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10-14-01  Meditation


One of the benefits of meditation is stress release so much of the energies instead of especially those stresses and energies that are not yours that belong to the rest of the world out there. I had one gentlemen that was taking 32 pill a day he was down to 4 or5 and then he found a girlfriend who liked to party and pshhhh it all went.

So if we are ready , okay.

In your mindís eye I ask that you see the Creator above you. See Him send His white light down around you and totally encase you in it. Now crystallize the outside edges. In your mindís eye envision yourself within a crystal sphere that is filled with the Creatorís energy, His light and His power. Send a grounding cord down into the earth and secure it there upon a great rock and know that at any time you can come back to the here and now. At this time I now ask that you breathe in this beautiful white light, breathe it in deeply into your lungs. And as you breathe out release problems, concerns, things that have been on your mind. Release them and let them flow out of you into the white light where it is absorbed. Breathe in again, breathe in deeply; this time letting the light go into the lungs and into the bloodstream and taken to every major organ of the body. And again as you breathe out release and relax. Breathe in again, this time seeing the white light as it goes into your lungs, into your bloodstream, every major organ of the body; now into the muscles and the bones. Visualize it, see it going in. See it flowing to every part of you. And as you breathe out; again, release and relax. One more time breathe in, seeing the white light filling all of your body down to the cellular level, in every cell, every particle of your being. And as you breathe out, let the light within your being now merge with the light that is in the sphere around you. Becoming one with the Creator. Now at this time, please invite, extend an invitation to your Guides and Guardian angels to enter into the sphere and become aware of Them doing so. Only Those of the Light, Those whom the Creator has sent to help you is allowed within the crystal sphere. This time allow them to image in and join with you at this time.

Now in your mindís eye ask that you see an Angel standing beside you. This Angel holds a great purple bag and I ask that you allow all your pain, all your hurt, all anger; place it in this bag. Let it flow out of you. See it as an energy flowing out of you into this great purple bag. Let guilt flow out. Right now let hurt, let hurt and pain, let betrayal, let these energies flow out of your body and into the great purple bag. Let disappointment, let disappointment flow out. At this time let the energy of "not feeling worthy, not being good enough", let that now flow out and into the purple bag. Let go of the pain, let go of the hurt. Let it flow out, you donít need it any more. Let that pain and that hurt flow out of you, just let it flow. See it like an energy leaving your heart, leaving your stomach, leaving your shoulders and leaving your mind See it flowing out of these places into the purple bag. The bag is expandable it can hold all of these energies. All right, now see this Angel, this beautiful white Angel take this purple bag and He is going to tie it up. Now He turns and takes it up the crystal staircase and He gives it to the Creator. Right now, in this instant hand it over to the Creator. Give it to the Creator. Let the Creator take care of it. You have no need for it. Let the creator take care of it. And as the Creator takes the bag He opens it up and out of this bag flies the most beautiful white dove, in fact thereís five of them. See the doves flying out as they fly into the Light Now the Creator takes this bag and turns it upside down and out of it falls all of these white rose petals, incredibly beautiful white rose petals and as He dumps them out, these rose petals are floating down to you, floating down to you, around you, all around you in your crystal sphere till everything around you is carpeted with these beautiful white rose petals. Whatever your trials whatever your tribulations, whatever your challenges; have faith and trust that the Creator can make good and beautiful things out of these. Whatever problems have plagued you in the past, these are now your awards. They are like trophies. They show that you have gone through these trials and tribulations and have emerged victorious. You are now on the path to victory. And just like in the Olympics, you stand on the top stair. See the Creator now place around your neck a symbol of this victory. I want you to turn from the past. In your mental vision, see yourself turning foreword and facing the Creator and see His Light as your only goal. To become one with that Light, to understand it in itís fullness. And to incorporate it in your life, not only your spiritual life but in your physical life also. In your mindís eye now envision yourself totally within a tunnel of white light and this white light trails off into the distance. You cannot see the end of it; showing you that your path is everlasting, it is infinity and it is filled with the White Light till itís completion.

