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The Two Fires

1-27-90 Morihoni

I spoke to you of the two fires. There are many things that there are two of but I wish to bring to your attention the two of you, the spiritual and the physical aspects of your being, the two of the earth, the spiritual and the physical aspects of the earth, and the two of what is coming, both spiritual and physical.

The Earth  is a physical being that is spiritual. All those who are part of her, are both physical and spiritual. They are two also- They were created from God Energy before they were given physical bodies.

But there is something coming that you know nothing about. And it is two. It is physical and it is spiritual. It is both. It has the fire of destruction and it has the fire of protection. It is like the fire of Nebakaneezer. It is like the fiery furnace. It will destroy all that is base, but it will protect all that is pure. And like Meshak, Shadrak, and Abenego, the pure shall walk and talk untouched in its depths.

And what is this that I speak of? It is a Red Star. And the Red Star is Wormwood. And it comes to the earth to purify. It shall be bitter to those who drink of earthly waters. But it shall be joy to those who drink of water everlasting, and see itís good.

The fire of destruction shall burn the iniquity of man, his pollution, his greed, his self-serving from the face of the Earth. It shall purify and there will be no place for man to hide. For the mountains will melt and the water will boil, for the iniquities of man are deep within them.

But the fire of protection will be there also. It is a Blue Star. The great white fire and with it, Jesus, the Son of man and God, as with times of old, in the fiery furnace will be there also. And He will come with the Host of Heaven and gather unto himself all those that the fire protects.

And you say "How can this be? To walk in the fire and be safe?" And I say, "Do not question what the Father can do, for He CAN DO ANYTHING.'1 He does not have your limitations. He does not have your belief systems. He has only Truth.

He can create with a thought. He can create beauty that the eye of man has never beheld. He can create worlds without number in a thought. So if He says there is protection in the fire, THEN THERE IS PROTECTION! He has decreed it. He has provided it. So it will be'

And the Star is on its way. Jesus is on his way. Soon you will be able to see the light in the sky.

Many with their long looking glasses, see it already. They do not know what it is doing. They do not realize that it is for the earth. But they have new and expensive looking glasses to see it with and to watch it. And soon they can not hide it from you. You will be able to see it too.

And when you do, you must realize that it is good. For it is the only way that the Earth can be physically cleansed. For the more and more that man does to the Earth, the harder and harder it is for the Earth to regenerate and to cleanse herself. And if the man on Earth continues in his way, the Earth shall become unbearable for the ordinary man on the Earth. It shall have no season, it shall have no rain. it shall have no produce, it shall have unclean water, foul with the stench of the dead, upon shores that are now dry.

But you are not the ordinary man. You are the Light Workers. You are one with the Father and those who are with Him. So you will be protected. You can keep the LOVE Shield around you so the heat does not harm you. You can call upon the universe to provide food for you. You can manifest your protection from all things on the Earth. You can send the Healing Light into the Earth to balance the iniquity that is growing. You can help the Earth to hang in there until the time is right.

The way things are on the Earth, if it were not for the Light Workers, and those who LOVE the Earth and work on Her behalf, you would soon smother in the atmosphere and die, leaving none for Jesus to gather. Already, there are places where breath is hard to find. Already, there are places where life is out of order with itself. Already, fish are poison. Already, caribou are poison. Already, animals change again their patterns. And all this is not for good that things are changing.

But time continues to shorten. And Father has shortened our time as man has shortened Earth's time. If it were not so, even the elect shall perish. But you are the elect, and you need not perish. The Father has given His promise. Stand in the Light and keep the LOVE shield around you and the Fire of Protection will preserve you.

Again it is your choice.

If you work to secure a knowing of the Father and His Universal Everlasting Law, then you can maintain a vibration of high intensity But let one thought of doubt enter in, and that vibration will be lost. You must KNOW within your being. Believing or thinking or reasoning is not good enough. For it leaves an edge for doubt to sneak upon you. You must know with every atom of your being, GOD.

This is how you keep the LOVE Shield up. This is how you are protected.

You do not have much time to acquire this knowledge. You do not have much time to acquire these skills. Work every second of every minute of every hour of every day to learn all that you can. Use every second of every minute of every hour of every day to be who you were meant to be.

The message is not given to you, to hide under a bushel basket. It is given to you to share. Share what you have and what you know. Bear testimony of the things you do KNOW. And learn from others that have parts you do not know.

There are many on the face of the Earth that have information. Use it for your best good and mankind's best good.

And the two fires will pass from the face of the Earth. And the Hand of God will move upon her and make all things new. There will be new lands, and new waters. The animals will be there but they will be different. They will be new. The fish will be there but they will be different. They will be new.

And man will be there, but he will be different, He will be new. He will be the culminations of all the learned experience of good and bad. He will have chosen good above all things and will have been protected. He will be new. He will have a physical body but he will be spiritual. He can go to be with the Father or he can live on the Earth. He can change things with a thought. He can travel with a thought. He can live forever.

Never again will the Earth know choices of the negative kind that cause destruction, to man, earth, animal and spirit.

Never again will these type of negative choices be on the Earth.

For now she is pure and will remain that way.

Caressing and caring for mankind. 

Living in harmony, man, Earth, and God, Forever and Ever.





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