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Earth Healing

August 5 1992


"There are many things going on in your world. There are many things which are creating hardship and destruction. These things are all part of prophecy. Again as your hearts of unconditional LOVE and concern go out to the many who are caught in the midst of the turmoil of the fires which rage, send them your LOVE. Send them your light. But do not get caught in the empathy to the degree that it hardens and harms your light. Reach out with LOVE but know that these things which are happening in the world must happen. Those who are caught up in these things and do exist where these things are happening are learning for their own life lesson. Remember that the ultimate of your goals and of all the earth and all the inhabitants of earth is to become one with the Creator and to become total unconditional LOVE.

There are many who yet have need of grievous lessons that they may yet obtain their rightful place with the Creator and with all the brothers and sisters, all the spirits. In your own world, this is where you can be most effective. Here let your LOVE light shine. Here help those who are in need. Here share your LOVE. And it is here that you must build a fortress, a place of safety, for yourselves. Build this on a spiritual plane so that the earth will be able to recognize you and that others of the same heart and spirit shall recognize you also. For the time is short and for all of the good which is done, there are many negative things which are being done. So I urge you at this time to build a fortress of safety of spiritual values and understanding, knowing that in the times which are at hand and are to come, you will find safety, values and you will know those whom you may trust."    Nephretiti


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