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April 27, 1992

 Spiritual Gift,
Faith of the Mustard Seed,
and Darkness has no Power

Each of you have a gift that is within your being that has been there from the beginning of time, from when you were first created. This is a gift that is yours to enhance not only your lives, your individual lives, the paths that you travel in each incarnation, but also to enhance those (lives) that are around you. To enhance the very worlds that you live in. It is a spirit gift, a gift that you can manifest on the physical level. It is one that will bring you joy and happiness and also joy and happiness to those who are around you. You must believe in yourself. You must believe in the God Power and in the God Light that is made manifest in each and every of Godís creations and you must come to a sure knowledge of all truth concerning who you are.

It is only by stepping out in faith saying "I will give this a try" that you can come to a sure knowledge of the truth of all things. For it is written, that as you have the faith of a mustard seed, so it shall be like unto a mountain. And this is the way it is. This is the way it is for you. That as you take forth the step in faith, that you get back sure knowledge. And this sure knowledge will enable you to take another step in faith and this step in Faith shall bring forth more knowledge--sure knowledge that you are on the right path for you, for who you are, until you shall come to a full knowledge of all things.

And you must know that this sure knowledge gives you a vibration. It is a higher vibration and it is a vibration that must not waver. For in that instant that it wavers all things can be lost. For you must stand firm.

You MUST know who you are, for in that instant when doubt comes to you and this is the doubt-- The doubt in who you are, the doubt in who you should be, the doubt of the God that is within you, that brings depression, and that brings the thoughts that are allowed in (to you) that comes from the-one-that-is-not . And the one-that-is-not IS NOT, because he has no energy of his own. For he takes that energy from you and you give this energy to him and you give it to him by allowing negative thoughts within your being. And when you get these negative thoughts, you must kick them out. You must not allow them within your being for the longer the negative thoughts reside with your being, the harder they become to remove.

So you must strive with all that you are to remember that you are God, That you have God within you, that you are Godís individualized expression and that no power of darkness, NO POWER OF DARKNESS, NO POWER OF NEGATIVITY has any power over you. You must remember this! You must learn it! You must KNOW it! It CANNOT RESIDE. IT MUST LEAVE.

So if you desire to be with the Father, if you desire to be ONE with the Father, if you desire to be all that you are, you must kick out the negative. You must not allow it in. You must STAND FIRM IN THE LIGHT. You must declare who you are. You must make the negative leave. And you will find that the depression does leave, You will find that the self pity DOES leave. You will find that the dark spots which would put an end to this lifeís progression WILL leave. 

And that they shall no longer have power over you, nor shall they have power in you life.

BELIEVE this and KNOW this!!!!!!!'~


It is given at this time, that they want you to know that you are LOVEd, that you are watched over, and that you have within your means, within your grasp, all the powers of Heaven to help you and to guide you. to give you strength. To give you wisdom. That all you need do is ask. They are there to help you, to be with you. Your Spirit Guides, your Guardian Angels, those who LOVE you, those who have an interest in your well being. Those who are Masters, and have agreed to help you with your spiritual gifts. They are there. They are waiting. But you have need to ask. Ask of them your Hearts Desire, ask of them those things which you would like . They are there to help you but they can do nothing of their own accord, They can do nothing of their own, without your permission. This is your life. 

It is not their life. 

This IS your life. 

These are your decisions. These are your choices. Therefore you must ask to receive. Know this!

If at any time, the darkness is more than you can cope with, and you find it necessary to call upon the Powers of Heaven to help you, Hercules, and Samson are strengths against demons real or imagined. The Father, and Jesus will also gladly assist you in the removal of darkness. Call upon them using a sure tone, demanding all darkness to leave, including the one-that-is-not. (Note that negative things do not respond to pretty please, go away" but recognize only the authorative voice of the LIGHT.


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