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Two Speakers

November 4, 2001

In your mind’s eye, see the Creator standing above you. See Him send down a beautiful White Light that totally surrounds you and incases you. At this time imagine the outside of this Light as a crystal shield so that you are totally enclosed within a crystal ball. Send a grounding cord down into the earth, connecting with Mother Earth. Now as this beautiful White Light is holding you, and surrounding you, and filling the space within this crystal ball, I ask that you take a deep breathe, and as you breathe in, see this White Light coming into the lungs and filling the lungs and as you breathe out, please release and relax, let go of today’s problems, today’s challenges, today’s concerns, let go and let them flow out. As you breathe in again, this time seeing the lungs filled with the White Light going into the blood stream, the blood stream carrying this light to every major organ of your body, And again as you breathe out, release and relax. Breathe in again this time seeing the White Light , going into your lungs, into the blood stream to every major organ of the body, and into the muscles and the bones…. and as your breathe out… release…. Relax…. One more time, breathe in deeply, this time filling the entire body with this beautiful White Light.. imagining it down to the cellular level where you can see the little flashing white lights in every cell of your being. (It’s really beautiful huh) And as you breathe out expand it so that you are now one with the beautiful White Light that is within your crystal ball. Ant at this time, please ask for your bodies to be Christ Centered, Christ filled, and Christ aligned.

Now in your mind’s eye see the Creator sending to you a White Light, this White Light is made up of all the lights, see this White Light as it comes in at the crown of your head…. and as it flows through the center of your being down into Mother Earth. See yourself being the conductor… the channel of this energy that comes from the Creator directly into our Mother,

Now the Creator desires to send to you (um….OK…all right) …As the White Light is coming into your being… at the third eye invision a purple light. Let this purple light enter out the back, come in the front, circle around in a figure 8 coming in the front. See it come in as you breathe in and see it go out as your breath out, around and in a figure 8 three times. Now as you drop down to the throat, see the light here manifest as the purest, brightest, blue light you can possible imagine. As you breath out…. out the back,,, in the front,,,,breath in.. out the back around and in the front in a figure 8 Do this three times. And each time as it goes through and it comes back in: be sure that you make it the purest, cleanest, most transparent blue light that you can possible imagine. Maintaining at the same time, purple light, the violet light that lavender light: what ever is manifesting for you. at the third eye level. Now you have two figure 8’s going: you have the lavender one you also have this pure blue. Now as you drop down into the heart start with the green. Let the green go out the back, around and in the front, out the back and figure 8 into the front. Each time that you breathe in, clean up the light, visualize it the cleanest purest light that you can possibly imagine. Run it out the back. Now this green light wants to manifest itself throughout your entire being, so at this time, as the green light is coming in. now let it flow through the heart into every part of your being. Throughout your head… down through the arms and the legs…. until the interior of your being is now filled with this incredibly beautiful green light At this time please tell your body to partake of this healing energy. Ask it to take on this rebirth in every cell of your being so that your body is being rejuvenated at the cellular level, discarding the old bringing in the new.

Now drop down to the solar plexis and here let a yellow light, a bright yellow light manifest in the midst of all the green light. Let it go in the front… out the back ….and circle around in the front .. in a figure 8. With three breaths… each time …cleaning up the yellow light making it the cleanest purest brightest light that you can imagine. And on the third breath as this yellow light goes out the back, let it stop along the back bone, now charge your entire backbone with this incredibly beautiful yellow light. See your entire backbone radiating with this incredible beautiful yellow light. And now along your backbone, behind the throat, behind the heart, behind the solar plexis, behind the sacral, behind the root,… let not little fountains of yellow light flow forth, opening the back of your will centers down your entire back bone. Giving you strength, giving you personal power, to exercise your will, that those goals which you have now outlined for yourselves along your path along this new path which is an alignment with all of Creation and with this Christ Light Let this gold light now imprint.. this will to follow this path through out the back bone. Again now holding all colors (in the figure 8). Drop down to the sacral just below the belly button and here using the orange light, out the back in the front, out the back in the front, in a figure 8, three times. Those of you that are having difficulty in your throat, step back for a minute and run the blue light through this area again please and ask for the healing power to be there also. Now as you have this orange light figure 8, drop down into the root. There see this beautiful transparent red light, like an orange red. The first time, run it out the back in the front out the back in the front figure 8 and as you do so you will see that the red becomes richer and darker, until the 3rd time you are working with a blood red. Let this blood red now flow into your circulatory system throughout your being. See it going through and flowing through all your arteries,,, all your viens,,,, And here manifest a healing at this level in your physical body. That all food all nutrient, all things of a positive form going to the cells for their healing, for their rejuvenation, and for their completion, of all nutrients and all oxygen.

Let now as you are sitting within your crystal sphere, see the Breath of Life coming forth from the Creator, entering in through your nostrils, flowing into the heart. Let the Breath of Life now infuse with the blood. And let this Breath of Life now be carried to every part of your being, to the cellular level. See your bodies becoming whole. See the healing power of the Creator flowing in at the cellular level, returning all things to that state of perfection, that state of being, of complete and total health.