Now within your being, I ask that you see the White Light. Again as it comes from the Creator and as it comes into your mind, let it form as a ball and as you did in the exercise earlier; with each breath enlarge that ball, pushing outward until all of your mind, all of the inside of your head is filled with this incredibly, beautiful White Light. See the White Light as it comes into your head, into the center of your head, your mind. Breathe in and as you breathe out, enlarge. Breathe in again. And as you breathe out let it expand again . And a third time breathe in expanding, pushing all darkness out of your mind, out of your head into the White Light around you where it is changed. Now let this White Light drop down into your throat and again as you breathe in let the light expand and as you breath out. Breathe in again, expanding the White Light as you breathe out. One more time breathe in and this time as you expand the light push all the darkness from the throat, the lower jaw and across the upper shoulders. Push it out now, expand. Now let this ball of White Light drop down into the solar plexus. The solar plexus is that space just under the ribcage, right at the "y" of the ribs. In this place now, as you breathe in; expand the White Light. Now breathe in again and as you breath out expand it again.. Now on this third time as you breathe out, expand the White Light pushing all darkness out of the solar plexus, All in this area let the White Light now drop down into just below the belly button. Envision this ball . Breathe in, let it expand. Again breathe in and then expand. Breathe in again this time pushing all darkness out of your body and into the White Light. Now let this ball of White Light drop down into the root chakra which is at the base of your spine. Again envision a perfect ball of White Light as you breathe in expand that ball of White Light. Now again breath in; again, visualize expanding that ball of White Light. And a third time as you breathe in and this time as you breathe out now expand this ball of light so that it pushes all darkness out of your hips, out of your legs, out your feet. And as it pushes out of your feet see it going into Mother Earth.

Here connecting with Mother Earth now Mother Earth sends you back a beautiful energy. Accept whatever color She is sending to you. See it flowing back into your body. Now in each one of your chakras there is a ball of White which has expanded filling all of your body with a beautiful White Light, the light that is coming from the Earth can mix with this. It does not blend but it does mix. Keep the colors coral or whatever is manifest for you separate from the white light. But let it fill all of your body, except in your heart. At this time see the White Light as it goes into the heart space and here again as you breathe in see the White Light coming into the heart expanding there and as it does so forcing all negativity out. Again breathe in, expand. One more time breathe in and expand forcing all darkness, all negativity out of your heart. At this time please ask your heart to show you what is going on in your heart. Let it manifest for you so that you can see any problems, concerns. Within your heart is a physical object. Let that object manifest. This is the state of your emotions at this time become cognizant of it . Now I ask that you accept the gift from the Angel that is standing before you. This gift is to place into your heart. This gift is a symbol of your life and where it can go. Accept this gift within your being now. Each one of these is individual; some of you are receiving crystals, others of you are receiving objects, some of you are receiving light. Go with whatever is presented to you. At this time you are asked to compare what was in your heart and in your gift . Compare the energies of the two.

And they have a message that they desire to give to you at this time. They are asking each of you, in you own worlds and in your own life, to examine that light which is within you. That light which comes from the Creator and because of itís source is perfect in nature. That Light which is known as a vibration of LOVE, a quality of LOVE, a quantity of LOVE. Know that this vibration of LOVE is who you truly are. You are not your social position, you are not your status in life, you are not your job, you are not your mate to whom you are married, you are not any of these things. But recognize please, that you are the child of the Living God and as such you have no limitations placed upon you except those that you chose to accept and allow to manifest in your world. Know that as a child of the Living God that you have before you all possibilities, unlimited. And so the question is asked, "why choose darkness, why choose unhappiness, why choose any of these negative things. When you can choose to be in the light, to have goodness in your life, to have abundance, to have joy, to have happiness, to have LOVE. This choice is yours.

