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Earth Healing 


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Everlasting Spirit and through their power of the great White Light, I command all negative energies out of this room, out of our auras, but of our bodies. I command them out immediately and send them into the light. I ask for the White Light to come be with us, surround us, and protect us.

Now as each of you becomes comfortable, breathe in deeply and as you breathe out, let go of the stress and the problems of the day. As you breathe in, breathe in the beautiful White Light which surrounds us. Envision all the tiny white sparkles and breathe them into every part of your inner being. As you breathe out again, let go of the tensions, problems, worries and concerns of the day. Let them flow outward. See and feel all negativity flow away from you, leaving a feeling of peace, calm, total security, total safety. We are secure. We are at peace. We are one and at harmony with the White Light and with the Creator God. Again breathe in the White Light. See it fill the inner part of your being.. .your head, throat, arms, hands, chest, torso, hips, legs and feet.

At this time, the Creator desires to send you a pink light. Accept it. Let it surround and encase you as it wraps gently, softly, protectively around you. Let the heart space be filled with the vibrant pink light. See and feel its LOVE and healing power. Let it come in at the crown of your head and flow down, filling your mind, your throat, heart, filling all the physical part of you.. all the organs, muscles, bones, all the structures which are within you, filling you with the divine LOVE light. Ask your body to accept all of this' light which it needs for your personal healing. Now let the pink light become larger so that it flows into the space around you, into the aura around you. And again, ask your spiritual body to take all the healing light which it needs, all the total unconditional divine LOVE. Accept it and allow it within your being.

Invite your guides, your guardian angels, any special messengers to join you, to be within your space, to be there to help guide, comfort, and protect you. At this time send a grounding cord down into the earth. Find a large rock and tie yourself securely there. Now with the LOVE light which is within you and surrounding you, send this LOVE light straight down along this cord to the center of Mother Earth. Send this light, this LOVE, this healing power into Her very core, Her very center of being. Now as you channel the light from the Creator through you into Mother Earth, see it begin to expand, filling all the core, filling all the light worlds which exist within Her, filling the aquifers, the different layers of Her core and Her crust, filling each layer of rock and hill. Now see the light continue to expand as it begins to fill all the inner space of Mother Earth. See it reaching Her oceans and beginning to fill them. See the LOVE light as it travels through Her oceans, touching all the life forms and all the world's which are therein. See the healing power of Her light transmute the negativity which exists in the depths of the ocean, bringing healing power to the plant life, fish life, and all life which exists therein.

See the pink light as it continues to expand onto her surface.. her grasses, trees, flowers, sage brush, cactus, the deserts and the sands, the red hills and the granite monuments. See the LOVE light as it fills all the low spaces... the wetlands.. .up to the highest places... the mountains. flow see it being shared with all the life forms and all the worlds which are therein. See it go out to all the small creatures and to all the large creatures. See it transmuting all the negativity which man has done to the earth.. poisons, destruction, carelessness. See the earth as She uses your healing light, your healing power to transmute the negativity which is on Her face. Send Her LOVE. Send Her energy that the fires which She uses at this time to cleanse and purify the earth may accomplish the healing power.

Mother Earth desires to send energy to each one of you. Feel and see energy which comes up from the earth along your cord into you bodies. See and feel this energy as it flows inward. See this energy as it comes into you so that you begin to feel as Mother Earth feels. Feel the challenges. Feel Her recognition of you as a child of God and as an earth protectorate. See and feel this energy as it flows in, enabling you to receive and understand information from Her. See all the healing work which must be done and know that the channel of healing power which you send to Her through you is helpful, is needed, and is of great value.

"But the fires of Mother Earth do rage. They are beyond the control of man for Mother Earth is an entity of Her own. She has a spirit of Her own. She is a total creation of Her own. And there are many things on this earth which are under her control (such as the weather.) Many of these things which do happen on the earth are considered to be acts of nature but are indeed under the control of our mother. The fires which do rage are under Her control. They are for the purification of the earth. They are ultimately for the purification of mankind so that all men may once again see that they are not all powerful, that there are powers greater than theirs, that they may begin to realize their place, value, and purpose, and that they may be able to see the hand of God as it goes over the face of the earth.

But you must realize that the earth does recognize those who are the children of God. And in doing so, she will protect you and save you. She recognizes your life and your power of the White Light which is total harmony throughout all the universe. She does recognize the eternal laws and those who are within those laws and practice them.

But there are those who are outside those laws, who know nothing of the great power of the Creator, the great power of the White Light and the great power which these things bring into individual lives. For those who know nothing of these things, the fires which rage, both on the surface of the earth and in the hearts of man, signify unto the man that there are greater powers. So the man looks for the greater powers, the God of the universe, and the God which is within the individual. So the fires which rage serve multipurposes, both a cleansing and a seeking.

So when the fires rage, whether they be within the souls of men or within the being of our Mother Earth, do not find sadness but find rejoicing. These things must be. They must come about. But it is given as a challenge to you, the children of the Creator, that you may employ the gifts which you have, the knowledge which you have obtained, and the power of the White Light for your own personal growth and protection. See this light as it is in your life. See it as it is within you. Let the White Light now flow out as you look upon the land, as you look upon your LOVEd ones, as you look upon your associates. See the White Light as a bright star in your auras, shining forth, touching all, transmuting all and sharing with all. See the light of the great Creator as it comes down to you, to all the earth, and to all the inhabitants of the earth. See the vibration of all the earth being raised. You will see that only those who know God and who have come in touch with the God within themselves have peace.

As the spirit of God pours out upon the face of the earth, there are many who do not have peace and they become more agitated, more confused, more disharmonic. But the light is there. It is there for them if they so choose to partake of it and receive the peace"  Morihoni


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