Now in your mind’s eye, as you are hold the figure 8’s through out all your charkas, Mother Earth now sends her energy and it is like a gold green and it is mixed with a tiger eye which is also a brown and goldish yellow. See these flowing up from Mother Earth, see it coming into your being and again see it going into the heart where it joins with the blood stream and is now carried to every part of your being at the cellular level. Again become totally one with our mother, feeling her energies, bringing on her life giving energies, for our physical beings are created from the dust of our Mother . It comes from our Mother and to our Mother it shall return. And so let her bring at this time a physical healing to your cellular level where in the cells of your being takes on this healing power, becomes rejuvenated and turns back the hands of time. Not only rejuvenated but at this time> regenerated. Now as you look within the cells of your being you will find there an imprint like within your chromosomes, within your DNA< this imprint speaks of old age. At this time I ask that you bring in the purple light at the cellular level, surround the DNA with it. And from the Creator comes the Ascension Energies. I ask now that you bring in these Ascension energies for they are silver and they are platinum, see them as they enter in. Draw this energy within the very cells of your being and that DNA that has been surrounded by the purple light being held by the purple light, now opens to these As Energies and see this DNA being replaced with Ascension DNA. And feel the waves of energy wash over you. As your physical bodies are now becoming in tune to the new energies, that are being poured across the face of our Mother, being poured across the land, and being accepted by those who have been made receptacles for this energies, In your mind’s eye see the aging process stopped within you. See your connection to Mother Earth secured. See your feet firmly grounded upon her. See the chakras that go below, the two are below your feet, see them firmly connect, one at the gold brown level and one at the green yellow level. See each one permanently grounded within our mother so that her energies can flow in and flow through us and provide the energy for our physical bodies, while at the same time we are receiving the platinum and the silver from our Creator and as they flow in from above providing the energy for our spiritual bodies. See these energies as they meet at the solar lexis and at this point intertwine and combine.

At this time they are asking you to reach within your being to feel all vibrations that have to do with our earth ageing. Ask these to manifest within your bodies. Ask now for them to release. And visualize them coming up out of your physical being and being totally released. And here again, see these Ascension Energies pouring in and filling up those spaces. And repeat within your being, see it actually imprinted with in your cellular level, the thought program "I am One with all Creation, I live forever within the Light. I live forever within the Light". See this literally imprinted.

There are those of you that have challenges with in your lives, both health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is asked right now that you hand these over to the Creator and let the hands of the angels move within your being to create the healing that you are needing within your physical entity and your physical world. At this time please ask for the Ascended Masters, for your personal guides and guardian angels to come within your world, and to lay a path open for you that brings only healing and good things and abundance within your physical being, your spiritual being, your emotional being, your mental being, and your world. Accept all of this at a spiritual level so that it can manifest within your physical levels and at this time they bring forth a message to you:

"The message that we bring to you at this time is one of great joy. Not only joy within your physical world for that joy is so limited that you have only a taste of that joy which the Creator has in mind for you, and for which this earth is journeying into. It is at this time that all the Host of Heaven are joining here within these walls, within this space, so that you may feel the joy that is happening on all realms that the Creator has created. This joy is because of the work that is being done in your realm to help these energies move the earth into her rightful place in the heaven, in the stars, and among all of the creations that our Creator has made. But at this time we want to share with you the joy that we have over all that is being accomplished in the Light and in the Name of the Light. We ask for you to open up and to accept and to feel these energies." Speaker 1

"Greetings and Salutation, my brothers and sisters! What a glorious day this is, for it is one of many that are coming forth to the earth. How glorious it is that you have put yourselves in this place. How glorious it is that you have put your feet on this path. Glorious it is that the Creator has made available this time for each of you not just in this lifetime but in life times to come, the glory and the beauty of all that you truly are, for the things that you encounter on this physical plane is but a moment in the time of Creation and in your physical world you have no concept of the eternity that you truly are. Try as you will, you have no concept of this. But trust, trust in us, trust in the messages that we bring to you, for it is true…. It is true that you are Eternal. And It is true that your Father LOVEs you. And it is true that all these things are about the most glorious time that has transpired within the History of our Earth.

I bring counsel to you that what ever you have done, whatever has happened to you in the past, let it be the past. Move forward in this new energy… move forward in the gloriousness of the being that you are, so that you can take hold of the joy and the glory and the power that is coming, for the old dies and fades away and only the new will be. And each of you here have a part in this. Each of you have a part in the glory, and the joy and the power, and we ask now that you accept that into your being…. that you will allow it to be part of your life.

And know as I counsel, never, my brothers and sisters, NEVER is there anything that you have done in which you deserve punishment, damnation! Never is there anything that you have done in which you deserve these negative things! And if you dwell in darkness, if you dwell in pain, if you dwell in hurt, if you dwell in these things, that this is your personal desire for the Creator brings this not to you but only your own limitations allow it within you. So I am asking as your brother…I am asking… I am pleading… that you step into this Light. Let this Christ Light flow through you, through your veins, through you to a cellular level, so that you can rise above all earthly things and grab hold of those things which are Eternal, those things which your Father in Heaven, our God, will bless you with.

It is with salutations of great joy, with dancing, and with music for the heart celebrates! The spirit celebrates! Bring this celebration within you. Let your spirits soar. Let your spirits experience joy. Feel the LOVE and the power of the Great Creator. As His energy, His Light rolls forth over all the earth bringing these changes about and welcome …. welcome to the sisterhood, welcome to the brotherhood of Light. Join this family that is One with the Creator and know that nevermore shall you be alone. Nevermore." King David

Thank you thank you thank you……….

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