maturation, this maturity, but this maturity shall continue throughout the next 12 years, each one coming into this maturity as you have taken hold of that learning and that transcending, and detaching from all things that are physical. Those things that have kept you bound.  

In the past, you have learned to LOVE the Earth and this is good for it is in this LOVE that you will help Her transcend also.  But in it you have also taken on the learning, the Karma, that is involved in loving money, that is in loving things, that is in loving notoriety, or position, or social position, or in loving control one of another.  Many of you in job positions have taken on this control in order to facilitate the product or the produce that the job was to achieve.  And now at this time we are asking you to transcend these senses of control to transcend them and to move into those energies that are your completeness, that are your maturity, your maturation.  It is for this purpose that we have now opened up your physical being to these energies. You have been receiving these energies on a subconscious level.  You have been exposed to these energies now for some time. But now through this exercise your physical beings are being opened up at the adamtine particle for these vibrations to come in and accelerate the work that is going on in your physical body.

You have been told before. But like in times past on your world certain individuals, certain prophets whom some of you know such as Enoch and Moses, they transcended your physical existence. They ascended one at a time.  But in this time of now it is the group energy that will be focused to help the Earth to transcend and to ascend. And the energies that are pouring into you and are working on you at a cellular level now on the very physical basis of your existence as you employ   this energy raises the Earth so that She also can gain this maturity and can gain this ascension.  And be a habitation that is desirable for those energies that shall be the completion of this cycle and of this Earth.

(3 King David) Children of the Light those of you who are brought here this day are of the most elect. Some of you have not yet made those choices that you need to make in your life. Some of you who are enjoying this energy, you come in to get this energy and your spirit recognizes the truth and the vibration that is coming forth and pouring forth here when you meet together, but some of you still have not made the most basic choice in your development. You still hang on to the old in your habits. It is asked of you right now that you place those old habits on the altar before you. Give them up to the Creator. Give them up.. Give them up. So that from this day forward you can go forth to claim and to manifest the blessings that pour forth…. in this time. Do not, we plead with you, do not, do not allow your habits, your old ways, to deter you, for you are a power center, you are the core of a power center… and it takes all of you together. Anyone of you who drag your feet lowers the energy for everyone else. This is not meant to be a guilt trip. It is meant to be encouragement, for you to realize how very important you are. How very important you are. That you may know this and that you may value yourself and may put your daily decisions in a more important perspective elevated so that it becomes a focus for you in your growth. It is like… you have been told, you have been encouraged, you have been counseled. It is now up to you. There is nothing more we can do. We can bring these energies. We can present them before you, but it is up to you to utilize them, to make them work, to focus them, and to make them grow or to enhance them.

Children of the Light, we want you to know without a shadow of a doubt how very much you are LOVEd not only LOVEd but how much you are needed at this time. And again it is for your information, not in order to lay any…. any guilt or prodding upon you, but you agreed, you agreed to be here, you agreed to do this, you agreed, children. And in your past you have proved a worthy adversary of the darkness, you have fought and you have won over the darkness. You have proved your valiancy, you have proved your truth, and your willingness to stand in that truth, But these are different times, these are different energies, and the darkness is stronger than it has ever been. But you can do it. You have won before. Your valiancy is there. It is because of your valiancy and your strength that you were permitted to be here and to participate in this and to go forth in these energies. You were not singled out and told to come. It was not that way. You volunteered. You asked. You pleaded and it was agreed upon. So accept your valiancy, accept your worth. Grab hold and step forth in your mind’s eye, see yourself standing in the old. Right now step forth into the Light , into that shining place that has been reserved for just you, let it flow in you, around you, through you, and out of you, encompassing you, becoming you. That you light shines forth, rolls over all the earth. This we give to you, proclaim to you, share with you, in our LOVE and all our energies. we do so in the name of the Great Creator, in the name of LOVE, in the LOVE that He is and the LOVE that you are, and in the LOVE that we shall all become. We seal this upon you. Amen.

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