It is asked that at this time you envision yourself. Envision yourself as though you are standing before you, and at this time look deeply within your own eyes, your own being and at this time ask yourself to forgive you for all the pain, the hurt, the harm, the difficulties that you have experienced in your life to this point. At this time, please say in your own mind "Spirit Self, please forgive me for all pain, hurt ,and harm that I have created." At this time in your mindís eye, envision Archangel Michael as He comes in with His flaming blue sword. And as he does so He is now cutting you loose from the old you. This is you from the past, this is the you with your limitations, with all your hurt, with all your pain, with all your addictions, with all your problems, with all the B. S. that you have been dealing with. See Him cut you loose. Now we are asking Archangel Gabriel to come in with His flaming purple sword and we ask Him to transmute all the bonds, all the ties, all the negative energy that existed in the past you. And as He circles the past you, a great purple flame envelopes the past you and consumes it. Transmuting the past, transmuting all that has been in the past. Now one more step Archangel Michael moves behind you and He cuts loose a great cord, it must be a foot in diameter if not larger, this cord represents all the people who are keeping you in the past form . And as Archangel Michael cuts it loose and as Archangel Gabriel transmutes and places His hand across your back; you now see this vibraport close and seal to those who would keep you in the past form. Allowing you now to step forward into a new life, a new you . So that you can become truly who you are.

Know that you have not happened accidentally upon this Earth, that you chose to come here and right now upon the face of the Earth there is so much work that needs to be done . Each of you have volunteered, have raised your hand and stated forth that you will come now to the here and now and that you will help with this work. Know that you are part of this work . You have volunteered to be part of this work and now you have stepped forward to participate in this work. Know that this work participates on many levels, it participates on spiritual level, it participates on physical level and it participates on Earth level .....Know that the Earth recognizes you and some of you She recognizes more than others, because you have committed to the healing of our Earth and the changing of Her energies and helping to facilitate Her into this new energy. At this time those of you who have agreed and who have been chosen in this manner become aware of it.

At this time the Creator desires to send to each one of you an incredibly pink light, beautiful pink light. See this Light coming down in around you. Draw it into your heart, let it wrap around you as though it is a pink blanket. At this time let the Creator hold you in His Unconditional LOVE. Know that He LOVEs you. Know that there is nothing that you have ever done or that you could ever do that would stop His loving you. That in your choices of life paths and challenges you have separated yourself from Him and you have felt lost. At this time know that He is not lost from you. That He is there. That He LOVEs you. And at this time He is manifesting that LOVE to you, wrapping you in it, letting you know how very much He LOVEs you, how very special you are to Him, how very dear you are to Him. Let this Light envelope you. And fill you with all His glorious, unconditional LOVE. He doesnít care where you have been, He doesnít care what youíve done, all He cares about is that you are on your way back to Him. Thatís the only thing that the Creator cares about. That one day you are going to be with Him again, that you are going to walk in His light, that you are going to share this Light, that you are going to become One with His Light. Thatís the only thing that He cares about . That you will let in your heart be focused this great unconditional LOVE for Him as He shares it with you.. He wants you to know that you are more special than anything that is on this earth plane. For all things that are on this physical plane, all things that you see, and you feel and you touch. Those things can disappear in an instant; gone, gone. But those things that are of eternal value, those things that are real, are those things that are in the Spiritual Realm. It is the Spirit that you are, the individualized manifestation of you. That is what is eternal. That is what will exist long after our present world exists no longer. It is this that you must put your values in, it is this that you must put your worth in.

Right now envision yourself. Take yourself out, out, out into outer space and here from this vantage point look around and see worlds without number. And know that you are worth even more than these. That your value to our Father is of such great importance. This is why there are Angels, there are Ascended Masters, that all Those who are with the Creator are here to help each of you, to help our people on our world, to help our world and to help our earth transcend the past and cross into the future. It is asked at this time that you look Heavenward and there see the doors of Heaven wide open See all Those that are within smiling back at you and sending to you their LOVE. And it is with all their LOVE totally encasing you and holding you, enveloping you and filling you that we ask you hold these energies. At this time memorize them, feel them, perceive them, wrap yourself in them and take them into your world; into the world that you live in, into your homes, into your jobs, wherever you go throughout this next week , take all of heaven with you.

These are the blessings, the guidance and the gifts that we bring to you at this time.

We ask now that each of you come back; join in the here and now, as you are ready to.

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